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  1. Tip:
    You can make a bookcase above the clothes. Above the mirror two long white shelves with children's books. or separate shelves. Three together and then place details or toys.

  2. For Ziya's room above the dress up section u could put a stick on picture that says something like over the rainbow or once upon a time because when I was younger I used to have one with a girl sitting on a tree branch saying over the rainbow and it was cute

  3. Hey girl, I know which camera you use for vlogging but are you using just a camera stick or some type of stabilizer. The videos are always so smooth.

  4. I noticed pom poms on the reading canopy. Why not add some sweet, glamour, delicate pom poms that will fill in the space, but that can be easily removed.

  5. For the dress up area in Zaya’s room I think you should do a long shelf with different knick knacks or you should do three pictures of Zaya in white frames

  6. RayGTV 🤔 Very clever 🤔 I love that 😏 Also, consider putting background lights behind Ziya's name💡 That would look cool 😎

  7. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this or not but I think a longer mirror for the dress up area would look lovely. She is gonna get taller day by day and it would make the best OOTD mirror and would also cover the wall more too. Love the updates btw.

  8. For the space above Ziya’s dress up area, maybe could add a long white shelf. And add things like the gold letter Z, the unicorn bank, a few books, a photo of Ziya, maybe one of those plants that hangs out of the pot, and a cute stuffed animal

  9. Princesses who eats off the floor. 🤣
    All Really Pretty 😇
    As far as the lamps & lighting in your room. I really like the first two choices for both. I am not to taken with the light fixture that U showed for Ur daughter's room, but they r nice though. 👍🏽

  10. Love your interior style soooo much!!!! I suggest that you change the handles on ziya’s dresser to some brass handles❤️❤️

  11. For the blank space in Ziyas room maybe a professional picture of her in a cute princess dress and the picture be black and white or maybe even a baby picture of her in black and white

  12. Ziya’s room above the dress up area, you could hang a long shelf and put like gold crowns on it or something of that nature.

  13. I would suggest a quote in the open space on Ziya's wall! And check out Pier 1 for some more all white items for your chest!

  14. Hi Raven I love Ziyas room you give so much inspiration to more then half the world love your videos you are so cool and I use your info and not copy but use your ideas as a internet search thank you from madey

  15. Girl I love how you edited this video I legit feel like I’m watching HGTV lol you’re doing such an amazing job! An the camera legit look like hgtv filmed this!

  16. You could try to do a collage on the wall above the dress up stuff like a light up star and paper flower wall things

  17. You should totally put very special moments in her life in photos above her dress up thing it would look so cut AND she could always look up a remember those moments 🥰

  18. You should do like a light up wall with the sky . Have like glow in the dark starts and moon . Kinda like a mural

  19. I think you’d really love the vlog channel “Hunter & Juliet” they’re a Texas couple and I think you’d love their home. Your aesthetic that you’re going for really reminds me of their home.

  20. For the empty dress up wall space, why not try replacing the smaller mirror for a larger mirror & add vanity lights; the kind that are big bulbs like the ones that are at your vanity table? That way it adds some dimension to the wall & takes up more space. It’ll give levels to the wall as well since her hooks will still be low enough for her to reach. Maybe add two pieces of art work above the mirror; hobby lobby has cute pieces that are like fake sketches of clothing designs & stuff! Or maybe enough another cloud/sky type of thing!

  21. For Ziyas room, maybe get a taller mirror so it takes up more space on the wall (plus as she keeps growing, the mirror will be the proper size) and then adding shelves to either side of the mirror (above the dresses) and have some more simple decor.

  22. On the wall in Ziya’s room how about letting her do some artwork and then you can put it in a cute frame and hang it on the wall. Or, what about some hand prints on the wall. You, your mom, and Ziya can dip your hand in pink paint and press your hands on the wall! Then you can stencil names under the hand print. Just thinking!

  23. Hey Raven your home is beautiful! Just an idea… may be a “dream big” sign over Ziya’s dressing area, just a thought.

  24. Hey! I love your channel. To fill the space in Ziya's room, why not an interesting photo display? Look forward to episode 3 x

  25. Everything looks SO good!!!! You have to go with the beaded light fixture for Ziya's room.. it'll highlight the bed rails. Above Ziya's dress up area it needs a super cool neon sign! Maybe the "Always kiss me Goodnight" one or something custom/glam/dress up/dream-ish. It should light up in either white, hot pink or green..
    Can't wait to see what you do next! XO's Stay safe & sanitized!😜 😘❤️💞❤️💞❤️

  26. I think a shoe rack about the dressing area is cute ❤ (maybe you can put there some decorations (and shoes of course😂))

  27. Checkout houzz.com for light fixtures & artwork & decor. They have a way to see how things look in ur room with AR. (On that site, touch the menu button, then 'shop'). Also for light fixtures & artwork, check out 1800lighting.com as well as Bed Bath & Beyond.
    Btw, what is the big deal with those Tom Ford books? I see them a lot everywhere. Everyone seems to have them. Lol.

  28. So in love w/your rooms! Yours is so pretty & timeless & mature! Ziya’s is beautiful too. It’s really nice & it’s a mature big girl room but still not too mature. It’s something she can grow into and should hopefully still love in several years 💕

  29. If you want of course, above the dress up area maybe have some fairy lights with strings, with printed out photos gaming from them. I don’t know if you have say them before but I feel like it would bring more to the room if you add abit more light above the mirror 🙂

  30. omg ur home is to die for im in love well done to u see we dont need a man 🤘👍👌😁💜💜💜💜💖💖

  31. Above the blank wall I’d do floating shelves with books and pictures of her playing dress up in black and white

  32. I bought my art work before decorating and I fell in love with the art so much that I based my color scheme off the art instead of the other way around. It’s no right way to do it.

  33. I really love how you are organized in your room and ziya’s room and looking for stuff that can match and that is the style for your room your the best also I see your tik toks my tik tok is Officialqueenniyah2099 I think sometimes I forget my own tik tok name

  34. I just looove ziya. And btw please check out my first video on my channel.Would love the support for a YouTuber just starting out. Subscribe ❤️

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