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  1. Been working this whole time… finally got notice that today was the last day for work… for now… I am hoping that I can take some tome to stay away from the filth of the construction site… please stay safe there in New York.

  2. Fran amo estos videos real que acompañan un montón! Me gustaría ver: recetas
    Lo que estas leyendo
    Lo que estas viendo series/youtube/
    Que comes en el día
    Y extraño mucho ver a Ed contigo en tus videos 🙂 kisses desde Chile 😘

  3. More Draw with me’s !! And maybe something about where you order your stuff from your shop/ what you need to get a store started

  4. Would love to see you draw more or longer? In a video. I miss seeing a full illustration or sketch done by you. 🙂 Hope that makes sense.

  5. Fran, ¿porqué usas plástico para los empaques? ¿no sería más amistoso con el medio ambiente usar sólo papel si ya envías las cosas aseguradas en cajas de cartón?.
    Mucha suerte y ánimo en la cuarentena, ¡y abrazos revolucionarios desde Chile!

  6. Hola Fran, me gustaría que nos cuentes cómo te hiciste vegana y cómo fue el proceso :), te encuentro genial <3, saludos desde Chile! 🙂

  7. Hi Fran! Greeting from Brazil! Well, a Lost my job in August. Since then i'm in searching of a New one but now, with this vírus make things a litle more complicated but giving UP is not a possibility. I would love to see a vídeo in wich you could talk about the séries and movies you've been watching and the latest books you read and liked It. You are an amazing person. I Just feel sooooo calm watching your vídeos🙃

  8. I LOVE watching you pack up orders. I think this is the first time in the last week and a half that I could just lay down and stretch without feeling panicky. So soothing!

  9. It’s a pleasure to watch your videos. Thanks! And it’s so nice you share in your stories on Instagram works of other artists. As you said, it’s tough time for all working in arts and culture so that bit of extra exposure might be saving sbs budget this month. 💵
    As far as videos are concerned, I really miss your visits to the museums. Obviously it’s not time to walk around but so many museums allow virtual walks. Maybe we can all virtually enter one of those and draw together. A challenge maybe. Sb mentioned choosing pallets, which also sounds very interesting to me since I’m not that good at it. Sb mentioned a video in Spanish… 🤩. And when all that shutdown is over seeing a bit more of New York, also in your art, would be nice. After all you’re in New York Fran! 🏙

  10. I’d personally love to see short daily (maybe?) vlogs. I adore your vlogmas series and would love to see something similar!

  11. Right now I’m folding bedsheets, just clocked out after my shift working from home. Like others I think a “draw with Me” would be cool. Doesn’t even have to be edited. We all have more time at home and I need to get my but back to drawing haha 😘

  12. Hola Fran, me encantó éste vlog! Estoy necesitando vídeos hablados. Estoy en Argentina en cuarentena general y soy extrovertida, siento que me falta motivación para hacer cosas si no puedo relacionarme con otros. Es una situación difícil emocionalmente. Sirve de mucho escuchar a otros, saludoss

  13. Hola Fran!!! Me encantaría saber cuales son tus referentes al momento de dibujar… Gracias a ti por los videos ❤️

  14. This video was so nice!! I loved you packing orders with just dialogue on the screen and no music. Very relaxing. I’m (so thankful I’m) working from home as well.. anything where we can like, “do stuff together”, “work together”, that kind of thing would be lovely. Also, I know you have a productivity video, but maybe a video with tips addressing being productive when times are difficult? Thanks so much🥰

  15. Hi Fran, lovely video!! As a musician just wanted to say I appreciate your thoughtfulness; it's been really hard for a lot of us having all performances cancelled for probably months. Your videos are so calming and helpful right now. <3 Could you do a gouache tutorial maybe?? Hope you've been well and safe!

  16. Por favor Fran!!! Por favor!!!!

    Amamos verte ilustrar… podrías mostrarnos tu proceso creativo para ilustrar una de las páginas de tu novela gráfica?

  17. It's good to hear that you and Ed (and Cereal and
    Hamburguesa of course!) are safe. I'd love to hear about freelancing or owning a shop. (I was planning on opening my shop the first of April, but I don't know about that now.)I'd also love to hear about how you and Ed work together to create a graphic novel. Sending you appropriately-distanced hugs from Pennsylvania.

  18. I heard YouTube is demonetizing videos with the word “corona virus” in it….. soo I hope they don’t do that to you 😨

  19. I'd love to see a simple DIY sketchbook video! I have been bookbinding a lot recently and it's so satisfying to make your own simple sketchbooks that you can use. I'd love to see you try it!

  20. Hi Fran. I love to watch you draw and paint so I'd love to continue watching you do that. I also downloaded a drawing that moon_mxtr made into lineart for people to print and color. Coloring that in helped me a lot yesterday when I was feeling angsty. Could you possibly let us color in some of your drawings?

  21. Hi Fran i love your videos and i’m an illustrator too. I want to ask you where did you bought your yellow backpack? I really like it ⭐️ also i want to publish a children’s illustrated book and i’m a little scared to do it, i’ll probably do it like in a independent way but do you have any advice to lose fear? Or to just do it?

  22. Fran <3 espero que ustedes y los gatitos esten bien 🙂 Me gustaria mucho si alguna vez podrias dar consejos a estudiantes de diseno que les gustaria llegar a ser ilustradores alguna vez. Quizas preguntandole a la Fran del pasado 🙂 seria muy bacan. Un abrazoooo

  23. Saludos Fran 🥰 me encantaría que hables temas de freelancer gestión de tiempo, disciplina en casa, administración y demás. Si es posible sería genial hacer en vivos dibujando lo mismo todos. Sería cool. Me encanta verte besooos

  24. I haven't had the opportunity to read your books (I'm in Brazil and the shipping and the currency don't help), so I'd love to know more about them, about how it felt to make them and now how it has been to work on this new one. long story short (geez), I'd like to hear about your processes when making a graphic novel. thank you so much for sharing your work and life. <3 your videos have played the role of my safe space many many times.

  25. I wanna learn to develop strong portfolio works! how to promote your works! (via email , submission, SNS), how to deal with income! (until you do illustrations for living)!!! and how to overcome when you feel anxious about your future career !

  26. I would love to see you do you want to come over again if you want to or do you want to lose you altogether and Q&A

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