What is Dropshipping?

White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing

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  1. All pics from the Dems making fun of Trumps response never show Dr. Ben Carson. Maybe because he can perform brain surgery and perform basic 6th grade math unlike MSNBC.

  2. No, stupid!!! Everyone needs to be tested! WTF is wrong with our country?!!! Are we that dumb?!!! China is not our friend.

  3. Totally amazing how these lying hypocrite " small government " republicans turn socialist big government believers when confronted by reality.

  4. Keep hammering that media, Mr. Trump. We love you for the brutal dismissals of the agents of stupid media. Clapping hands!

  5. Do you people understand that a virus such as this can change immediately into a very very very virulent form?

  6. If President Trump came up with a cure for the Corona virus himself, the left would ask "what took you so long". I'm done with the liberals/press. Intellectually dis-honest, hysterical Trump haters, all of them.
    God will work it all out in the end. Oh, I forgot, you looney liberals dont believe in God. Wow, I don't even know what to say to that! Straight up strange that your to ignorant to realize you were created. Unreal.

  7. Hey If Bernie gets Elected We'll be known for manufacturing the "BRO"!The only State owned business allowed!Everything else will be made in China!So if Bernie wins/Biden too I'll see you in the Bread lines!I'll be wearing a "BRO" so don't forget Yours Comrades! TRUMP 2020 or Give me a Break!

  8. Please ask people to stop panic buying.. supplies have not changed much, shelves are empty because people are buying 10 times what they need…buy enough for 2 weeks, allow enough supplies for others…stores with essential supplies will stay open. Be considerate of others so everyone can purchase the food and supplies they need. ✨🙏✨💕

  9. Hope after all BOSS PRESIDENT TRUMP make CHINA pay big time, no March Madness, no sport, no restaurant, no work .no flight .I am soooooooo angry right now because of those MOFO communist CHINA

  10. What a babbling bafoon “nobody’s ever done what we’ve done”….that’s right because they did more, when they heard about an impending pandemic they acted immediately taking preventative measures, you sat on this for two months while the infected moved about spreading this thing like the plague. The final weekend before you couldn’t ignore it anymore you were on a golf course at one of your properties milking the tax payers. You have no choice but to respond now, don’t act like what you’re doing is more than anyone else ever….you’re caught with your tail between your legs now and scurrying for cover.

  11. “Would be a gift from….” But it’s available already, it’s available off label yesterday!!! Patients should not be denied this “promising drug” when there is research that shows it is effective.

  12. I want to know why the majority of the people on here can't form a sentence, they can't spell or even puntuate. It's extremely annoying trying to read your opinions. The schools you attended failed you….. It's a big deal!

  13. Why is there no Presidential Seal on the podium, and no Presidential flag beside the United States flag?

  14. Amrican politicians talk too much without any delivery,Navarro,Trump,Pompeo and Pense are all jokers.
    Please let people tested and be transparent with the figures. Much more people infected and died than reported and much earlier and worse than China!

  15. We should allow worker Visas for Mexican Farm labor workers. The way it would work is simple…. You take those Mexican citizens who want to come and work in the USA, test them for Corona, do back ground checks and allow them in for 6-12 months. Take some of the FEMA trailers and house them in them. VIVA TRUMP 2020


    The press and some of us all forget that God is watching and listening. He knows all lies, in all hearts. He knows. I believe that God is not giving us a crisis but rather an incredible chance to prove our value to Him. If we come up lacking… Hmmm… think about Noah and the ARK.

    I would not put that kind of justice past God for one second. As a Christian, I am not worried about getting my eternal salvation because I have it. I am worried more about those who have hardened their hearts. If he finds us lacking, God will not hesitate to fix things to his own liking and not necessarily ours.

  17. at 1:16:00 something, reporter asking if supplies are being delivered AS PROMISED; ARE YOU DOING WHAT YOU SAID YOU'D DO? ….. SNOTTILY SAID BY THE WAY…..



  18. If you have symptoms, then go get evaluated if that is confirmed they will give you the test. what many of us do not know is that each time a test is conducted all of the protective equipment that the tester is using, mask, gown, gloves, safety glasses and the test kit are thrown in the trash. Look at the local prices and you can see that the cost is expensive. Bingo, if you just think you deserve to have a test to put your mind at ease, you have just taken a test away from somebody who really needs it. Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together,  try to love one another right now

  19. Close Encounters movie: The corrupt lying Government wanted to control “Every living Christian soul” in order to pull off some crap plan. They faked an airborne virus to do it. By the way, I thought Tom Hanks did a great acting job in his AIDS virus movie, “Streets of Philadelphia”; as well as his second virus acting job with the Corona virus. Did you happen to notice the scrunched down baseball cap worn in BOTH rolls to give the same trodden down appearance? You probably missed that one; but then again you also believed all the experts telling you about 4 billion years of evolution, Climate Change, Russian Collusion, and the wonderful Saints that MLK Jr, Mandela and Mother Theresa were. SUCKERS!

  20. Thank you Mr President and thank you also to all that are working side by side to help the American people. Hello Mr Ben Carson, you and the President look very tired. We appreciate you, all of you. Take care of yourself and be safe.

  21. This country became a banana republic the moment Donald Trump got into the WH. That's what happens when you put a reality TV star as president. We need a real politician with intelligence to run this country not a trust fund baby who's daddy paid so he'd graduate.

  22. After this there must be much more stringent screening of travelers……and make as much product in the USA as possible. Screw multinationals who take advantage of slave labor in china and make us dangerously vulnerable because of it.

  23. Thank you POTUS and team. Too bad the CCP did not let the world know earlier. A better world will come out of this.

  24. Trump continues his campaign of lies, hypocrisy, division, and terror against the American people. Anyone who still supports Trump, believes he's doing a "good job" as POTUS*, must be self-loathing losers bent on self-destruction.

    *Those individuals who believe Trump to be sent by their gods are insane and dangerously so.

  25. We have to remember that we are all just normal human beings that have been tasked all of a sudden basically to deal with a pandemic that is more or less comparable to the Spanish influenza of 1918. The only reason we are handling this situation so much more effectively is because of our medical technology and our ability to quickly communicate with each other on a very large scale. I am not generally a Trump supporter, I believe he's done some things right and a lot wrong, but it is evident that we should give credit where credit is due. He looks exhausted and has performed very consistent press conferences to inform the public of what is going on and what they are trying to do to alleviate this epidemic for our country, and pandemic for our world. I believe he and Pence and many other unnamed people have done all they are able to do, and have dealt with a sudden epidemic with the best of their very considerable ability. Have things could have progressed better? Yes, but hindsight is 20/20 and we should recognize the enormous effort these people are making to lessen collateral damage and our suffering, and the herculean task that they have inherited from this. It is truly beautiful that we have come together as a country, and just like with 9/11 and WWII, we are showing what Americans are capable of accomplishing when we come together as a people in face of a crisis. I appreciate anyone who reads my humble opinion on this, and I wish the best for you and your family.

  26. Just cause you test negative don't mean they administered you with the cure…. It means at that moment you don't have it. dont mean you can't still get it!!!!!!!

  27. Those fake news prapaganda puppets trying to blame our president would fail so miserably in a position half as demanding.

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