What is Dropshipping?

Where You Can Still Shop This Weekend As Social Distancing Continues | TODAY

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  1. I’m trying to stay home; however, big retailers are not offering essential items for delivery (in store purchase only). Also, Publix instacart doesn’t not have meats/seafood on their website, which leaves people no choice but to leave their homes to shop for items that stores are not offering for delivery. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but the news is reporting one thing; however, the reality and my experience has been another. See for yourself. Maybe you can help alleviate this situation and clarify the confusion.

  2. Of course the governor told his people they could go out side isn’t that where they use the toilet.

  3. I'm sorry but these boohoo Yahoo news stories are just scare mongering…Oh pitty pitty… practice social distancing…wash your nasty hands….More people contract the flu and die than the Coronovirus this far…It's a New Named Virus that people are acting like we are dropping like flies…The flu killed more people from Oct 2019 to March 7th 2020 than this virus….650,000 hospitalized from the flu and 55,000 deaths…Why didn't we go on lockdown during the flu season…The government has found a way to profit and giving us money just increases our deficit and allows the government to see how easy it is to control the population…. Congratulations on proving them right!!!…Sheep!!…#OpenYourEyes

  4. They are not panic hard they are not panicking they just want to know if they can grocery shop when it's due to fill their pantry get some food in the house of course it's yes

  5. Takes an extra 2-3 days for delivery? Some things are taking 1-4 weeks, depending on the items and the website! And then some eventually get canceled! 😞

  6. If you don't need it, stay! Home! People are still shopping for absolutely nothing. Hoarding. Stop it!

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