What is Dropshipping?

When You’re Trying To Buy Concert Tickets Online

– You ready? Yeah, Ticketmaster. All right, I’m on right now, they go on sale in three minutes. (sigh) Three, two… One. (frantic music) No tickets available? Refresh. Refresh. Did you find any? No it said, it said no tickets available. Yeah, get it! How much? Five hundred dollars? No. Change the quantity from two to one. We’ll both try getting singles, it doesn’t matter if
they’re next to each other, just try to get it– What? Goodbye, goodbye. What is wrong with my wi-fi? Mom, turn the wi-fi back on! What kind of CAPTCHA is this? Is this in a different
language, what’s that even say? How are there no seats available? Refresh, refresh,
refresh, refresh, refresh. You’re doing your best here, Ben. You’re doing your best, focus. (matrix-style music) I got ’em. (laughs) Oh my… Credit card declined. But I did everything right. No! (screams) (happy music)

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