What is Dropshipping?

When the job is just too large for 1 person – Big Delivery

okay Byron this is the final box Oh great this one’s really fragile – Are you taking all these in your car? no on the bike oh are you sure you can take all this on your bike? Rowan I can take this
okay I know exactly what I’m doing I’m national distribution manager I know
what you are and I’m not belittling what you’re saying it’s just that there are a lot okay I know you’re not belittling me but I’m getting a sense of distrust here okay there are way too many boxes to be putting on a bike man I’m tired okay
I’ve been here all week it’s four o’clock look I know this I’ve got a
dinner date. I know how to pack stuff I’m gonna get on my bike take all this stuff in
one shot out of here in 40 minutes I hear what you’re saying this is that
there are a lot of boxes I don’t think anyone could carry these on their Bike Rowan just trust me on this okay I’m sensing a lot of distrust lately from everyone here
especially you so I’m gonna get on my bike I’m gonna grab these boxes I’m
gonna get out the door all in one go okay okay just trust me I do trust you good this is the final one that one’s real fragile okay and you’re sure you’re
all good with that yeah okay look I’ll get cracking Rowan
it’s the Gigabyte going out today Well yeah its there… in the boxes okay… oh oh… is he…? yep… Are you sure you’re all good? I’m good, I’m good mate yeah trust
me and then we go… Is this what you normally do? yeah – always See ya!

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