What is Dropshipping?

What is the Process Leading Up to Delivery? with Evelyn Griffin, MD and Amy Linn, CNM

So, all of the
prenatal care is taken care of
in our clinic, which is all
recorded on our electronic
medical record so the patient doesn’t
have to bring any paperwork
to the hospital. She just–
when she’s ready, in labor, she shows up to
our hospital where we have
24/7 coverage with a doctor and a midwife,
so patients will have the option of not only the
provider they would like to request but also they can
bring their birth plan, and they can have an option
of what kind of birthing experience they would like,
including water birth, which is probably our biggest
game changer in experiences. AMY:
And I think having
the midwifery coverage 24/7, where that is our sole
responsibility as the nurse-midwife on the labor
deck is to provide the care and the labor support that
those patients are needing and not have other duties
such as office or clinical responsibilities. Being on labor and delivery,
and that being our sole responsibility is huge. That does allow us to give
those patients those options in extra labor support
and suggestions as to how to help decrease
their pain during the labor process
but also have success in achieving whatever
their goals were in their birth plans
that they’ve chosen. EVELYN:
And that really
does bridge the gap for us. As physicians, we tend to be
pulled away to the clinic or emergency room
or operating room, and it’s nice to know that,
even though we would return to Labor and Delivery as needed,
that we have somebody all the time on
Labor and Delivery. We have not only
our nurses there, but our midwives that are
supporting our patients during the whole time.

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