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We Fly Home Before Lockdown (24 Hours Of Travel)

we’re gonna book all in there tickets
we’re just gonna lose $1,700 so about the flights that got canceled and the
plans that have been changed everything seems to be fine in South America in
general during the past month that we have been from Colombia down to Brazil
we don’t see anybody wearing masks or anything people still hug and kiss in
public it was like nothing happened seems like nothing happened in South
America because back then when we start our trip in Colombia there’s zero cases
no that wasn’t the reason that we traveled to South America we had already
had to plan to travel to South America last year but it just happened to fall
into place that like that was the one place in the world that got affected
last in Rio though even though there were already 70 case 70 cases in Rio
people done by mass in public even though people sneezing coughing when
people out on the beach drinking having a good time if you were in real during
the month during the past week you would think that nothing happened to Brazil
and you’d think everything’s completely fine but surprisingly when we try to lay
by de mosque and hand sanitizer and alcohol wipe yeah
oh my god we found it most random ever they become to this kind of store the
same household supply like construction like house part and to me ask for the
mask to get the mask was was very difficult it’s really difficult to buy
those three items in in Rio de Janeiro like those don’t work
I think they don’t have it done so this is the update video for all of us
because the recent video on YouTube channel
and used to Sylvia in Peru and I cup like crazy and you guys feel like
everybody’s like she’s got coronavirus she’s got coronavirus she’s spreading
coronavirus throughout Peru she had no fever she had no dizziness
she had no headaches she had no cold spells she had nothing
she just had a cough thank you so much for the concern on my health condition
guys don’t worry appreciate it technically that we deal with stream
last month we start over South America trip in February which we travel to five
different country starting from Colombia to Peru and Chile and Argentina and then
to Brazil so trust me the coffee is gone now she is fine and she is healthy so
right now we are in Rochester New York with is Jimmy hometown and we flew back
here like two days ago so here is the story on February 10th we had big plans
coming up we’re not only gonna do South America but we also booked a ticket to
Istanbul Turkey so we planned to stay in Istanbul for a day and then the next day
we had a plan with Tbilisi Georgia Tourism Board so on March 6th we get the
email from the Tourism Board of Georgia they’re just mainly concerned about if
we have been to four main countries so China South Korea Atari and Iran so
those are the four countries that they didn’t want us to go into or that if we
did go into we needed proof in order to show that we didn’t have corona in order
to enter Georgia at that moment in time we weren’t in any of those countries so
we thought we were good so a week later we received an email from Tbilisi good
morning this is not to wake up not what we expected at all
but it’s kind of a situation in the world right now and unfortunately this
is what we have to deal with we were supposed to fly to Georgia and at the
time the outbreak wasn’t that bad with corona but unfortunately because it has
drastically increased in the last couple days our job in Georgia has been
canceled with that being say we extend our trip in Rio for another week
thinking that it would be really really cool and awesome to Kylie explore more
of what Rio has to offer because Rio is huge so we set up a bunch of to of we
set up the food tour which is actually supposed to be yesterday yeah we
couldn’t and we set up like a hiking tour and a bunch of tour which has to be
canceled so on March 13 we have travel insurance on our credit card which we
purchased the tickets with but it doesn’t say anything about a virus it
just says less but it just gets excited when she finds flight tickets clearly
when I find a good deal let’s say we decide to book our ticket from Rio back
to USA we’re supposed to be on March 21st yeah which is supposed to be like
tomorrow but of course that didn’t work out either so the turning point is when
it comes to March 15 we came back from the trip that we had in coffee wale in
Rio de Janeiro Brazil when they were predicting that South America was gonna
start shutting the borders and we’re currently scouring Skyscanner right now
trying to find cheap flights back to the US again France is closing their borders
tonight at midnight with military enforcement and my dad said he wouldn’t
be surprised if they do it right away and in the US as well the problem is is
we don’t want taw to not be allowed in the u.s. everything is shutting down but
also it’s my birthday and my dad’s so the main reason we were going home
was to try and you know be home for the family events that we always miss
because of traveling so I’m not too sure what we’re gonna do if we’re gonna cut
loss again and lose another thousand dollars flying home I don’t really know
what to do but this is kind of the situation where we’ve never been in
we’ve never ever been in a situation like this or ever thought we would be in
a situation like this so yeah one thing about this decision that is happening to
the world is that like thing can change not only within one day two days or a
week but thing can change within one hour or even one second thing change so
quick yeah so for us we had no choice but to push that ticket that we had just
bought for the twenty first away just cut the loss and buy another ticket for
that night at midnight right now is 8:25 and p.m.
what we always do is we always try to make sure if specific and item you’re
fine with allow us to do the online shipping or not so right now we are
trying to do flightcheck in online it’s like the second I go to get ready to
leave I start to feel sick I got like stuffed up I think it’s all in my head
they let me in my own country they’re gonna let you in your own country no
matter what and then the journey is beginning after that and then the
journey begins and then okay and then same and then the journey begins after
that this is one like the real struggles of
the travel with the coronavirus started to kick in especially for me when
somebody tells me not to touch my face like I just said it and I already have
an itch like when somebody tells me not to touch my face
like seriously instantly I have itching all over so like not touching your face
it’s quite difficult we even saw a guy that had a white chemical suit on with a
shield over his face glasses on gloves on mitts on his feet it was like the
craziest thing I’ve ever seen it was like breaking bad style stuff like in
the airport the people in the airport were laughing so hard and then he when
it comes to like when he passed the posture the immigration and then he has
to take off the mask because you know when you pass through the face yeah you
have to take off their head you have to take off your mask everything and then
when he take off his mask that’s a Brit that’s a done deal cuz he
Tasha’s face yeah he touched the counter and then touch his face in his glasses
but it’s just quite a struggle to do that oh the first plague of the journey
begins now 24 hours later we’ll see you
Rochester Wow July apocalypse happen so higher the airport totally that dock
I read about that subo is the most did you’re worse than
my girlfriend yeah supplies Oh thank you let her in she’s in the US and now we
have two more flights to go and then we are home so we will be home around
midnight tonight what a long 24-hour journey but you made it when my dad goes
shopping for tah he buys a gallon a liter of soy sauce so basically this is
just a little break in between our normal uploads again we’re gonna go back
to the South America uploads but we just wanted to give you a quick update to
tell the community that we’re not like traveling and spreading the virus to all
these foreign countries we’re doing what we can to isolate ourselves and to stay
healthy just like we hope you are as well so we
have a lot a lot of adventure that we did in South America that we both are
extremely excited to share with you guys right now we are still in Peru and you
have seen just like three videos of our avenging only seen two countries yeah
three more to go everyone to go so you can expect to see
more of Chile more of Argentina and more opera so which Brazil was in
commercially the highlight of our South America trips so we hope you stay tuned
with us and make sure you subscribe and turn on the bail notifications so
whenever we upload you are notified and we will see you guys soon

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