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WATCH LIVE: NYC Mayor de Blasio holds news conference on the coronavirus outbreak – 3/19/2020

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  1. Jesus Christ is our ONLY hope. Time is short. Choose wisely. John 3:16-18 Please pass this message on. Peace to you all.

  2. Wishing you all the best health and wishing we all get through this pandemic swiftly. Pass the love, pass the motivation!! #pushitforward 🙏🏻

  3. Chinese research reportedly had a 6% serious illness in infected children. 39% of Chinese kids had a mild course. School closing is the duty of every local and state official, immediately. Failure should trigger impeachment & removal this week.

  4. The DoD has the order.

    He just took state Governor’s phone call needs at FEMA HQ.

    I suggest you keep up, or shut up.

    He doesn’t have to order cooperation he has already secured.

    He is doing it.

    He has private sector and public sector working together.

    The hospitals could hear the instructions, if you listened and passed it along.

    Maybe that is why Trump is at FEMA?

    Is it because Gov Cuomo did not participate in the call-in?

    ..and you did not coordinate with Gov Cuomo.

    The fact is, CA Gov, WA Gov, and NY Gov have said they have everything they have asked.

    I have seen the video.

    I think you are reprehensible.

    I have stronger words.

    Schuner “grandstanding” The Marshall Plan is all P.T. Barnum.

    The plan is from Trump, his cabinet, his Task Force

    ..and participating Republicans and Democrats working together.

    ..and not grandstanding “Democrat” Party leadership.

    I hope NYC gets thru this in spite of you.

  5. When China makes something that last longer than anything made in China but no one want it.
    The Corona virus has a longer run than my taotao 49cc scooter that ran down 2 100cc bore kit and engine swap.

  6. Do not take Chloroquine as for a possible treatment, as Trump said, in France it is not validated and it can lead to heart complications, French doctors said "do no take Chloroquine" it's dangerous, it's obvious that Trump "try to" be the #1 who beat the Coronavirus with Chloroquine but this this guy is irresponsible

  7. All you can do is slam the president for not putting your state under marshal law, instead of taking responsibility for your own state, as you were elected to do. Because you covered up the first cases until a whistle blower forced you to be honest with your people.

  8. Good Mayor. Prayers for all, from Pennsylvania.
    17:19 onward. Excellent!!
    Let's hope the President heeds the Mayor's requests!

    This address will be known throughout history in the books with all the greatest addresses in times of crisis.

  9. when I see the daily input on this problem from the federal government, in many ways and avenues. Shame on mayor de Blasio for making this a political issue!!!

  10. Maybe you should of stockpiled supplies yourself instead of paying for illegal immigrants also would of been less people to take care of .

  11. I must say this "is sobering" you heard her. She is saying do not go to hospital unless your dying. Beating around the bush. Take this serious ppl.

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