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United States Plan for a Pandemic

It all starts with a virus, deep within someone’s
body, and a stray genetic mutation. The virus is a member of the Human Parainfluenza
family, and initially is nothing more than a run of the mill- if more severe- flu-like
illness. However as the virus replicates inside its
host, a stray genetic mutation breeds a brand new strain of HPI virus, and Clade X is born. The new virus is brutally quick in its work,
overwhelming its host within a week at most. Even worse, the virus is airborne, making
every cough or sneeze a potential transmission vector. The first to fall victim is a teenage girl
in Germany, who spreads it to her uncle without his knowing. The uncle boards a plane for Venezuela, feeling
a tickle in his throat shortly after landing. Within a week, both will be dead- but not
before transmitting the virus on to dozens of other hosts. Two weeks later, the President of the United
States is out golfing when he gets a call from his national security advisor. He requests an immediate meeting of the President
and his cabinet to discuss disturbing reports coming out of Germany. The President is rushed to a secure room inside
the golf club where US Air Force personnel set up an encrypted video conference call
with his cabinet. There are disturbing reports of American military
service members getting sick with severe flu-like symptoms in Germany. The country is home to Ramstein Air Force
Base, one of NATO’s most important bases in Europe, and one of the largest American bases
outside of its own shores. Thousands of American service members rotate
through the base, and a huge arsenal of American equipment stands ready to defend Europe from
a possible Russian attack. Now though, the military members of Ramstein
are facing an entirely different enemy. It started with personnel out on liberty in
the surrounding countryside coming back with flu-like symptoms. Shortness of breath, dizziness and lightheadedness,
and general fatigue all quickly gave way to difficulty breathing and confusion. A week ago the base experienced its first
fatality, a young airman who had suddenly took ill and passed away days later. Upon making contact with German health authorities
though, the US military learns that the disease is also striking at the German population. A few dozen deaths have been reported, but
it’s difficult to track down their cause as definitively being this new disease. Then Ramstein experienced a second death,
and today a third- all of them healthy American service members in their twenties or thirties. Something deadly was brewing in Germany. Ramstein Air Force Base is immediately placed
on lockdown. Base personnel are not allowed to leave, and
any families living in off-base housing are given a 24 hour opportunity to return to base
or be locked out until the crisis is ended. The economic impact to the surrounding German
towns is severe, many of them rely economically in huge parts on the massive American base,
a lockdown is a disaster for them. American officials from the Center For Disease
Prevention and Control are flown out via military transport to Ramstein. They immediately conduct autopsies on the
diseased service members, looking for a cause. To their horror, they discover a brand new
type of Human Parainfluenza Virus, though more time will be needed to study the virus
and its communicability. For now, the base is quarantined, both to
stop the infection from getting in from the surrounding German countryside, and to stop
any disease already on the base from reaching the rest of the American military network. As a central hub of America’s military base
network, supply and support aircraft routinely fly through the base enroute to deliver goods
or move equipment from one base to another. This all-important hub is temporarily shut
down, imposing a logistical nightmare on America’s resupply efforts to its overseas bases. At least though the disease won’t spread around
the world via this global network, or so it’s hoped. A few days pass, and it’s clear the virus
is quite lethal. Patients across Germany end up hooked up to
respirators when they become too weak to breathe on their own, many fall into comas and never
re-awaken after suffering from swelling of the brain. Breeding the virus in a mobile lab, the CDC’s
pathologists discover that the virus is not just airborne, but extremely communicable
and works disturbingly rapidly- the virus, now named Clade X, only has a week-long incubation
period. After that, fatality rates appear to be around
10%- but data on the virus is simply insufficient to know for sure. Germany’s health system moves rapidly to identify
and quarantine those affected, and the disease seems to be under control for now. Suddenly though, reports begin to surface
about a mysterious illness affecting Venezuela, with symptoms disturbingly similar to those
of Clade X. The Venezuelan government, in a bid to avoid
national panic, downplays the disease rumors, or outright denies them. Where teams of medical professionals were
quickly dispatched to contain the disease in Germany, here in Venezuela the authorities
refuse to acknowledge the disease. Soon emergency rooms across the nation are
filled to bursting, and the disease spreads like wildfire across the country. A month later and it’s clear that German containment
efforts were insufficient. Clade X has broken free of national barriers
and cases are reported across Europe. A week after Clade X is identified in Spain,
the virus makes the leap to Great Britain. European officials gather in an emergency
meeting to plan coordination of national health services and to consider how to best contain
the disease. The fatality rate lingers at around 14%, but
over the course of the next few days waves of infections boost the rate to nearly 20%. This prompts Great Britain to make a drastic
move, shutting off most travel and trade from the continent to its shores. The economic hit to Europe is staggering,
as other nations follow suit and overburdened health systems eat up more resources. A few days later the President gets a call
from the Jordanian ambassador- he is calling for aid. The virus has affected Jordan harder than
other Middle Eastern nations, and now the country is asking for help from the US. As a key and steadfast US ally in the volatile
region, the President has to carefully consider his options. If he answers the call for help and dispatched
US troops and health personnel, it will risk infecting his own people as well as burdening
the US with hundreds of millions of dollars in operational costs. If he doesn’t respond to the call for help,
it will threaten the stability of the US-Jordanian alliance, and weaken America’s alliances with
other nations who might see America as a fair-weather friend. However, this is hardly the greatest of the
President’s concerns. He has already suspended all air travel to
Venezuela, but as the pandemic grows in Europe, he is presented with a much more difficult
choice. Germany remains the epicenter of the virus,
should he ban all international flights into the country from Germany and risk angering
and economically hurting an already-struggling major ally? A day later as the death toll reaches 10,000,
the choice is made. International travel to and from Germany is
banned. The CDC provides medical screening and temporary
assistance via the Department of Homeland Security to stranded German travelers, clearing
them of the virus and finding them a place to wait out the travel ban. But they are not allowed to return home. German imports, and American exports to the
nation, are also blocked, delivering a body blow to the struggling and overburdened German
economy. The decision prompts outrage from the European
Union, but nations such as China, Russia, and Japan are quick to follow the US’s lead
in banning all contact with Germany. Meanwhile, the outbreak in Venezuela has reached
crisis proportions. The government has spent so much time denying
or downplaying the outbreak that true figures on infection rates and the scope of infection
across the country are impossible to determine. Refugees flee the country by the thousands
every day, prompting one of South America’s greatest refugee crises. At first it’s only one or two boats that show
up making their way to Puerto Rico, each laden with a dozen Venezuelan refugees. The US Coast Guard intercepts the refugee
boats and moves them to quarantine facilities in Puerto Rico where they can be screened
for the virus. Within days though the boats start numbering
in the dozens, and the President orders the Coast Guard to not accept any more refugees. Coast Guard vessels completely outnumbered
as they move to intercept refugee boats, and the US Navy is quickly dispatched to assist. Even with their help though, many boats make
it to shore, bringing many potentially infectious Venezuelans with them. The virus has already appeared in America,
but the CDC has been quick to identify international travelers at risk of exposure and isolating
them. The American outbreak has so far remained
under control- until now. Venezuelan refugees use Puerto Rico as a jump-off
point to make the journey to Florida, and domestic flights from the island begin to
bring infected passengers into airports and communities across the American south. The CDC responds as fast as it is able, but
as the count of those infected continues to climb it’s clear that the infection is out
of control. Within two weeks there are already fatalities
in Wyoming and Nebraska. A day later Clade X reaches sunny California. The President now makes one of the most controversial
decisions of any American president, and orders the US Navy and Coast Guard to open fire on
refugee boats that refuse to turn back. The move is one of pure necessity, there are
simply too many of them for the US military and law enforcement agencies to locate and
turn back. American service members are reluctant to
fire on boats full of desperate refugees, and the order is ignored for the first few
weeks. Then the death toll hits 1,000 in the US,
and still the stream of refugees from South America seems to be unending. Soon, any boats that refuse to turn around
are being blown out of the water. The CDC attempts to coordinate local quarantines
in affected areas, calling on local law enforcement and medical personnel to locate and isolate
infected individuals. Thankfully a field test for infection was
perfected weeks ago and given to nations around the world free of charge- the effort against
Clade X is an international one. The quarantines are initially effective in
limiting the spread of the disease, and as the body count reaches 3,000, cases of American
infection start to plummet. However a few weeks later, the disease reappears
and a second wave of infections sweep across America. Fatality rates linger at around 14-15%, similar
to those of the great Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. With so many infections, the medical insurance
system collapses, and millions of potentially infected Americans are denied medical care. The move prompts those who fear they are infected
to flock to emergency rooms, where they cannot be legally turned away for care because of
a lack of insurance. Hospitals around the country are completely
overwhelmed, and outrage at the medical insurance system and hospitals over capacity spills
out into the streets in massive protests. The protests however only work as disease
vectors, and Clade X jumps quickly from host to host. In an unprecedented move, the US President
follows China’s example and begins to quarantine major American cities. This traps tens of millions of Americans in
place as infection rampages through their city, and cripple the American economy. With the global economy on the whole similarly
affected by Clade X, markets all around the world crash one by one. The US economy suffers a collapse even greater
than that of the financial crisis of 2008, rivaling the stock market crash of the 1920s
and spurring on a new Great Depression. Countries that normally bankroll American
loans are too preoccupied with self-preservation to continue to do so, and the US is forced
to recall vast amounts of its overseas military network as it simply cannot afford to continue
to pay for it. The sudden removal of American forces from
several trouble spots around the world immediately prompts a wave of conflicts, further adding
to the damage done by Clade X. Half a year after Clade X’s appearance, the
global death toll has hit 900 million. The virus is finally on the decline as vaccines
work to prevent infection and quarantines limit possible infection vectors. Having lost 1/8th of the global population
though, the global economy enters a historic recession unseen of in human history, and
the balance of international power is up in the air as nations struggle to rebuild. The previous scenario was fictionalized using
details from an exercise conducted by the John Hopkins Center for Health Security, and
which was played out using real American military and civilian leadership. By the end of the extensive one day exercise,
the world had lost nearly a billion people and the American economy had collapsed, and
yet the virus used in the exercise, dubbed Clade X, was only a moderate-threat level
virus. Were the world to encounter a high threat
virus for real, it’s clear that the global consequences would be nothing short of devastating.

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    Step 4: Even more Panik

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    Step 6: Survive the zombie invasion

  4. The world started getting overcrowded around the middle of the 20th century. Humans — practically a virus themselves — plague the earth but will cry crocodile tears if a virus cuts it back down to a reasonable level. Despite all the diseases currently at work, humans are out-birthing all forms of fatality — by a long shot. Mother nature is going to have to try to come up with a worse virus if she wants to purge more toxin known as "people".

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    Everyone just stay calm and be smart do proper research and dont believe everything the media says.
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    This channel will be blocked from future algorithms.

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