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Tucker: What will higher education look like after coronavirus?

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  1. We shouldnt be letting this happen. The media influences the masses and dictates behavior. It does nt have to be this extreme.

  2. Not sure what Tucker is talking about since "higher" education has been getting lower and lower for the past two decades because of the social ideologues of the current admin and educators as well as ROI costs of tuition versus job availability.

  3. What is going to happen is going to be a large wake up call about the difference between education and the indoctrination that happens at most of those high priced schools.

  4. Justin Trudeau is bringing in planes full of Canadians completely infected…, today and for days to come infinitus…, we have movement with USA and Mexico…, DO SOMETHING!!!

  5. Yeah I'm seeing pride flags in the windows of the supposedly Christian college I live next to. Good riddance.

  6. If I could do it over, I wouldn't have gone to college. I could do what I do now without a degree. Could have a 4-5 year head start on my investments. I did have a full ride though. And had fun in college

  7. People have been homeschooling for a long time successfully. Copy what’s successful and a lot less expensive. And the parent managing their kids education at home can actually be home to raise their kids rather then someone else.

  8. this whole virus was a sign to the world that we’ve been living too fast and we need to SLOW DOWN and enjoy the small things in life

  9. I'm in my 20s and for the love of God please more trade schools. I went to one and I would honestly probably be a homeless drug addict or something if it wasn't for them. We have more machines and work than we do people to run them. I've worked every single day for the past month because of it. I need more people that I can train to run those machines. People that have the brainpower and drive to actually learn it and do it for a living. This is the absolute most important thing in America right now. I have people calling me constantly with job offers because skilled labor is in such short supply and there are no qualified candidates to be interviewed. The manufacturing work is here in this country but there is just nobody to do it. All the guys I work with are 5 or 10 years away from retirement. When that happens I have no idea what is going to happen to these shops. I've been the youngest guy by at least 20 years in any place I've worked I cant do it all myself.

  10. Thank you Tucker… there has been an awful stink on education for a long time, this situation merely flipped the corpse exposing massive decay and unbearable fumes

  11. Education is going to change the way nobody can imagine. There will be virtual classes, labs, you name it. All from home.

  12. They'll either look like "I'm going to attend Communist State University!" or "I'll go to a trade school or Austrian School of Economics!"

    The choice IS YOURS! Now is the time to stop looking for collectivist solutions. Say no to all government and central banking! Trump will not save you. We all know Bernie or Biden won't. No one will! To the religious: This is why Jesus exists. HE ALONE is the only authority you obey.
    To the atheists: This is why Jesus was created. It may sound silly, but I'd rather have people giving their authority to a 'sky fairy' than Trump or Obama or banksters. Wouldn't you?

    Edit: And I realize a lot of people here still believe in Trump. This man is the king of debt. He profited off of this horrible Keynesian economic system. I truly do not believe he has our best interests in mind. Please stop supporting this system.

    As Frederic Bastiat said, “If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good? Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind?”

    Is Donald Trump finer clay? Please wake up, Neo. The Matrix is here. All is a lie.

    Only YOU can save yourself. Withdraw your energy from this system.

  13. How ironic that the WHO has a thumbnail under EVERY You Tube post with advice on Cov 19 ! They dismissed the severity of the problem some months ago. This is a body that needs to be culled ………….quickly . They are in the pocket of somebody. Wonder who ?

  14. Well I’ll tell you this Tucker if you start getting an education online trust me the prices will go up for that education it’s not gonna stay where it’s at right now that’s for sure it’ll quadruple if not tenfold in less than a year you’ll be paying for that room in the dorm wether you live in a dorm room or not

  15. “When goods do not cross borders, soldiers will.”

    ― Frederic Bastiat

    End Central Banking. End the Federal Reserve.

  16. Look what the greedy bastards did just for the price of a mask to protect yourself against the virus that’ll give you an idea what they’ll do for an online education

  17. This is Democrat utopia. They love this virus because now they have the one thing they always wanted. Complete control of your life. They are now your mommy. This is now a Socialist country with the government telling you when you can go out and when to wash your hands. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves.Shutting down businesses and killing the economy? Putting people out of work? This is a flu!! Hey President Trump didn't you say this would never be a Socialist country? You were so wrong. This is a sad day for America

  18. No education? No interview. The value in a degree is what YOU put into it and what YOU are able to prove to your company as a result. The same books are on the shelf of Harvard and the small community colleges.

    Try and undervalue that.

  19. Some things are obviously correct like 2+2 = 4 and the triangle has three sides and not four. My friend Nicola Machiavelli once said – power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This why we have term limits for the president, and this is why we need term limits for the rest of the elected officials, so they don’t get corrupt. Higher education with its tenure for academics has created a heaven for corruption. This why they can afford to preach their socialist philosophy and corrupt the minds of our young people. Hopefully people will see the light and stop sending their kids into this cesspool of corrupting philosophy.

  20. Hahaha after their spring break event and after how selfish they have behaved I hope they don't force us to pay for their education as tax payers… They don't deserve it

  21. Most anything that can be learned at a university can be learned online these days, and for much cheaper. I'm a software engineer, and I went through school. However, I have been able to find plenty of information out there that would allow someone to do my same job if they had the dedication to go to all the learning online and practice. To get into a full-time software engineering job without college requires taking the time to learn it, and to be willing to take lower starting pay (say $30K a year as an engineer) as you slowly level up. This builds your resume, your experience, etc. I'm sure that most other fields are very similar.

    As far as the "college experience," we have meetups now where you can go meet people. Furthermore, if you really want, you can always go to a college campus and meet people there also. You don't need to be in school to go to parties. (I realize that it might be more difficult as far as fraternities/sororities are concerned, but with a little resourcefulness, a person can have the "college experience" without paying out the nose.

    Lastly, for those jobs that require any college degree (since some just look for a college degree as a signal that the person is educated/professional — though I believe this is short-sighted), just go get the easiest possible degree at a local community college. However, that will only work if you're also getting work experience to put on your resume. Long story short, the college industry in this country has been in a serious need to reform since people are paying out the nose for little ROI.

  22. Well said Tucker! My God! Kindness compassion aren’t just words they are act of love! This will definitely be a test!

  23. Preach Brother. I have said the same thing. Streamline High School and the University. Bloated Marxist "professors" and federal grants drove cost up and value down.

  24. "let's say you're not rich, that you make a 120 grand a year" wait what? that's considered not rich? what am I :*(

  25. I have been talking about this for years,. I got my BSN and MSN on line, working every day, also in high demand, college teachers over rated and overpaid

  26. If the Stanford, Yale and other expensive universities' teachers watch this video, they will surely rage so much that they will vomit.

  27. You can have all the degrees every university has to offer. They are still financially illiterate-financial literacy should be taught from k-12. You don’t need a degree to be successful in America

  28. The ONLY positive from the Wuhan virus, except for maybe starting to bring home some critical industry, is that collage kids are getting a taste of what life would be like under socialism. It's important that we make those comparisons every chance we get.

  29. The Great Global Renaissance is about to begin….I am sure we can find a purpose for these outdated institutions….Hmmmm….like rethinking HOW to live on planet Earth in a way that benefits everyone and not just the elite. Sovereign people are way more creative than programs peopled. Let the Renaissance begin!!!!!

  30. There are over 330,000 Communist Chinese students in Our US Universities; most, if not all, are studying useful things like Math, Science and Engineering. These are the subjects America needs to fill the 7 million jobs for which companies can't find qualified candidates. Also many of these Communists are involved in cutting edge research, Our Research. Kick every Chinese Communist student our and keep them out

  31. I am going into 211 days of Russian Language Study, yeah I am teaching myself to read, write and speak Russian. And my costs so far for this have been about an hour of my time per day that is it. Is it a good way to go, don't know, what I can say is that I know more Russian now that I did when I started. On-Line and Free. There is a huge amount of education you can get online, this is for self-betterment and along with all the Russian Movies and TV programming on Netflix Amazon Prime and Youtube along with the music- all it takes is just wanting to do it. I chose Russian, but any language is available. I would love to go live in St. Peterburg, Russia for a year or two and attend school for Russian as a second language. My finances will not allow for it, so I make due. So I may not be doing my usual flying for the summer season. I start in Mid April and well no calls yet. So I will fly fish a lot more and do my Russian Studies – life is good.

  32. First, a science degree requires lab work. It's one thing to study at home for a semester because of an emergency. But, for someone majoring in bio., chen., or physics, you need class time in a lab. This is even more true for medical school.

    Law schools have been teaching via the Socratic method as long as anyone can remember. Professors don't lecture. They call on students and grill them. So, you have to have the entire class assembled.

    Now, colleges have come up with stupid majors, like women's studies. But, they aren't useless. A liberal arts education teaches people to think critically. My wife has worked in IT for 30 years. Did she study computer science or math? No. She majored in history and poli. sci. While a computer science major may be able to code like crazy, it's the liberal arts major who can see the big picture.

    But, if we start letting kids get college degrees from home, then how the hell do we get them out of the house at 18?

  33. Schools like Harvard would not be able to say they can't take anymore students and it would expose their quality of education. There wouldn't need to be ridiculous research grants for dog behavior that every dog owner already knows and all the outrageous speakers fees would dry up for the retired politicians. Based on the retired politicians losing speaker fees, online education isn't going to happen in my lifetime.

  34. "These people never deserved jobs in the first place."

    Precisely. This comes from someone on the "inside," who is tired of the nonsense and about to leave it. Universities no longer allocate money to research or the generation of knowledge. It goes to pointless administrators to pamper the snowflakes or to provide them with "real world experiences." Many places deserve to fail and I hope they do.

  35. My son was graduating in May. Was being the operative word. His study, electrical engineer, requires a degree. He is taking only two classes before he will be finished. He also had an internship that he was payed of from. There are so many unanswerable questions now. I know he could be worse off and lots of people are. But, the future is so uncertain today and the enormity of this crisis is so crazy. Over worked medical staff are true hero’s today, but how much more can they take? I know these are just a couple of the questions all are asking, I just hope when we look back we can be proud.

  36. Remember that State Universities are subsidized by your taxes…Cost goes up at 3 x the rate of inflation!…Need to stop this scam now. There has to be a better way!

  37. The amount of overseas students will go. Get rid of the overpaid $1m/year college administrators. Also get rid of the fake degrees that will not get the student a job.

     Keep the beds after this pandemic, as in 9 months you will need room for the baby birth boom. What else will nervous couples do in isolation.

  38. The amount of overseas students will go. Get rid of the overpaid $1m/year college administrators. Also get rid of the fake degrees that will not get the student a job.

     Keep the beds after this pandemic, as in 9 months you will need room for the baby birth boom. What else will nervous couples do in isolation.

  39. Chancellors and their ilk maintain status quo, vote themselves pay raises almost annually, and pass off higher tuition fees to keep this Scam going. His much is enough?

  40. Taking classes online isn't really learning. Kids will look everything up online. But everyone will get an A. That's more a problem for younger kids though.

  41. Maybe we should cancel college debt ??? … but I say its the universities that should give refunds. – I say if the degree you hand out is so valuable, do no be afraid to back it with a guarantee. Today universities have created the myth that a degree is required to get anything more than a service job at a fast-food restaurant. I say there are many trades that would work BETTER than a 4-year degree. Bailout maybe – but the universities should be the one paying.

  42. and who owns these privileged colleges? the same the parasites that infiltrated the government, banks, fed, etc.

  43. Tucker, I look for your editorials because you are always on point. Thank God we still have real journalists like you that we can trust.

  44. Very well stated. Industry is always looking to hire the best candidate for the job. As long as it appears your competition has a leg up on you for going to a school that does not actually provide a better employee, colleges can keep milking our citizens. If that were to end however, American's would have more $ in their pocket over their lifetime. Of course this is not so simple and every time we have attempted to train people in CS, engineering, … outside of college, we end up with weak employees who look like they have a skill but lack the underlying knowledge that allows them to flourish. Perhaps we should switch out requiring a college degree to passing national accreditation exams where it doesn't matter how you obtained the base and functional knowledge, only that you have it. That way pointless bootcamps that yield pretend technologists and garbage university programs become worthless. It would be interesting to see the difference in the results on such exams from ivy league schools versus state schools. I.e. what does the big price tag buy you? It seems like we could already do that with the State Bars and Medical School Exams. Anyone know the results?

  45. Walmarts is hiring 150,000 new workers , I hope these college kids are smart enough to stock shelves and bring carts out of the parking lot !

  46. Tucker has anyone woken up to the fact that this virus will most likely cost the world about 30% of their skilled healthcare workers? Does anyone realize how long it takes to become a doctor, and that most of the doctors who are [dead due to the virus] or will die are statistically going to be the experienced [older] doctors? The toll of this virus will reach far beyond the just case fatality of the virus itself. If any thing, right now higher education needs to be rallying a solution to recruit as well as "fund" a huge batch of doctors, PA's/NP's and Nurses as we are headed to a huge shortage! Meaning we could not handle a resurgence of this virus or the next (as they are still eating bats in China)…

  47. Forgot to mention that Endowment funds are invested, primarily in the stock market, which just took a 30% haircut.

  48. I believe you will see consolidation in higher education. I actually thought this would have happened alot sooner. But leave it to an pandemic to jumpstart this process

  49. I only took my major classes in a classroom. I took all my electives and general ed classes online. I got credit for six classes by taking CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) exams. They offer around 30 exams for various courses, depending on the college will depend on which exam to take. Some colleges only let you apply the CLEP exam to electives, but a class is a class which translates into saving on tuition, books, and time.

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