What is Dropshipping?

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  1. Trump: What we are doing is under control but I'm not talking about the coronavirus

    Female reporter: what?????

  2. The only good thing about this pandemic is that it will mean the end of Trump. There is no way he'll be re-elected now. This is God's way of ensuring that happens. The man doesn't want to take responsibility for anything. I can't believe anyone will be stupid enough to vote for him again.

  3. WHo cares nothing is open……anymore…….Everyone being dumb and plugging up stores with panic buying no need to go anywhere society is horrible.

  4. his is what you get when you elect[ a president who most likely flunked every school he ever attended. A malignant narcissist should not be president.

  5. "It's OK to visit clubs and bars in Oklahoma, because they don't have that many people" and I have a rally to go to tonight. The perfect press conference!!!

  6. The blame game has to end. People have to be responsible to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Get with the program!

  7. Donald Trump, you are about two months late and you remember you said it fake new and you got verything under control

  8. IN TIME OF emergc n seriouler issue just show the who earth down n no paying bills IS THAT SIMPLE GOV DONT DAMAN BILLS THEN NOBODY DOES SO NOW GOV NEEDS TO TAKE CARE OF EARTH like citizens take care of gov working for them for tax NOW CITTZENS NEEDS GOV TO STEP IN n take care THEY HAVE THE POWER TO STOP EVERYTHING. ITALLY DID IT THEY CITEZINS PAY NO BILL FOR NOW UNTIL every thing is clear so.if we go this far as people are staying homes now n some store r close y not go all the way before is too late n too many patient not enough of dr n good nurses if you sick of the coronavirus go to hospital n stay home. u guys need to build a TEMPERLAY CLINIC PLACE FOR ONLY CORONAVIRS PATIENT so they dont go to regular hostpital clinic n spread to more people over there since u guys says the virus spread easly do it now if u r seriloury about this virus n is in lock down people are staying home at this time. do it one time RIGHT SO DONT HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN

  9. You can literally see the shame in all those forced to stand behind this evil liar everytime he stands in front of cameras.

  10. I'm glad Donald was tested. His dazed and confused appearance before the
    American people spreading misinformation as MC of the PC evidently has
    nothing to do with Covfefe19 or his state of health. He can and will make the most of any situation. Given a lemon and he'll serve up lemonade, given a pandemic he serves up pandemonium.

  11. be strong mr president u can do this show some love n save human lives. take care good job if u taking care of all not just the strong like lions but the people like turtles n snail they r important too they can becomeful the best like u say only the best come america be postive that the weak turtles n snail they can become strong n rich too

  12. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE encourage Baby Donnie to go do even MORE rallies! The Moron-in-Chief is immune, so LET HIM go and shake hands, kiss babies, lick doorknobs….

  13. But… but… didn't the stable genius say the other day that there were 15 cases of this hoax and it would go to zero because everything was under control and he was doing a fantastic job? It's like… I don't know… as if what he says is not completely, 100% accurate all of the time. Crazy, right?

  14. Trump: We need a distraction. Markets are crashing. 1000's being infected.
    Miller: Lets say a caravan of illegals with corona virus is coming from Mexico to our border?
    Trump: TREMENDOUS! Call FOX and get me air time.

  15. I want to see the reading of the document by Dr. Fauci , result of the question asked. All Bars and Restaurants should shut down.

  16. Top 10 Largest Dow Jones Drops in American History:

    1) Trump: -2,997 3/16/20

    2) Trump: -2,100 3/9/20

    3) Trump: -1,191 2/27/20

    4) Trump: -1,175 2/5/18

    5) Trump: -1,032 2/8/18

    6) Trump: -1,031 2/24/20

    7) Trump: -879 2/25/20

    8) Trump: -831 10/10/18

    9) Trump: -800 8/14/19

    10) Trump: -799 12/4/18

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