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Trump Holds News Conference On Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

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  1. I am a German and proud of my country. We will no longer buy products from china. All of Europe is boycotting China! This is very good, no chance for the Chinese! China must go down. Forever!!

  2. I should say that although I don’t blame any president for pandemics like this one Trump needs to protect those who are vulnerable like senior citizens and those with immune deficiencies
    by implementing new nursing home policies and he needs to make sure there is an appropriate amount of test available.Before Trump spaces himself from any blame he should be reminded that in 2018 he began eliminating agencies that were created to protect against pandemics. In 2018 he stopped funding to Obama-era disease security programs and as a result Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer, who was to lead the U.S. response during a pandemic, left the global health security team and it was disbanded. Also in 2018 the (CDC) funding to prevent a global disease outbreak was cut by 80% .

  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/fix9rn/with_all_of_the_covid19_news_and_panic_going_on/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  4. The coronavirus will give you money.There are many competitors .Infecte d your enemies.Then.enemie s were killed. A cle a n a n d hone s t world.Tox i c peop l e died.Freedom.Profit.T h e ene my was killed an d 2 milli o n rubl es were take n away.The r e a re a l ot of women he re .Prevented.S ex. I liked the woman.Died. Baba to you. The virus pay s for the situati on.U p t o 100 mi llion units. Think abo u t it . The comp etit or isd e a d.In a b razen woman h avi n g se x wi th him .1 0years .Smitten. J ealousy e nd u red. 10wa ited.The bandits p uni s hedt h e ma n.I didn't have time torun awa y .Wh o r es had . They wer e ki l led near the b rothel.2 milli o n r u ble s and 100 whores.

  5. Please help stop gouging!

    California's anti-price gouging statute, Penal Code Section 396, prohibits raising the price of many consumer goods and services by more than 10% after an emergency has been declared. Local laws may also contain their own prohibitions on price gouging. REPORT PRICE GOUGERS!!! It’s illegal and it’s wrong!! Written by Micronix 3/15/2020. Please copy this message and share it with as many people as possible. This type of behavior will not be tolerated!! #reportgougers #humanvirus #notonmywatch #pricegougers #coronavirusgougers #coronavirus

  6. Where's the names and faces of the ones that have supposedly died . has any one noticed no government officials anywhere in the world has The so called virus ,, they know it's either fake or they already have been vaccinated before they created it ,it's a drill for something bigger to come an economy boost panic buying,,,. It just don't add up Japan was on the brink of collapse then this comes out to stop the riots. Man made people wake up the whole world is being misled Jesus said that 2000 yeas ago .

  7. This is a manufactured pandemic. This is a backdoor way to ban and confiscate guns. This is backdoor to ending free speech and protests for civil rights. They have already started giving mayors emergency powers to ban and confiscate guns, steal your food and supplies, they can also steal your property.

    Before this alleged fake virus, they submitted bill after bill to ban large crowds and a ban on self defence training.. These people are full of complete sh*t. This is fake news via the Smith Mundt Act of 2012… This is a gun grab, a crowd ban as well as a violation of your right to travel…. Wake up world!!!

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  9. The US economy is on the verge of collapse, too much debt, the media are not covering this much because they don't want people to wake up and prepare for it. It's gonna come unexpectedly and that's when people will panic, they want that. Corona is a practice 'trigger' to see how well they can control the population. People pls this is serious, corona is a distraction. Once the economy collapses, they will usher in the Antichrist one world monetary system where we will be slaves.

  10. What do u expect?! The administration is putting all their engines to work. The tests will be ready as soon as they are ready. You need to back off. He doesn't want to use the limited resources if there is no threat. That's a leader

  11. You guys will spin a thing even with your tone. Your tone is deceiving. I think he is and his team are doing very well. It's not too late.

  12. How is he leading our nation? By now he should have taken public speaking 101 or studied the dictionary for increased vocabulary. Lovely. Great. Wonderful. Tremendous.

  13. The leader of our nation "doesn't take responsibility at all" for the tremendous lag time of coronavirus testing in our country. Trump…NOT for President! Lovely. Great. Wonderful. Tremendous!

  14. seriously??

    He had contact with positive tested people and still goes around and shakes hands instead of self-quarantine himself??
    Shows just once more what a clown that guy is!!

  15. Trump has American blood on his hands.

    No one is talking about having 10 Billion test kits for the world. We are only talking about America here. That’s 350 million people. We are not saying we should have 350 million test kits either, but South Korea has been able to test 10,000 people a day since the outbreak began and has tested 260,000 people so far and has been able to diagnose and quarantine 7.9k that tested positive and only have had 70 deaths, their population size is 50 million. In Orange County in Florida, the entire county has 50 tests in hand right now with only 5 new tests coming a day and we are 3 months into the virus being a threat. This is the problem.

    The amount of people who will die here in America because of this virus 🦠is horrible. Many deaths could have been avoided if we had started testing earlier, but President Trump believed that the hype behind this virus was a democratic hoax, which he announced at his rally on February 28th. The so called ‘ chosen one ‘ of the evangelical cult is going to be responsible for many deaths that could have been avoided here in America with earlier testing and supply preparations which are low already. Trump also fired the CDC pandemic response team in 2018 which is why they were even less prepared to handle this. He’s more worried about the economy and the stock market, but most importantly his re-election over the lives of the American people.


  16. PLEASE ALL, in efforts to cooperate with President and task force, see our FREE no obligation or donation expected efforts at following our governments worldwide and providing support…


    Thank you Mr. President and all who help and serve us! 😊




  19. Does anyone else look at Trump and see vagina…? It just reminds me of a really out of shape vagina for some odd reason. Can't figure it out but i will!

  20. Trump looks like he could Marry 10000 hot chicks and all his kids would still be clown tools like him so what are ya doing Clumpy?

  21. هذه ظاهره مفزعه مرعبه مثل الطاعون. وخطر شامل على كل البشريه بأضراره المميته المخيفه. الله يحمينا ويحمي المسلمين كلهم. في كل أنحاء العالم وكذالك داخل أمريكا.سبحان الله. الخفايا في المستقبل والغيبيات السلبيه في المستقبل شي مخيف بين قوسين (المستقبل) اللهم بعفوك ورحمتك فحمينا وأرزقنا الثبات التام على كورونا وعلى كل شي يؤذينا

  22. سلام فیلم هایی مارو هم تماشا کنید😁😙😑😚😂🤣😃🙂🙄😚😉😋😃😄😅🤔😥😣🤗😍😍😁😀😗😑😶😊🤣😃🙂😚😆🤣😃🤔🤗😃😎

  23. Has anyone noticed that people in China or South Korea who are involved with dealing with the virus on the frontlines are covered from head to toe in protective gear. Not 1inch is exposed, whereas in many videos of Western Countries the responders are not so covered. Have they not learned anything from those who are winning this fight? Everybody has to wear masks so as to not infect others and have a degree of protection in China and S Korea, yet in the Western Countries we are being advised not to do so. This is insane.btw, you guys can get the masks prepared on BuyTheMask.com if you can't find it in the local store, things will get worse and you should all wear mask,I am not getting anything from the website for doing this, just bought some from them and i think it's good.

  24. See why trump is trying to ban people from coming to america…..now we see why should of baned asians ..its not rasict its a fact

  25. After you read this post, please send prayer/healing energy throughout the world to heal from this coronavirus issue/situation/crisis. The best way to help is combine our intent/healing energies OUT into the world. Do this as long or as short as possible. But please make sure to do it. Thank you. I love you. 🙏

  26. Beautiful display of American might. If any country in the world can defeat it its us we have the greatest resources. It's a beautiful thing to watch the U.S. flag fly its colors for the whole world.

  27. We no longer live in a Democracy and we can no longer elect our president in free and fair elections.
    Donald Trump has become the Clone of Vladimir Putin and he now has the power to do anything he wants thanks to spineless traitorous Republican senators who gave Donald Trump complete and total power to even arrest his political opponents if he wishes.
    I fear that Donald Trump is going to use this pandemic to his advantage and cheat yet again in the next elections.
    Those of you who still support Trump, be aware of the fact that you are not being patriotic and if you help Donald Trump you are betraying our country.
    Vladimir Putin has been openly lying to his people and the similarity between the lies Trump says and the Lies Vladimir Putin Says are almost identical in nature.

  28. It's funny to me how everybody is scared of the coronavirus, when the flu is worse than the coronavirus, not to mention how extremely low the lethality rate is its 2% to everyone who gets it and like 0.001% in young people, while the flu mortality rate is like 12% l mean maybe you guys should stop listening to fake news 😂

  29. The White House is on lock down !
    No feed Trump has got the Coronavirus, oh no he is going to die, what will we do without him ?

  30. 10 times the population of Spain or Italy, some of the biggest citiesin the world, and only 3 thousand cases and 60 deaths. Who believes that? The US is in the top 3 of affected countries for sure.

  31. 1:47:36 'That means 96% people had different respiratory diseases.' I'd like to add an explanation. As of today, S.Korea has tested 268,212 people and confirmed 8,162 cases, thus more than 96% of people are negative. However, we do not test on people only with respiratory symptoms. 268,212 cases includes not only people with respiratory symptoms who recently visited foreign countries like China but also people not showing any symptoms who have recently contacted an infected person, which is going to be either negative or asymptomatic. If we find any confirmed cases in a household, workplace, hospital, etc., we conduct the test on all participants in the group since it can cause other community spreads. So that statement is not true.

  32. People keep asking me, “If it's all fake, why are people dying?” My response: People die, period. Life is fatal and unfair. It’s super convenient right now to label anyone dying, for whatever reason, as being due to the “coronavirus” TO MAKE IT beLIEvable.

    It feels like an apocalypse; a FEEDING FRENZY. The Twilight Zone.

    And to justify it and make it even more beLIEvable to the very sleepy, unsuspecting people, THEY (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) lay it on even thicker by using PROPS and ACTORS just like it’s done in a play at the theater. THEY use people in white lab coats (yes, some of these people are real) to explain their diagnostic tools used to “test” if someone has it, then to scare people even further with pictures of intense looking quarantine hubs where people are held against their will, then show their photo shopped X-rays and then use their made up scientific words and definitions, in which most don’t even understand, but that is to THEIR benefit in making the potion work.

    If I didn’t have an understanding of how this whole thing worked, I’d be scared silly, too.

    Oh, and add the many sleep walking minions and Agents of the system perpetuating this whole thing at those sinister medical industries gearing up to push the latest VACCINATION for this and you’ll begin to “see” how all this is being accomplished. Trust me, that poison is coming.

    THEY (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) are preying on the majority’s vulnerabilities as a very powerful way to make it seem more BeLIEvable, so people create enough fear and stress within themselves regarding it that their bodies will create an ailment naturally and they’ll end up tripping off their fear even more, because they’ve been led to beLIEve their sore throat and fever is the “coronavirus.”

    Words are beyond powerful. Which is why we should never ever use the Power of The Word against ourselves or anyone else UNINTENTIONALLY. Make sense? It’s magic. It’s spellbinding. Hence paying celebrities and famous people to yell that they have it and the majority who worship the “stars” find them credible. They are just doing their job… ACTING. I’m sure they used Tom Hanks, because he gives off this “nice man, innocent, wouldn’t lie to you” feel. But, those awake know what and who he is. He has been totally compromised to be at the level he is at.

    All this is tactic to control your mind. Fear is one of, if not the most powerful energies to work with and mold when using black magic to make something happen. THEY understand all laws of the universe.

    You’re a sovereign being; act accordingly about all this. Think accordingly about it. Stay calm. Be courageous. Practice and train your mind or it will take you for a ride.

    If THEY can create a spell with the KEY ingredient needed for it to work being the MAJORITY’s beLIEf in it, well then, THEY successfully performed magic. THEY need the sleep walking masses to beLIEve in it, in order for their magic to work. THEY know how to use energy, frequency, and vibration. Our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and perceptions create reality. We live in a simulation based in THOUGHT FORMS. Don’t believe in it and it will pass you by. You may still be affected by what you see and feel outside of you, but it’s just PROPS. Go into your sanctuary within and ignore this as best you can.

  33. Evidence suggest the death rate in South Korea is as low as .006%. Time to step back and take a deep breath everyone.

  34. So, they canceled schools in my state in SC, and people still go out. I think they’re mostly teenagers. I’m like; people, the governor canceled school for a reason.

  35. It's okay, everyone. Our science gods Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson are close to a solution with help from Walter White from Breaking Bad. They're confident science will find a cure soon. Yeah, science!

  36. U guys deceived if u think trump is the anti Christ. U better get in your bible , trump is the reason us True followers of Jesus even have a lot of freedoms still. He may not be closest to God but God raises Kings and tears them down , if Hillary got president it’s fact woulda been ww3 and he only president that got true Christians praying for him, and Hillary had witches trying to put witchcraft on him y’all better wake up, so y’all rather it be someone who down with lgbtq and down with taking bibles out and demonic witchcraft etc trump is for the Christians even if he ain’t one himself he still defending it. I promise when the anti christ set in so many of y’all gonna be so decieved y’all just follow the crowd, be led not the Holy spirit not by man.(and noo ain’t saying trump the best president but on the God side yes he a wall for us , just like some Kings in bible who lived in sin but defended the followers of God this nothing new (not religion it’s relationship with only true Living God)💯💁‍♂️

  37. If they can waive stupid and evil regulations in time of national emergency, then why did they have those stupid and evil regulations to begin with?

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