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Trump announces travel restrictions during coronavirus briefing

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  1. I don’t mind one bit being called an advocate of ‘fake news’,
    but when the Obama office for the ‘U.S. led response to Ebola’, (officially,
    the National Security and Emergency Preparedness) was shut down, I know why? because
    like in Noah’s time, it was not raining…

  2. "WE DEFEATED THE WRONG ENEMY!" Patton was murdered for speaking the truth. Now this country is all but communist

  3. Unlike most people I don’t spend one single moment thinking about the world and all it’s problems.
    I find it counter productive.
    I don’t want to know about their bird flu or whatever it is.
    That’s their problem.
    Do I care?
    Yes I most certainly do.
    But having the capacity to be oblivious to the surrounding carnage on the battlefield, to see it but not take it in, is essential for the successful general.
    I feel pretty much the same way.
    If I get a bullet then so be it.
    But there’s more chance of my soldiers winning the war if I can remain impervious to those distressful things that are stressing out just about everyone else.

    My advice is bake a cake.
    Have some fun.
    Forget all that alarming stuff.
    Pay it no heed.
    Don’t be the slightest bit interested in it.
    Don’t think about it, not even for the tiniest moment.
    That’s what I do.

    Even if you don’t believe in God this is good advice.

  4. These so called "journalists" are all pure repugnant and insidiously evil.. they all deserve to be put through trials for treason and be locked away in GITMO in the mean time.

  5. Please tell hospitals, labs, fire stations, etc. where they can find swabs, masks, tests, and any other item that they need at this briefing.

  6. Good. Close the border to unauthorized crossing. No asylum, unless it's a high level defection. Illegal entries are thrown right back over. Take their picture and prints. try again, six moths at hard labor, live in a tent, permanently banned from our country.

  7. Dear Editor,

    At this point I don't quite trust even the justice department,FBI, CIA,and the State Department. I've always known about nu-healthy relationship between the FDA and the Pharmaceutical complex. The reaction by the FDA putting down the concept of using the 65 year old generic malaria drug — hydroxychloroquine on the coronavirus concerns me. There is no great profit in making these generic drugs and the greedy pharmaceutical companies are leaning on the FDA!

  8. Wait a minute. Didn’t he just say last week that covid 19 is a democratic hoax to make him look bad? Didn’t Sean say the very same thing? I’m just asking.

  9. Why the heck are you reporters attacking our President & Poempay? The attackes have nothing to say about what they are saying. With the light of truth & love

  10. The Lincoln Project, a group led by George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, released a new video criticizing the president’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    The video, titled “Unfit,” features clips of the president in interviews and press conferences assuring the country that the administration is “totally prepared,” and claiming “anybody who wants a test can get a test,” contrasted by clips of business closures and medical shortages.

    “The coronavirus crisis has revealed, once again, that Donald Trump is dangerously unfit for office,” Jennifer Horn, co-founder of The Lincoln Project, said in a statement. “A public health crisis of this magnitude requires informed and honest leadership, at a minimum.”

  11. Ahhh another planned coup, dropping a virus on us…too bad, because our president is doing a great job, and will still be reelected. He has a wonderful thing called executive privileges to reset our economy…"not" federal reserve-renegotiations of our debt, merit immigration, elimination of IRS and payroll taxes replaced with sales tax, home schooling thru to college, reestablishing our manufacturing and medical sectors, plenty more.

  12. they need to stop poking at china. china were the first to report a case of covid 19, no one knows with certainty if that was the first case, or if they had been infected by someone else from who knows where. america has been poking at china from way before this virus struck. the language is extreme, as well as unhelpful, apart from deflecting from the truth… it's an excuse to blame and bully, how many americans had not been tested?, how many have been tested since the test has been rolled out as free? (instead of the reported 3,500 dollars charged per person before 13th march) how many will take the free test, they will not have free treatment. and , incidentally YouTube, where is my other comment from yesterday……? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  13. I love how our President handles the Press. I have never seen it so obvious on how bias the arm of the Democratic Party is… we call them the Media.

  14. Stop being so critical of the White House administration. Don't you realize this is overwhelming! Please be patient and not negative media!! The press are an embarrassment 🐀🐀

  15. When you sit in your mommy’s basement and eat crap food all day you need toilet paper that’s why they all went crazy

  16. Remember to " Mind Your GAP " in public. Prevention is better than Cure. Nobody can safe you more than yourself.
    This is a very transparent administration for all to see and hear. Their efforts will pay off in the near future for the
    benefits, safety, protection of all American. if everyone learn to co-operate during this period.


  18. I’m a mother of 3, each of my daughters attend separate universities and my son is graduating high school June(ish). Thank you all, for for the agreement to help with the student loans. What about the meal cards, parking passes, room & board we have to pay for outside of tuition & books. Will each college and university be made to reimburse some, for each financial loss I previously listed? Us parents have lost 1/2 of this extra required expense for this fall 19’ – 20’ school year.

  19. Just about 3-4 weeks ago, didnt President Trump keep repeating that everything was under control and the risk of covid-19 was low.

    Was everything under control and low risk of contracting covid-19? A month ago, in USA less than 100 cases reported; now @ + 19000 cases. What a big fat lie from President Trump. Strangely today his foolish, brainwashed supporters still believe in his lies.

  20. Trump & his foolish supporters said that the main medias are working for the communist China. However, recently China has kicked out US main medias journalists including New York Times, WSJ, Washington Post, …


  22. TRUMP DO ME A FAVOR um all these states that are taking the people's 2nd admendment rights away over a virus stop these people because were gonna go from fearing a virus to fearing a tyrannical government. And stop releasing criminals early onto the streets because this helps stopping a virus in no way what so ever


  24. Go to people homes get them out the military or the police get them involved go to people homes who are sick so they want have to travel this is what china did They have quarantine a whole town they cant go to people homes the military should wear the space suit DUH.

  25. Sick people cant go out to the hospitals they will infect other people while they are trying to the get to the hospital Really people don't want to wait till they get sick than it may be to late especially for people with underlined conditions are call the ambulance.

  26. Trump: "Under my leadership and quick action there's been zero deaths in America from Corona Virus". "Don't Listen to media it's not that bad, once again it's all fake news". "The Media is the enemy of the people. Only I tell the truth". Lmao you idiots voted for this con-man good job! Make America Great Again and watch out for that evil media that always lies to you. Oh yea watch out for them Asians and Chinese food because "It's a Chinese virus" hahaha. "Gyn-na"…..smh.

  27. If only we had all that money that the Dems wasted on impeachment to help find a cure for this virus……

  28. Thank you President Trump for using plain LOGIC in these perilous times. We all need to pray for one another, follow the guidelines, & btw I am high risk, & was told by one of my doctors I needed an xray of my back, severe pain, & I have already had surgery for broken vertebrae, I called & asked for an appt., so I wouldn't be sitting in a room full of people for an extended time period, I was told, "we don't make appts for xrays," I know this is untrue, I worked at a hospital, & their were always circumstances that required an appointed time. My doctor was afraid the material used to uncompress & mend the broken vertebrae was chipping, or since I have severe arthritis that one had cracked. I have NOT gotten the xray. I don't know how much time I have left, no one does, but I don't really want to speed it up leaving my family at 68. My body has been through a lot, & only by the grace of God am I here, I am very thankful. We need to be considerate & kind to one another, helping each other when we can without endangering ourselves. I thought that was a normal given, but since this virus I see that it truly isn't. Time has made a lot of things easier & nicer, & turned some of the nicest people into arrogant uncaring higher than thou people, God help everyone. God bless, stay safe, follow the guidelines, try to get along.

  29. Am I the only American watching this new fuxing caravan they are putting together in South America to storm our southern border once again? Our government needs to stay on top of that BS and let Mexico know if they let them into their country then the problem remains ON THEM NOT US!!!

  30. We have a fool in the white house who first called covid 19 a hoax now look at wats hppening. Everything hppening is due to climate change which he calls ahoax. Untill we stand up as americans and say no to this stupid presidents such pandemica will continue to occur here in america and the rest of the world

  31. People do not understand this thing infects someone with the flu it could change again become airborne or more deadly.

  32. This is a free country I will travel as I please Mr Trump. When in the history of the united states have we accepted the government telling us we can't travel? I travel all over the world and haven't met anyone who has brushed up against this deadly virus, where are these people? I live next door to a large prominent hospital and it's like a ghost town over there. You would think in an area of 11M someone would have this so-called virus?? Something doesn't seem right people. I think we're being punked.

  33. Stop calling the truth "fake news". Is the corona.virus the new system birch redid. That lil short man said he was redoing the system. I feel the United Nations put this virus out! You are notorious for killing your own

  34. tell us the truth whats happening …..MEANING WHAT ARE YOU AND THE…… DEEP STATE ….PLANNING TO DO WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE …..

  35. You didn't inherit anything! You created this broken system from the very beginning. It's about time it crashed!! A disaster from the beginning

  36. While we are distracted with Corona virus what is really going on! Usually it is something bigger going on but they are not truthful

  37. How can anyone support a charlatan who has continuously lied to us only to prop up his own inflated ego? Trump has been totally useless during this crisis, adding more to confuse issues rather than educate. He should just get out of the way and let the medical experts provide medical information.

  38. When Bernie said you should have healthcare as a right, you called it socialism. Now you are begging for free tests and treatment and healthcare that is not tied to your job.

  39. When Bernie said workers should be guaranteed paid leave you called it socialism, now you are begging for paid leave as places close and people are laid off.

  40. When Bernie said said every child in America should have high-quality child care and universal school meals you called it socialism, now schools are closed and you need child care and food for tour kid.

  41. When Bernie wanted to cancel all student loan debt to help millions of struggling Americans you called it socialism, now you are begging for student loan relief

  42. When Bernie wanted national rent control so landlords can’t jack up rent prices as high as they want and kick tenants out unfairly, you called it socialism, now you are begging for landlords to not evict tenants during this time.

  43. When Bernie said all people should be making a living wage of at $15/hr you called it socialism, now you are literally relying on those same people at the grocery store, food service, child care, cleaners and other min wage jobs to survive.

  44. Bernie has been fighting for basic human rights his entire life and it took a a global pandemic for you people to realize he’s been right this whole time. WE DO NOT DESERVE HIM

  45. So 21.000 confirmed cases. We know there is substantial under–Dx due to lack of test kits…we can expect that we' ll continue to see a doubling of cases every 3 days (if "lucky" possibly 4 to 6 days); so apart of this, we have another inconsistency meaning  "actual" cases vs. "confirmed" cases. Confirmed cases may appear to rise faster in the short term due to new test kits rollout…

    But in fact, we are looking most likely at 10+ Million hidden cases already. So bottom line is. If so, by the end of March we will have up to 20M, beginning of April 40 Million, May 320+ Million etc. – and of those possibly 5% to 10% 'problematic" cases?!
    Our Healthcare system will fail under such case load and while being impossible to detect all those, there is no way we can track or contain new transmission chains as such. And in absence of "extreme" intervention (pls think also of possible resistance by armed "citizens"); no doubt the USofA will face a significantly higher "explosion of an implosion". By examing just two factors, masks and hospital beds, among many many, many  other things, the impact will be tremendous. It will be a Tsunami of waves.
    And, let's talk facts here: 
    The USofA has about 2.8 hospital beds per 1000pple. With 330+ Million, this is 1M Beds!  At current time, 65% of those beds are already occupied. That leaves just 330k (!) beds available nationwide. Maybe even less this time of the year, with regular flu season.

    As a comparison: 
    Italy has 10% of cases serious enough to require hospitalization. Lets keep in mind: hospitalization is required for "weeks"!

    So we are facing more than a shortage! Actually, that shows we are not better than or on the level of Africa, an entire continent…
    It also says nothing about if those beds are suitable for isolation if we see highly infectious pple!

    And even if the calculations above are wrong, timelines of bed saturation will be reached within less than three to four weeks.
    The other part is: how fast can we produce masks and testkits. Not very fast at all! And even if we switch industries, raw materials are also not available to the USofA.

    Just like also to mention that, USofA government should keep also in mind that all countries go through this now all together, so we can't force trade in our favor!
    And consider also, how these two factors, beds and masks shortages, 
     compound each others severity! 

    Full hospitals + few masks + HCWs running around between beds without proper PPE we are on a very bad mix.

    Whats the way out? It's most likely too late to prevent a bad outcome for most countries, as most governments have failed entirely. And the USofA does not look much better at their current decision making.

    Locall hospitals will get swamped within two to three weeks, so a massive crises without proper management at hand – at least as we see here in the USofA. 

    Draconian measures maybe implemented – but at what result to change anything for the better?

    Secondly, at what costs? Overall, one must assume that all this has exposed an incredible degree of hubris, incompetence and a complete lack of human concern of care by the current government.

    The only way to shift the pendulum is that all Philanthropists, MoneyPlayers are donating all their cash to "monopolize" the leadership to and for  a 'One World One Action' "One Movement" plan, instead of me me me us us us first.
    But a 'One Movement Plan' is not meaning 'containing' and must be much more than just mitigating…
    $orry to say, but Trump isnt the best to lead for this necessary changes to make. And if there is no change in perception nor the ability to understand what the playbook requires here now, the USofA will pay a very very very high bill, a bill that will not only cost, but amputate the USofA severely

  46. Why all of a sudden they are trying to convince everyone how SAFE this crap is. But truth be known no one has any idea a who is behind their keyboards!!! It sounds like propaganda

  47. Remember your Opponents are waiting and closely following to find out whether your leadership will be corrupted please Mr President take care… Especially during this time of money distribution

  48. tRump is a poor person's idea of a rich man, a stupid person's idea of a smart man and a weak person's idea of a strong man. Which one are you or is it all three?

  49. Aw come on Trish, tell us about the Corona virus impeachment scam again love? as we surge past 20,000. Boy the lengths those nasty Democrats will go to  hurt poor Donny, no one could ever believe

  50. This virus is still spreading. Can you tell us how long it will last?
    There is no cure, can you tell us when there will be a cure?
    People are dying, can you tell us when they will stop dying?
    How exactly will get those Americans back? Will be an airplane or a spaceship?

  51. This Fauci guy has rank distain for the President it's on his arrogant face….Don't fall for it Mr. President, stick to your gut on this. Quinine has been safely in used since the 17th Century…Concentrate on the cures and building the immune systems of the American people. Fauci is protecting his deep state big pharma pals, he smiles and cups his brow when @POTUS mentions Deep State.

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