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Tracking Down the Internet’s Weirdest Performance Art – Tosh.0

(dramatic music) (balloons popping) (audience laughs) – What a prick. (audience laughs) Any man over 40 on
Instagram is weird and that weirdo is performance
artist Jan Hakon Erichsen. He has over 500 of these
artsy balloon snuff films. Real long winters in
Norway is my guess. (audience laughs) (balloons popping) (audience laughs) (balloon pops) (audience laughs) (balloons popping) (audience laughs) (balloon pops) (audience laughs) (balloon pops) (audience laughs) (balloons popping) (balloon pops) (audience laughs) (balloon pops) (audience sounds shocked) Time well spent. (audience laughs) Balloons aren’t his only medium, he also dabbles in dry pasta. (noodles snapping) (audience laughs) But mainly balloons. (audience laughs) (balloons popping) (audience laughs) (balloon pops) (audience laughs) (balloon pops) (audience laughs) (balloon pops) (audience laughs) (balloon pops) (audience laughs) (balloons popping) I see his work as a metaphor
about how all arts programs should be defunded immediately. (audience laughs) As a tribute to Jan, I decided to pop the most
erotic balloons of them all. (audience laughs) This is obviously an art piece about how sex has become
to safe in the work place. (audience laughs) Everyone knows that
the most exciting thing about intercourse is spending
the next three months terrified that
someone’s pregnant. (audience laughs) (dramatic music) Millions and millions of sad
people are spending their time watching other
people cut bar soap. (soap crunches) (audience laughs) I’m told this is
soothing and or relaxing. Honey, it’s better than
traditional whittling, with soap whittling, no splinters and your
hands smell amazing. (audience laughs) (soap crunches) When cutting something
slippery you always wanna slice towards the wrist, in a long
deep straight down motion. (audience laughs) Then take a warm bath. (audience laughs) Let your problems
just float away. (audience laughs) I made a soap cutting video
with my own personal bar soap. (audience laughs) (chainsaw revs) Pubs are natures loofah. (dramatic music) (glass dinging) This video’s almost
40 minutes long. (audience laughs) Pretty good way to get
everyone’s attention before you make speech. (audience laughs) That’s scnooleheletteletto
and he makes tons of long, painfully dull, almost
serial killer esk videos for seemingly no other
reason than to infuriate me, turn it off! (audience laughs) Is it art? How would I know? I grew up in Florida,
that’s why I asked you, the people who have always
have comments on everything, to critique his work in a new
segment called art twitic. (audience laughs) All right, let’s see how
you interpreted this. TheDS, empty and hollow, the
mindless repetition of life, ringing out for all to hear. Also wide and ceramic
like your mom’s vagina. (audience laughs) This is about (beeps) Obama
and his lack of authority when dealing with foreigners. (audience laughs) Next, this one is called
waffle falling over. (audience laughs) (waffle thuds) (audience laughs) Bush did 9/11. (audience laughs) Interesting piece right here. The waffle represents
the bourgeoisie and gravity is the proletariat. Powerful. (audience laughs) Joe writes, it’s a
waffle falling over. (audience laughs) The next piece is titled,
putting book on a bench. (footsteps) (book thuds) (audience laughs) Can we see that
again, in slow motion? No? Great. (audience laughs) What does it mean? Christianity has been benched. (audience laughs) We are outside now,
vulnerable and alone, unable to go on we
rest on a bench, waiting for night to take us. (audience laughs) My followers are
deep as (beeps). (audience laughs) The last selection from his
vast library of pointless work is touching door with baguette. (audience laughs) (baguette taps) (audience laughs) There are almost 82
million videos on YouTube, that might be the dumbest. (audience laughs) It represents the
struggles of opening a door while holding a baguette. It is very sad. (audience laughs) This represents the
growing cap between rich and poor in America. Only those with a little
bread can open doors. (audience laughs) That’s not bad. (audience laughs) (beeps) block metaphor, duh. (audience laughs) For real, mature art twitics.

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  2. Why aren't these people millionaires I mean I would donate to their Kickstarter or go fund me campaign… I mean they are all great ideas who wouldn't donate to get these products out there

  3. I do private performance art, for $5000, you get an actual signed piece by me, for $10k I'll actually show up and sign it.

  4. I do not do drugs or alcohol, and don’t play video games or anything, and I have to say this stuff is weird, like imagine this dudes video popping up on a screen in front of 70-80s people, probably look like a complete weirdo, America’s going in a weird direction

  5. Uhm, one weirder (same country), there's a performance art duo which squirt paint out of their butts and stuff. They get millions from the government, so Daniel is onto it. They should cut that funding, fucking ridiculous. Learn a real trade, ass-paint-squirter.

  6. Tosh my mom needs a house get me on the show.. I've been beaten by 50 pepole at the same time and survived…

  7. Watching on YouTube and the thumbnail above this is the AVGN when he had sideburns.
    Then I realized; Daniel hasn't done a season of sideburns, or has he and I missed it?

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