What is Dropshipping?

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  1. Americans you can't do nothing, is better you swallow as Iran's mistake and keep the mouth shut, and let the puppets do their job.

  2. Trump has tried to work with Iran. Where the heck is John Kerry? He is the one still talking to them!! Uranium production has already increased by Iran. Take them down.

  3. I am sorry, but the police force is no place for a woman. Why in God's name is this women's movement convincing these women (who are not equal to men, physically) that they need to be like men? RIP

  4. I'm gay for Trump love his personality love that he loves himself and that he's confident is probably the best president we've ever had

  5. but I want to know is who's going to pay for all that is not like 1 billion for a drone plane plus a billion dollars or more of that Obama gave them for free no questions asked on that one but at least with this I mean we lost it by then shooting us down so who's paying for all this is all I want to know like financially

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