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Top Productivity Apps for Working at Home

Hello folks, welcome back to the Keep productive YouTube channel today’s feature We’re going to be diving into the top tools that you could be utilizing whilst remote working I’m going to going through a range of categories that I think will be useful with everything that’s happening I think these tools might be useful for keeping things going but also keeping yourself calm and relaxed during the process So folks without further ado, let’s roll into today’s video Ok, so the first tool I wanted to mention is an app called Loom and there’s an alternative as well that I’d like to mention called cloud app Now the reason why I mention this first is because it is a great way for teams to communicate Without necessarily having to jump on a video call Every single time now the concept of loom and cloud app is to create these short screen recordings Demonstrating thump something that you’re talking about. Maybe it’s a bit of website design or a way or process of doing something No the great thing about doing these loom or cloud apps is you can share them instantly to someone through a Communication service you may use but what’s cool as well is as we’ll talk about later on you can add these short Processes into a wiki tool to help future employees learn and it almost helps to reduce Siloed information now lumen cloud apps aren’t only beneficial for those communicating with each other within a team They’re also beneficial to for communicating with customers. You can do webcam recordings of yourself, or explain something on a screen to someone without necessarily having to jump on a video call and Going into a bit more detail than you would making it quite personal as well. So you can download both of them They’ve both got free versions and they’re reasonably priced If you do want to go past the limits that they set but when I first started remote working This was one of the best ways to help reduce confusion about something quickly sending over a screen recording But I also used it with the community to explain a feature and to make it a bit more personal for them And actually going through process So guys as we go through this I’ll make sure to include a time-stamped list below with all of the app Okay So the second tools that I want to recommend or around communication now if you and your team don’t already Communicate through a communication tool like slack then I’d recommend it. Normally I don’t traditionally recommend slack There are other tools Microsoft teams is another good one, but there is one more that promotes something called asynchronous communication The asynchronous communication tool is an application called Twist and what it does is it creates threads? Of your conversations versus necessarily opening up to real-time Chat, like tools like slack and Microsoft teams do now of course, there are so many benefits to real-time Communication you can get something done as you’re talking there’s also a negative as well you for example would be focusing all your attention on that thing and You may have several conversations going on and it can be A bit of a time zapper and if for example that person is away You might not be able to get back to them and you might not be able to complete the task in time But with asynchronous communication it actually promotes more You respond in your own time as you complete certain tasks now I’ll actually include more details about this and also my review on twist But that’s the application that I go with and if I’m honest I much prefer Using it against slack because I can actually start Threads that are based on a piece of work that needs to get done which is more goal orientated But all of those tools, I’d recommend having as a remote worker, especially if you work with teams Okay. So number three this is something a lot of people don’t think of is having a wiki tool that allows him to capture all of this siloed Information now if you’ve gone remote or you’re working from home it sometimes can be tricky because you may miss out on bits of information Then it may be trapped inside of say slack or Microsoft teams And as you can imagine across a day that information is just stuck inside of that. It may be searchable. But at the same time So you want a guide or process on how to do something or use? What’s cool it’s thinking of having a wiki tool like notion slab or tetra? These are all really good wiki tools that they allow you to create this sort of Bank of information for you in your team So that you can continually add to it creating processes But also a guidebook for future employees that may join your company now many people currently use things like Microsoft SharePoint these notions lab and patata are more modern solutions. They’re a bit more attractive And of course they do have their pricing plans, but I’ll make sure to add them all below Ok, so number 4, I think when you’re working from home it can get a bit overwhelming particularly if you’re Doing work all day and you may not be as stringent on the time periods You work for example, some bosses may be pointing and saying you don’t have a commute anymore So you should work during your commute time or for example, they might continue messaging after say 5:00 p.m which is a traditional shutoff point so one of the best ways to separate yourself from work and Sort of enjoy the home is to do a bit of meditation and although this sounds a little bit cheesy it can help you Almost have a bit of buffer time. If you’re able to have that time to really separate yourself from work life so if for example You’re someone that struggles with separating himself from a working day then maybe at 5:30 Take some time with an application called oak meditation to spend maybe a fifteen minute meditation and After that, you’ll feel definitely more relaxed and ready to enjoy the evening and sort of take your mind away from work so there’s plenty of other ways that you could say reduce your impact of Working and sort of blending the two and they could be for example Making sure you don’t work in the bedroom. Try to work in a Space that has a lot of light coming in and also to get up routinely make cups of tea and enjoy the household but it’s also about association so you don’t necessarily want to spend your time on your laptop in the bedroom because then you’ll be going to sleep and you’ll be associating the two things work and Relaxing another great tool is 10% happier and I believe at the moment. They’re doing a Promotion, which will allow you to get some free access And also I know headspace is also doing some promotional plans at this time, okay? So number five is a really given tool It’s one that I’ve been using for a while and it zoom I always tend to use zoom above other tools The main reason behind that is because it’s got really reliable Connectivity it always seems to have consistent connection And the second thing is the recording Ability a lot of teams like to have their meetings recorded whether that’s just the audio or just having files available To them that they could potentially put inside of their wiki so that other team members can find it and be able to access it You can use the record feature and download whatever you finish with you could upload that to drive or another application that you may use So I recommend zoom conference and cool. It’s one I’ve been using for maybe three or four years now and find it consistently Reliable so number six is the use of podcasting or audio book networks And the main reason behind this is to give yourself something to focus on in the afternoons You may not necessarily want to do some reading Although reading is a great way to sort of break up the day getting five minutes to read When you have a break can be a great way just to sort of relax a bit more take a little bit of tension off And you could separate yourself for example go and sit down on the sofa and read but also work in Your office or kitchen wherever you find suitable but audible is a great way to Read audio books and sometimes when I’m working I have them playing over the top because I sometimes find that that information Sinks in as I’m doing a repetitive or easy task that I may be working on the other one I recommended is Castro Castro is a great podcasting application It helps to capture your podcast episodes in an inbox so you can process which ones you want to listen to and it’s great way to open your phone in the Morning, listen to a quick fifteen minute podcast. Maybe you want to use the same time You would be listening to podcasts as your commute time So you may want to keep the same and make sure you take advantage of that time Okay, so number seven and my final recommendation our password managers this something I’d actually didn’t invest in The first few years of being remote but over time It’s definitely become a lot more beneficial especially in the last six months If you want to use a password manager It’s a great way for you in your team to go to share passwords securely using the team plans to For example, give them access to the vault. I know there’s some great abilities in LastPass and one password at allowing you to share passwords with other people but without Worrying about security because it’s highly encrypted So those applications are really recommended and I think they’re a great investment Especially if you’re looking to get ready and share amongst a big team So folks my biggest recommendation for working from home is to take real care of yourself It’s important to maybe separate yourself from working life And if you’re brand-new to this, it can be really daunting But it believe me over time like a muscle you can train it and improve it so Definitely keep working at it each day. There’s a concept by James clear 1% progressive so you just look and focus on working 1% better every day and You’ll be fantastic in no time tomorrow I will be doing a live stream about 7 tips from working from home It will also give advice about managerial stuff But I’ll make sure to include that video if it’s already gone past that you can watch in the description below if you new here Folks, please do hit subscribe if you enjoyed this video Please do like it and share it with a colleague that you may want to recommend some of these applications but folks. Thank you So much and I look forward to seeing you all very soon. Cheers, everyone. Bye

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  1. Tools & Time Stamps 🌮
    0:34 – Loom – https://www.loom.com/
    0:36 – CloudApp – https://www.getcloudapp.com/
    2:43 – Twist – http://twist.com/
    4:39 – Notion – http://notion.so/
    4:41 – Tettra – http://tettra.com/
    6:03 – Oak – oakmeditation.com
    6:54 – Zoom – http://zoom.com/
    7:24 – Audible – http://bit.ly/2Yidp9K*
    7:34 – Castro – https://castro.fm/
    8:45 – LastPass – http://lastpass.com/
    8:50 – 1Password – http://1password.com/
    9:55 – 1% Rule by James Clear – https://jamesclear.com/the-1-percent-rule

  2. Hey man, love the growth over the time I followed you and want to give you some short feedback on this video. I am personally no fan of the light on the left side of the screen. Maybe ditch that for next video's.

    keep it up!

  3. Thank you so much for the tips for working from home. I've definitely used several of the ones recommended but I'm sure lots of others who have never worked from home will find this video helpful.

  4. Nice recommendations. I've picked up two. And nicely rounded, thinking of the whole work experience, not just hardcore productivity.

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