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The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Jennifer Garner)

-Hi, guys. This is an all-new episode of
“Tonight Show: At Home Edition.” My name’s Jimmy Fallon. Welcome, and I hope everyone
is doing the best they can. Today is Thursday, and we have Jennifer Garner
on the show tonight. Very excited to talk to her
and talk about her charity and what she’s doing
to help right now. She’s the best. Speaking of ways —
things to help, if you guys know
any of the elderly, any older people
that may need help, please call them, check on them,
see if they need anything. Deliver them food, if you leave
it outside their door, whatever they need, help. Help an old person. Not an old —
Help an old person. Yeah, help an elderly person,
yeah. Okay. Alright, speaking of help, I’m going to start the show
with a monologue and actually put up something that might help my jokes
land better. “And here he is! Jimmy Fallon!” [ Recorded cheers and applause ] Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very, very much. Welcome to “The Tonight Show:
At Home Edition.” Guys, this is our third show
from my house, and things are getting crazy. Today my kids joined SAG and
asked for their own trailers. [ Recorded laughter ] Of course,
we’re doing the show from here because of the pandemic, also because I’m on house arrest
for stealing a jet ski. [ Laughter ] That’s right. It’s day seven
of being quarantined. And you’ll know
I’m off my quarantine diet when I can no longer
fit down the slide. [ Laughter ] That’s a callback
from the other show. Listen to this —
Everyone should have a slide. I read that Emergen-C,
you know, the drink powder, they’re telling people to
not mix their product with booze to make Quarantinis. They were like,
“If you want a Quarantini, that’s NyQuil, DayQuil,
and a splash of Tide Pod.” [ Laughter and applause ] Just a message
to everyone at home, do not drink a Tide Pod
or mix that mix. Do not try this at home.
That was a joke. Back to the monologue. That’s right,
Emergen-C is warning people not to mix their product
with alcohol. Instead, they recommend people
do the responsible thing — chop it up into lines
and snort it. [ Crowd booing ]
Wow. Come on. But here’s some good news. Today is the first day
of spring. I don’t have a “yay”? Oh. “Yay!” Today’s the first day of spring. [ Recorded ] “Yay!” Yep, now Americans
get to play a fun game — allergies or coronavirus? Isn’t that fun? I saw that there is now a way people can virtually watch
Netflix with their friends. So if you couldn’t decide
what show to watch, maybe adding four other people
will help. [ Laughter ] Hey, this is interesting, people are now
watching YouTube videos to take virtual rides
of Disney attractions. It’s pretty realistic, actually.
Before you watch it, they still make you wait
3 1/2 hours. [ Laughter ] It’s actually very realistic,
because after you watch the — Sorry. It’s all wet. It’s actually very realistic, ’cause after you watch
the ride video, Disney sends you a bill
for $120. [ Laughter and applause ] And finally,
the federal government has pushed back a tax deadline
by 90 days. I think that’s a good idea, because, trust me,
once I run out of toilet paper, the next thing I’m grabbing
is a stack of 1040s. [ Laughter ]
You guys have been great. That’s our monologue.
Alright, thank you very much. Guys, now we’re going to do
a bit on our show called “Hashtags.” And this is a bit that requires
your help, as well. So thank you so much. I asked you to use the hashtag
#MyQuarantineInSixWords. And that was my example. I did, “Fine, you can
paint Daddy’s nails.” That was my example. #MyQuarantineInSixWords. Well, I was happy to say
it was worldwide trending. And it was trending in the U.S.
I think number two, if I — So that’s pretty great. So thank you so much
for playing the game and letting it trend.
That’s so cool. And I’m so happy that the world
watches our things. So now let’s get to “Hashtags.” Here is the first one.
This is #MyQuarantineInSixWords. Millemmial said,
“Day one: ate all the snacks.” That is so true.
[ Laughs ] We did the same thing, too. Just gone. Ice cream sandwiches. This is from @emily-tweets. “Longest day of my life,
everyday.” [ Laughs ] That’s good. This is from Rick, richachoubey. He says, “Yes, Netflix,
I am still watching.” Don’t even ask
at this point, Netflix. Get off my back. “Get off my back!” [ Recorded ] Get off my back! This one’s from stephmerritt88. “Flattening the curves,
fattening my curves.” [ Chuckles ] [ Laughs ] That’s a good one. Let’s do this one. “That was the one.
That was the one!” [ Recorded ] That was the one.
That was the one! This one’s from toriloomis9. She said, “Expelled my kid
from home school.” Well, I think that’s
pretty common right now. That’s a good one. [ Chuckles ] This is from MunaNawabit1. She said, “Very close
to befriending a volleyball.” [ Chuckles ] #MyQuarantineInSixWords. This one’s from mike-t-barrett. Says, “Funyuns for dinner.
Ok, breakfast too.” [ Chuckles ] That’s — Oh, this one’s from gumgumerson.
We love gumgumerson. Always sends us things.
Thank you, Gum. Gumgumerson says,
“Toilet paper is our god now.” [ Laughs ] I should say thank you
to our — my camera operator, my wife, Nancy. Thank you, Nancy…
-You’re welcome. -…for being there and
not laughing at not one joke. Alright, here we go. That was the one.
That was the one! This one’s from RyanLaBarge. He says,
“Is 7 Hot Pockets too many?” [ Chuckles ] The answer is no. Seven Hot Pockets
is not too many. This one’s from SusanPickover. Says, “This ends
in divorce or murder.” Oh, come on, now. [ Both laugh ] Come on, now.
That’s very funny. This one’s from ElCapitanSaucey. Oh, this is great. It says, “Is
upstairs neighbor a tap dancer?” [ Both laugh ] [ Recorded laughter
and applause ] We had a neighbor
upstairs in Brooklyn that would chop pills
every morning. And here’s our last one here
for “Hashtags.” Says, “There’s not enough wine
for this.” How true. That’s our “Hashtags,”
everybody. [ Recorded cheers and applause ] Thank you very much
for sending them in. Guys, I had the pleasure of talking
to the great Jennifer Garner. She’s an awesome actor. And her and her fellow actor
teamed up, Amy Adams, teamed up, and they did some amazing stuff. So let’s talk to Jennifer
right now. -Jennifer Garner,
you’re awesome. Thank you so much
for being a guest on our show. I just want to start off
by saying I hope you’re safe and everything’s okay as far
as these things are concerned. I know it’s crazy times,
but you were the first person to call to action after this,
you know — We self-quarantined,
I think, seven days ago. -Mm-hmm.
-And over the weekend, I’m trying to think of,
what am I gonna do? How can I do something
to help everybody? And I got a message
from you and Amy Adams. How did you get hooked up
with Amy? And explain, really, what the
charity is, ’cause I loved it. -Well, you’re the coolest. You were the first to jump on.
You and Reese. And, you know,
if Reese is on something, it’s like, oh, forget it —
it’s a movement. You know what I mean?
-Yeah, exactly. -But having you
made all the difference. So, Amy called me Friday night,
and she said, “I want to do something
to help feed kids who are stranded
with school closures.” ‘Cause, you know,
between 25 and 30 million kids in the United States
rely on school for food… and free and reduced lunches,
breakfast, backpack programs. I was just in a school
in Kentucky a couple weeks ago with Save the Children
where they opened their lunch at the end of the school day, and kids take home
cartons of food. So what’s happening
with those families, as well as kids
in urban settings? And I said, “Okay, I actually — If you really want to do this,
I can — Let’s do it.
I mean, let’s do it.” But it’s — it’s been kind of non-stop since then
and really great. It’s great to have a purpose
right now. -It’s a lot of work, though, I mean, to pull
something like this off. And you really did a great job. I tell everyone the website is savethechildren.org/
savewithstories. -Yes! -And we’ll put a chyron up here. So, it’s savethechildren.org/
savewithstories. And you have a bunch
of friends and people helping out,
reading books to kids. -People I’d never met before. Our community
is just so generous. And, so, just —
“How can I help? What can I do?” And we are getting rights
to books. So thank you
for loaning us yours. -I would read other ones, too.
Let me know. I’m down. -Oh, my gosh. Really?
Oh, yeah. Please. -Without a doubt. -Would you read
“Everything is Mama”? I love that book so much. -[ Laughs ] Two seconds.
I will do it right now. I cannot wait to do that. -Great! Okay. Good.
-I would love to do that. How are your kids — How are your kids
dealing with everything? -Thank you. I think I have
the perfect-aged kids for this. Because they’re big enough
to understand and to have the conversations — Like, we’re built for challenge.
We can do this. We’re a tough team. Let’s learn about
a vacuum cleaner. [ Laughter ] But they’re not so big
that they’re just like, “Well, I don’t care.
I’m gonna go…” You know, the hard thing
are teens and early-20s people and my parents. My parents are the hard ones.
-Yeah. -I’m like, “Dad, Mom, the world is shut down
to keep you guys safe.” And they’re like, “We think we’re going to go
to Sam’s Warehouse.” I’m like, “Oh, my gosh.”
-[ Laughs ] -“Stay here! Stay home!” -“Mom, you have to stay home!” -“God. You got to get
Amazon accounts. And they’ll send you stuff.” Everyone’s been going to Amazon. Now all of a sudden,
we have to stay in, and everyone wants
to go out and buy stuff. I’m like…
-I know! -It’s just kind of wild. You know, if you watch the news
and all this stuff, it’s kind of, you know —
it’s a downer sometimes. And, you know,
I know it’s a serious thing. But when you get to
just kind of turn the TV off and just hang out
with your family and do something or
just appreciate where you are and that you’re all together,
it’s kind of something — There’s something cool
about that. -It’s — I mean, I have food.
I have shelter. I have —
My kids have online school, so they are engaged
in different ways. We’ve been doing,
like, a family Skype with my sisters and parents
at night, or Zoom. So I have nothing to
complain about or worry about, and so it’s actually
been totally fine for me. We have a job to do.
We’re doing it. We’re staying home.
We’re flattening that curve. -I follow you on Instagram
and all your socials, and I do love following you. I love your cooking shows
that you do. What — What made you
want to do that? I mean, are you just a chef? -No, I’m not a —
I’m so far from a chef. But I learned to cook
by watching people cook. I’ve always been
a huge Ina Garten fan. “Barefoot Contessa.”
-Ohh. -And before that,
Martha Stewart. And I still love Martha Stewart.
But I love, you know — I’m just a food —
a cooking-show junkie, so I just want to —
-Did you like — My grandma used to read me — She would just give me, like,
a cookbook when I was a kid, and I used to just spend hours
just looking at the pages and just staring. And I would go over and hang out
with my grandma all the time and just look at a cookbook. And even if I didn’t cook it,
I’m like, “That looks good.” You know, I would try
to look at the recipes. So I always kind of liked it,
I think, from my grandmother. -Yeah, I do too. I always have
a cookbook by my bed at night. It’s like what I —
what I read to fall asleep. -[ Laughs ]
That’s the best. -But yesterday we had —
my kids wanted hamburger buns. And we had turkey meat. They wanted hamburger —
turkeyburgers, whatever. And so I just looked it up
and made them. And they were happy,
and I felt, like, “Whoo!” -You made hamburger buns? -It’s not that hard.
It’s just a roll. -Really?
-You could do it. -Oh, my gosh.
-I mean, you guys could do it. -Alright, I’m gonna do it
and I’ll get back to you and I’ll find you
and I’ll do them. -Okay. -The other thing I wanted to say
is the #Jenlookatme. -#Jenlookatme. -Yeah, there’s a whole thing
going on — #Jenlookatme. How did you come up with that
and how — did you — are you happy with what you saw? -Oh, I mean, ’cause you
really think about it and who is this —
who is this impacting? Who’s having to give up
the most to stay inside? And it’s performers. And it’s kids
who don’t understand, who are stuck at home,
who should be — who’ve worked really hard. Think about when we drop out of
the Olympics and those athletes, it’s just like, well, too bad. But for kids
who are about to do “Frozen” or who are about to do —
I don’t know. It’s a really big deal. And high school seniors
and they’re just college seniors who just — the rest of
their senior year is canceled. So any way we can lighten things
for them, and it’s so fun for me
to watch at the end of the day. It’s really fun. -I thought maybe we could end
this interview by doing a little thing
from #Jenlookatme. You used to play in high school,
right? -Oh, my gosh. Yes. -There’s got to be something — Is there something lying around
the house? What did you play again?
Was it — Was it a horn? [ Laughs ] -Do you mean Sally the sexy
saxophone, you flat alto? From 5th grade? -Wow, calling it out! What do you — what do you —
This is going to be so fun. What do you think we could play?
Because I have my guitar. -First of all, I cannot believe
you had Lin Manuel yesterday singing “Dear Theodoja,”
by the way. I mean, come on. -Isn’t he unbelievable? Right?
He’s amazing. -You are unbelievable.
-But this is gonna be fun. I don’t think anyone’s really
seen Jennifer Garner play the saxophone, and this is
gonna be super exciting. -I played on the “Donny & Marie”
show 20-plus years ago. But I don’t know.
-Did you really? That’s fantastic!
I love Donny and Marie! -Love Donny and Marie. Little bit country,
little bit rock ‘n roll. Okay, alright, you ready? -Wait, hold on. Wait, hold on, I’m getting
an intruder. Yes? -Daddy, how do I change
my character? -You got to give me
five minutes, okay, bud? Then I’ll be right in there.
-[ Laughs ] -Okay. Alright, wait, we’ll do it. -They all wanted to come in, and I was just like, “Don’t you
have online school?” -[ Laughs ] Exactly, just like go,
run, run, run. How about —
Should we do “Happy Birthday”? Can you do that? Or no? -A hand-washing song?
-Yes. We should do
a hand-washing song. ♪♪ I think I’m going to let
you solo on this. -Jimmy, no. -I’ll do percussion.
I’ll do percussion. -Will you sing? Will you sing? -Yes, for you,
I will do anything. Yes, of course. -A one, a two.
A one, a two. -Wait, do I sing the lyrics
to “Happy Birthday”? -You can sing whatever you want. -Okay.
I’ll switch it up a little bit. Here we go.
-Yeah, switch it up. I can’t sing and play
at the same time. -[ Laughs ]
That’s the next episode. -Alright.
-Here we go. ♪ Happy birthday,
wash your hands ♪ ♪ Happy birthday,
wash your hands ♪ ♪ Wash your hands,
wash your hands ♪ ♪ Wash your hands
and don’t touch your face ♪ Yes! Come on!
-Yay! -The greatest. Jennifer Garner,
you are awesome. Guys, go to the website savethechildren.org/
savewithstories. There’s another thing
you can do. What’s the other thing
you can do? -Okay, you can also text
the word “save” to 20222 for a one-time $10 donation. -Come on. How easy is that? Do it right now, guys.
Get your phones out. Phones are probably already out. Just do it, guys. Text “save.” Let’s do it. -You’re the best. -You’re the best, buddy.
I’ll talk to you soon. -I love everything you’re doing.
I’ll talk to you soon. Thank you so much. -Thanks so much,
Jennifer Garner. Hey, guys, I bought a tent for my daughters to play
in the yard with. Someone on Twitter told me that was a fun thing
that their kids did. So — I’m not — I don’t camp. I’m not a camper.
I’ve read magazines. They look like —
it looks like fun. And I really did my research
and got a pretty decent tent, I think, and it arrived today
from Amazon. And — so let’s go —
let’s go watch me pitch a tent. Okay, I’m about to attempt
to put together a tent. I did a lot of research. I went to a lot of tent
websites. Tent blogs, Tent Talks. And I found, I think I found
the right one, which is the Coleman Elite
with — I don’t know if that’s
the name of it. I’m not a camper at all. I’m from — I was born
in Brooklyn, New York. My parents are from Brooklyn.
They don’t know how to camp. They would never go outside
at nighttime. But I’m going to try to put
this up for my kids. I think I got too big of a tent. It’s like —
this is like 100 pounds. So I’m imagining myself
if I was camping, what I would have with me,
and that’s a knife. Look at this knife.
It’s unbelievable, right? That’s a — yeah,
it’s a scary knife. Oh, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no. Even though the box says
“do not cut,” how else am I going to open
this thing? I mean, please. Oh, I did cut into something. 20-minute setup?
That’s nothing. I can do that.
Fits that… I mean, I have a family of four,
but I figure we can make room. Look at how he’s all exhausted,
that kid. Dad’s like, “Go to bed.” 20 minutes? Wish me luck. Find the zipper on this. Oh, you’re kidding me.
Another box? I got to cut this one open, too. 20 minutes, what do you — That’s another bag. This is like a little bag.
Probably for people to hold beers when they’re
putting this together. This is 20 minutes? 20 minutes?
Can I do this in 20 minutes? All right, let’s start
the clock now. Here we go. Three bags, kind of, four bags? Very possible. I can do this.
Very possible. All right, so I saw the
instructions here but also in back I was
looking how to do it, and it’s in Spanish. And so I feel like
that’s a problem. I’m going to have
to call Lin back. But then I saw there’s
one in English. Here we go. All right, layout of tent
looks pretty good. And now I’m going to stake,
put stakes in the — in the position of where
I want this to go. But I don’t have a hammer,
so I’m going to use the end of the knife. I should get a hammer, right?
Gosh. I have a hammer here. I got this for my wife
years ago. She’s very crafty, but — I forget who makes it
but it says “Hard Core Hammers” on top. I don’t think that’s
where I went. In fact, don’t Google
“Hard Core Hammering.” Okay, so I got all the stakes
into the ground. And I didn’t even have to use
the hammer. I just used my hands. But I will use that knife
for some good steaks — [ Laughter ]
For over at the Chop House. “I’d like a steak, please. I’ll have it…medium, because it’s very rare when
it’s well done here.” [ Laughs ] Oh, my gosh. Rare when it’s well done. Oh, God. What do you guys think? Good posish? -Great posish. -What do you think?
You excited? -Can I open this box up? -Sure. All right, so I’ve been here
for probably an hour and a half now. And that’s what I have so far. No clue what I did wrong.
Okay. But gonna keep trying. ♪♪ I think I did it. That’s as good as
I’m going to get. I’m out of breath. I’m out of breath doing that.
I got to clean all that up. All right, back to you. And I don’t even know
if this is usable. I think it’s going to rain once,
and that’s end of this thing. Thank you again.
Please check out the website savethechildren.org/
savewithstories. If you’re on
the YouTube account, please hit the “donate” button
right there and it’ll be great. It’ll change a lot
of people’s lives. I want to thank you so much
again for watching. Thank you to Jennifer Garner
for being my guest. Thank you to my tent which will
probably fall down and blow in the wind. And thank you to Franny
for doing the logo for my show. And also for playing
a little musical accompaniment. Guys, wash your hands,
don’t touch your face. Stay safe.
Good-bye, everybody! -[ Giggles ] [ Laughing ]
-Whoa! -Yeah! [ Laughter ] [ Birds chirping ]

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