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The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (J Balvin)

-Yeah. [ Birds chirping ]
-Hi, everybody. This is “The Tonight Show:
At Home Edition.” I’m in my tent, obviously. And this is the logo. Clearly, this was drawn
by Frannie. Was she distracted today? -[Laughs] I mean what is this? What is this at all? She was clearly like
ready for a treat. You know, like,
“Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.” Anyway, it should say,
“The Tonight Show
starring Jimmy Fallon,” but I don’t know
what she wrote down there. Tapings?
Anyways. Tonight’s show,
we’re Zooming in with J Balvin, who has a new album out,
called “Colores,” and his charity is familiesbelongtogether.org and domestic workers.org. That is who he’s working
closely with right now and that’s who
we’ll be discussing later, as well as his brand-new album,
which is awesome. I’m listening to “Amarillo”
as we speak. Guys, I’d like to do
the monologue tonight. I’d like to start off with that. I want to thank my camera
operator, my wife, Nancy, who has maybe laughed
at three jokes -[Laughs]
-this whole week, so, fantastic. That’s support right there.
Thank you, honey. Alright. Here we go.
[ Clears throat ] Welcome to “The Tonight Show:
At Home Edition” — Tented Edition.
Well, guys, we made it to the end of week 1
in self-quarantine. So far, our spirits are high and our wine supply is low. -[Chuckle]
-Listen to this. I read that breweries
across the country are turning beer
into hand sanitizer. But be careful
with Coors Light sanitizer ’cause there’s not enough
alcohol in it to do anything. [ Laughter ] But here’s some good news. It’s officially spring,
and it was over 70° today. It was nice.
People everywhere were walking around
in their seersucker face masks. -[Chuckle]
-This is great — In France, a quarantined man ran
a marathon inside his apartment. Yep, everyone was excited
for the guy, except for the people living
in the apartment right below him. “What are you doin’ up there,
Jean-Luc?” That’s right,
a man ran an entire marathon in his apartment.
By the end, his nipples were
socially distant from his chest. [ Laughs ] Officials are warning people
to stop flushing Lysol wipes ’cause they’re damaging
the sewers. Yep, the only thing Americans
should flush is toilet paper and senators who profited
off the virus. I saw that a restaurant
in Minnesota is offering a free roll of toilet paper with every takeout order
over $25. That’s way better
than my plan — running into Chipotle
and stealing 10,000 napkins. Everyone’s going nuts
for toilet paper. It used to be, when you’d walk
around with toilet paper stuck to your shoe,
people would laugh. Now, they dive for it. “It was mine!
I saw it first!” And, finally, I read that
drive-in movie theaters are becoming more popular. [ Thunder rumbles ]
People are going to drive-ins, eating TV dinners, and calling each other
on the phone. Man, this is gonna be
the best summer of 1955! [laughs] That’s our
monologue, everybody. Welcome to “The Tonight Show:
At Home Edition.” I’m in my tent.
Would you like to see my tent? Come on.
Come on in my tent. It only took me
four hours to build. Oh. This is it. This is our tent right here. Clearly, the girls took it over and made it
into a fun clubhouse. Coleman said it should take me
20 minutes to put this together. [baritone] They lied! Because it took me
about 2.5 hours. But, anyway. It is dry, and it did
rain last night, so, props to Coleman on that. It’s pretty roomy.
I actually — I love it. The more I’m in it, I felt like I built somethin’, you know? I accomplished something. And this episode is gonna be
intense [in tents] because I am in a tent! [ Laughs ] Nothing from Nancy. Alright.
-[Laughs] [ Funk sting plays ] Today is Friday
and that’s also a time where I write out
my thank-you notes. And I was very busy this week,
clearly, with everything, so, if you guys don’t mind,
I’d like to write my weekly thank-you notes
right now. Thank you so much.
James — Uh, Frannie, could I get some thank-you note writing
music, please. ♪♪ That’s fantastic. Good job. Winnie, are you gonna
help me, too? Thank you, flattening the curve. You can show the photo. For also — Ready? -Mm-hmm.
-Thank you, flattening —
-Wait. -One?
-No, not yet. No. That’s good.
You’re doing good. Thank you, flattening the curve,
for being the reason why we’re all staying home and also a great slogan
for Spanx. Spanx: Flatten your curves.
-[Laughs] -Alright.
Now, this one — Oh! Oh, just this.
That goes up here. Frannie, more music. ♪♪ Thank you, home schooling, for basically being
20 minutes of work and 6 hours of “educational”
Disney movies. That one can go down. ♪♪ Alright. -[Laughs] ♪♪
Thank you, Zoom video conferencing,
for letting me pretend that me and my coworkers
are starring in a really boring episode
of “The Brady Bunch.” ♪♪ Thank you,
grocery store shelves,
[ Music stops ] for showing us that,
even in an emergency, no one’s gonna buy prune butter. Music. ♪♪ Thank you, my dog Gary, -[laughs]
-and congrats on being promoted to a full-time
emotional support animal. [ Laughs ]
♪♪ What are you doing? -[Laughs] I need to go — -What? No, you gotta
do this thing over here. -[Laughs]
-Thank you —
[ Music fades ] Frannie, just press — You know when to press, right? Yeah.
[ Intermittent music notes ] Thank you, wi– Thank you,
wiping down doorknobs, for making me realize — for making me realize that,
before I cleaned you, a total — Sorry.
♪♪ Thank you,
wiping down doorknobs, for making me realize
that, before this, I cleaned you
a total of zero times. ♪♪ Damn. Great.
Thank you, self-quarantine, for teaching me things
I didn’t know about myself, like how I’m unable
to resist the urge to eat 12 cans of peaches. ♪♪ -[Laughs]
Thank you, “Cats” On Demand, for now being able —
On Demand — in these crazy times,
finally, a dose of sanity. ♪♪ -Hello-o-o! -Finally, thank you
to all the heroes helping us get through this — doctors, nurses,
first responders, service workers,
delivery drivers — and all you guys at home, for doing your best
to hang in there. We’re gonna get through this. Thank you so much. Those are our thank-you notes. Let’s go talk
to J Balvin on Zoom. [ Cheering and applause ] -[Laughs] -Great job. [ Funk sting plays ] -Hello.
-Yeah, my man! [laughing] Come on.
-My man! -You are the best, dude. -Come on, bro.
Happy to see you. -Thank you so much
for doin’ this. I appreciate this. A lotta people are gonna
appreciate this. -Where you at right now?
What’s that room? [ Laughter ] What you gonna do now? -It’s almost like
a tree house room. -[laughs]
Where are you, for real? Is that a set? -No, I’m not on a set.
This is my house. -No!
Let me see what’s that. It’s like a camo vine. Okay.
-Alright, man. Okay, okay, okay. -[Laughs]
-Where you at? -Where am I talking to you from? Are you in Colombia? -In Colombia, yeah. -Wow! What is the scene over there?
How is everything? -I mean, you know, like we had “a little more time,” while they were checking
everything that happened in China, then Spain,
and, now, U.S. So, we’re really going
fast here, like taking, really,
precautions. We’re already doing quarantine,
you know, and we just got a few cases.
Like 100, right? 100 cases now. -Wow.
-So, this is crazy. -It really is.
-First time we live this, right? -Yeah. Exactly. And you’re there in your house, that’s where you are? -Yes.
I’m in my house right now. -It’s beautiful.
This is the house that you call your temple? Is that correct?
-No. It’s another one close to here. -Oh.
-We create a gym. We did a gym here. -Oh! I would use none of that. [ Laughter ] I would use absolutely none
of that. Wow! That is fantastic. Hey, speaking of fantastic, congratulations on your
new album, “Colores.” -Thank you. -Yeah, let me see that cover. Put it right on the screen.
I love this. -There you go. -Now, every single
that you’ve been putting out, I notice you have
a different flower and I go, “I wonder if that’s like a theme
that you’re gonna do.” How’d you come up
with the flower theme? -Yeah, this is a collaboration
that I did with Master Murakami, which is a great artist
from Japan. -Oh, yeah. -So, it’s beautiful that we
had the chance, you know. Like the name of the album
is “Colores,” so, you know, what other best way,
to have flowers and represent different colors,
you know? And we create
a lot of different flowers and we just wanted
to like level it up. He even did myself right here. -[Laughing] That is fantastic. What color is your hair,
by the way, right now? -Right now? Blue with white. -[laughing] Yeah. -Yeah.
-That’s what I’m talkin’
about, buddy. I know you’re always
keeping it real. No, it’s cool. If you go
through the track listings, can I try to guess? ‘Cause my Spanish is okay. -Okay.
-But I can try to guess what color it is, if you
tell me the track listing. -Amarillo. -That’s what I’m listening to,
right now, “Amarillo,” by you. That’s yellow. -Yes. Yes. Okay. “Azul.” -Azul? Blue. -uh-huh.
What are you reading now? You have your cellphone
right there with you, checking the different —
-No, no, I swear, I swear, I swear.
I’ll look right at you. -Okay. “Rojo.” -Red. -Okay.
-Do I look crazy? -Okay, okay, okay. ¿Qué sigue? “Negro.” -Negro, uh, uh, black. -Yeah. “Rosa.” -Rosa, so it’s not rojo. It’s rosa.
That’s pink? -Pink!
Yes, sir! Yes, sir. “Gris.” -Gris. -It sounds like
in English, “grease.” -Gri– Gray? Gray? Gray?
-Yes, yes, gray. Okay. -I’m freakin’ out. -“Verde.” -Verde is green. Love verde. -Yes, sir. Yes, sir. -I love that.
I remember learning Spanish and that was my word.
I love verde. -“Blanco.” -Blanco is white. -Yes. And “Arcoiris.” -Say it again.
-Arcoiris. You remember the last time
I was on the show? You said arcoiris 20 times.
-Yeah. -Arcoeres. I did say it.
Wait. I did say this. Don’t tell me. Don’t tell me.
Don’t tell me. I remember this.
What was it again? It was arcoiris and you
taught me how to say it. Rainbow!
[clapping] Rainbow, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow. [ Laughs ] “Colores”!
Oh, my gosh. That’s right.
You taught me that last time. I love it.
-Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. -J, everyone has been
bringing their charity that they’re
working closely with when they come on the show, so thank you
for doing this show. But the charity that you’re
working with right now is Families Belong Together.
-Yeah. -And they’re a part of the National Domestic Workers
Alliance. But what is
Families Belong Together and what are they saying? -I mean, you know, it’s like
they take care of the kids that were, you know,
separated by, you know, their parents, you know, through all these
immigration laws. So they’re kids without family. -Yeah. And this is —
How long — When did you get involved
with these guys? -We got involved with them since we started the album “Colores” because I wanted to, like,
give hope to the world and give colors,
and that’s why we — You know, that’s why
we working together because, you know,
I’m Latino, you know? And I used to —
I’m an immigrant. You know what I’m saying?
Like, I’m not from the States, but I used to, you know,
try to work in U.S., and, um,
I understand how it feels. So that really, you know —
It really hurt me a lot because when you see —
basically when you see U.S., if I’m not mistaken,
it’s a country of immigrants. You know, it’s a lot of people
from all over the world, you know? And it’s hard to me to see
all these kids being separated, you know, from their parents
because of the immigration laws. You know, and it’s just like —
It’s just crazy to me. That’s why we’re supporting this
and we working together. Giving some hope, you know? -Speaking of “Colores,” one thing that Families
Belong Together are doing, if you follow @colorWOborders… they have
a coloring book for kids. So if you’re looking
for your kids — People — Anyone watching this
looking to spend time with their kids
just to do something, you can get this coloring book. And in the coloring book,
they have no borders. There’s no lines.
-Exactly. -I thought that was pretty cool.
-Exactly. You know, we drawing these
flowers full of happiness, you know, and coloring them. -Yeah, or you can
get your kids to — Do you know
those guys behind you? -[ Laughs ] Yes. Yes. [ Laughs ] -You blink at me if you’re
being held hostage, okay? -No, no. I’m good. I’m good. [ Laughter ] -You know, the one thing
I wanted to say to you is you were supposed to
release the record, your album on Friday, but yet you released it early
on Thursday. -Yeah. -You were trending all night
last night. Why? -Yeah, it’s been trending
worldwide on Twitter and trending worldwide
on YouTube. You know, just, like, amazing
and the different charts. It’s just like —
I wanted to do it because people right now are really
desperate at their houses. You know, kids, they follow us. You know, I know that this is not the regular time
to drop an album because everything
goes, like, “against” what normally works
when it comes to marketing. But I was like, “You know, I’m gonna stop being a
competitor for a second for real and just give light
and give colors to the people that are right now
in their houses, feeling a little frustrated.” So I was like, “You know,
let’s drop this album right now and just
let’s give them colors.” Let’s give them hope, give them
you know, a different vibe that they can just, like,
feel it. So that’s why we did it. -You really did,
and we really appreciate it. And everyone does. That’s why
you’re obviously trending. It’s because we love you. Thank you so much
for doing this. Congrats on the album.
It’s awesome. And right now “Amarillo”
is what I’m thinking right now. It’s a perfect song
for right now. -“Amarillo,” my G. That’s why you
have to listen right now. And all the different colors
of the album. And I’m grateful… for always being
so kind with me, and I hope to see you real soon. -We will. We will. We got this. -Yes, sir.
-Thank you, bud. -Love, my G. Take care. Bye. -Hey, guys. Quickly, I did this
thing on the “Today” show. They were nice enough
to have me on yesterday. And, again,
props to everyone over there — Savannah and Hoda and everyone,
Al and Craig, and everyone
that’s working so hard there. We all need you, and we really
appreciate what you’re doing. As I was talking to them,
I was trying to cheer them up, and I said we should have
a cow-bell challenge, and I took a cow bell,
and I hit it. I said just to be loud
at 3:00 in the afternoon. Go out your windows
or your front doors and just bang pots and pans
just to make sure all the first responders
and nurses and healthcare workers
and doctors and teachers and everyone out there
knows that we’re loud. We want to thank them,
and we want to support them. I did it pretty fast. I don’t know
if anyone heard me say it. But today I figured — I told everyone to do it
3:00 Eastern time. I might as well do it. So I went out with my kids
to our bathroom window, and we started banging pots
and pans, and it was fun. And what really struck me
is that, at the end, I asked everyone to do it
for one minute. And so we just stopped
for a second, and I could hear
three different neighbors from my neighborhood
banging pots and pans. Listen. They’re all banging. [ Distant banging ]
-Did you hear that? [ Distant banging ] -It just made me feel like —
It just made me feel real good. So thank you for doing that. And, really, thanks
to everyone I just listed. Um, you guys
are doing amazing work. Alright. Back to the show. [ Guitar strums ] Okay, guys. I’m gonna end the
show tonight with a tiny song. This one’s called “Cooped Up.” ♪♪ ♪ Cooped up, locked in,
stuck inside ♪ ♪ Got no place to go ♪ ♪ Everyone I know is home
like a snowstorm with no snow ♪ ♪ Tryin’ my best to be cool,
no one likes a grouch ♪ ♪ But right when
I sit down to read ♪ ♪ I hear, “That’s my side
of the couch ♪ ♪ You’re on my side
of the couch” ♪ [ Singing indistinctly ] ♪ Everybody needs some space,
everyone needs support ♪ ♪ So I’m gonna do my part ♪ ♪ Dad’s making a tent ♪ ♪ This is a tent just for Dad ♪ ♪ No one’s allowed in my tent ♪ Except you guys. And you.
-[ Laughs ] ♪♪ -My thanks again to J Balvin.
Check out his album “Colores.” And I want to thank you all
for watching. This weekend, let’s all try
to look after each other, okay? We’re gonna get
through this together. Stay tuned for an encore
“Tonight Show” performance of “The Tonight Show”
subway special with BTS. The whole thing is on a subway,
and it ends — With BTS. We take the subway all through
New York, and at the end, it ends with an epic performance
from BTS in Grand Central. You do not want to miss it. You’ve never seen
anything like it. Thank you guys so much.
Have a great weekend. I will see you on Monday. Wash your hands.
Don’t touch your face! [ Laughing ] [ Children laughing ]

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