What is Dropshipping?

The Real Reason People Are Buying A Bunch Of Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is disappearing around the globe,
and nobody is taking it sitting down. The New York Post reported that it has triggered
fistfights in supermarket aisles in Australia, where one family inadvertently contributed
to the crisis by ordering 48 boxes of toilet paper instead of 48 rolls, roughly 12 years’
worth. “Now she’s sitting comfortably on more than
2,000 rolls.” The BBC reported on an audacious armed robbery
at dawn in Hong Kong. And in Japan, Sora News said that one shopkeeper
decided the only way to protect his restroom from desperate toilet paper thieves was to
draw up traditional curses to protect his stash of spare loo rolls. All over the world news of the potentially
widespread COVID-19 coronavirus infection has sent folks to supermarkets and drugstores
looking to hoard essentials from face masks and hand sanitizers, to non-perishable food
items like canned goods, oat milk, ramen…and, yes, toilet paper. Shoppers in different countries were driven
by different reasons for buying out toilet paper. In China, folks who had no access to surgical
masks went for toilet paper because, as Australian academic Nitika Garg said, “There’s a thinking that toilet paper can
be substituted for tissues and napkins and to make makeshift masks.” In Taiwan, toilet paper flew off the shelves
because there were rumors that the island’s paper stocks were being used to make surgical
masks, which would subsequently affect toilet paper supplies. Authorities later had to deny that this was
the case. In the case of countries like the United States,
Canada, and Australia, panic-buying and the need to hold on to as much toilet paper one
can carry is most likely driven by fear of the unknown, not by any proven or actual need
for more toilet paper. Clinical psychologist Steven Taylor explained
to CNN, “When people are told something dangerous
is coming, but all you need to do is wash your hands, the action doesn’t seem proportionate
to the threat. Special danger needs special precautions.” It doesn’t help that news reports showing
empty shelves urge people to believe that they’re missing out if they don’t go out and
get more toilet paper right now. “There is an element of where you actually
do get drawn into that, a psychology where you might fear like you may miss out. A fear of missing out.” In Ireland, shoppers admitted to The Irish
Times that all the panic-buying was admittedly over the top, but they were doing it anyway. Researchers at INSEAD Singapore, where the
city’s toilet paper supplies were compromised early on in the crisis, said the panic-buying
there was also driven by an element of retail therapy; except instead of spending money
on the latest gadgets and fashion, folks bought useful items as shopping for those things
reinforced their sense of control over the crisis. People are also spurred by the idea that a
community coronavirus outbreak could result in quarantine or a lockdown, which will impose
restrictions on their freedom of movement. Psychologist Baruch Fischhoff told CNN: “Unless people have seen…official promises
that everyone will be taken care of, they are left to guess at the probability of needing
the extra toilet paper, sooner rather than later. The fact that there are no official promises
might increase those probabilities.” More than anything else, there is a need to
have a sense of control over a situation whose outcome no one can currently predict, and
buying toilet paper could be one way of getting to grips with an unknown. Fischhoff said: “Depending on how people estimate the chances
of needing the toilet paper, the hassle might be worth it. If it gave them the feeling that they had
done everything that they could, it might free them to think about other things than
coronavirus.” But for some folks who think a lockdown is
imminent, the fact that they went all out to build their toilet paper stash was totally
worth it. Frank Farley, former president of the American
Psychological Association told CNN: “[The novel coronavirus] is engendering a
sort of survivalist psychology, where we must live as much as possible at home and thus
must ‘stock up’ on essentials, and that certainly includes toilet paper. After all, if we run out of [toilet paper],
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  2. Yeah they are so afraid they are just going to crap their pants every stinkin day .. that's why they bought up all the toilet paper … go figure … There are other ways to get cleaned up … like the bathroom/shower … many cultures in the east do that.

  3. Bruh If you want to stay safe. Just be like the 2019 days. We are gonna die anyways. -_-
    And if you run out of toilet paper just use a cat.

  4. The Chinese brought the swine flu into our country australia now this virus also why is our government letting them into our coutry

  5. Use water 💦 instead of toilet paper. Install jet spray in your bathroom. You will never get worried about toilet paper.

  6. These people just hoard everything it’s not fair for people who actually need toilet paper. Such as water too.

  7. I suppose if people run out of toilet paper they could use kleenex to wipe their bum after a bowel movement. Anyway here retailers are limiting how many rolls of toilet paper people can buy at once.

  8. There is a website called TheDamienZone.com and on the front page this week, a psychologist named Sheldon Hartunis, a guy people know from Ancient Aliens shows, talks about toilet paper hoarding and how it relates to primitive human behaviour. I found it to be very interesting.

    Me: Just use a toilet bidet or a tabo (Filipino) 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  10. The real virus is the fact that our media can cause our entire country to shut down and crash our economy. And that we are too dependent on China. China caused the world to shut down. And they are controlling the flow of our every day goods.

  11. Folks, you must learn to use water to wash your bottom after using the toilet. This will reduce the need to use toilet paper.

  12. I live in South Korea

    The virus began from the beginning here

    but we have less patients than other countries that had the virus later than us.

    cause almost 80 % of the papulation here wear masks all day long

    but iam shocked to see you people not wearing masks

    pls just wear mask all day long while you are outside
    and wash hands before touching ur faces

    that's it

    Stop worrying
    Stop panic buying

    Just wear masks until you get back to your own place

  13. How funny! Seems like most countries at least have SOME actual REASON for buying so much. Here in the U.S. and in Canada, we just do it because we’re too dumb to know better!🤣 As for alternatives, anyone ever heard of a shower?

  14. What makes me mad is that they would buy so many things that make other people struggle to find food, water, toilet paper, and maybe more like come on this isn't a zombie apocalypse


  16. When there is an outbreak

    Everybody around me: Get the toilet paper and soap!

    Me: just buys every pack of doritos in the store.

  17. Lmao that bitch that bought 48 boxes of rolls must be loaded if she didn't notice the price difference between 48 rolls and 48 boxes.

  18. Many people in Australia believe that all of Australia's toilet paper comes from China, which is closing many factories resulting in a shortage of toilet paper. Only about 40% comes from China. The rest is made in Australia, and no shortages are expected. Our factories are working overtime. Stupid people.

  19. During the 2019 flu season in the US, over 60,000 people died.
    To date, only about 80 people have died of the corona.
    Media hype is driving this!!! They lie about everything!!! They sell fear!!!

  20. why not just switch to a bidet LOL costs 40$ to wipe your ass with water, and keeps forever. you could still even use toiletpaper, but need way way less.

  21. This whole debacle has made my job as a cart pusher that much harder. Since people need shopping carts when purchasing multiple items, the amount of carts that get put in the cart corral or even just thrown off where ever has more than tripled since last week. We can barely keep the cart bay filled now.

  22. why are people wasting people on TOILET PAPER?? ok, i'll allow you to buy it but some people ACTUALLY need it unlike y'all weirdos smh

    the cases in my country are rapidly growing yet i don't see anyone fighting over toilet paper

  23. Watch this go away in a month or two and people will have enough toilet paper to last them a couple years or so. Also tons and tons of hand sanitizer. Apparently people have forgotten that we are most likely not gonna lose water so if we really get that desperate we could essentially just wash off whenever we use the bathroom.

  24. Number 1
    That is killing tress and destroying earth
    Number 2
    How are you going to live without any food
    Number 3
    You can’t use toilet paper cause you can’t poop. Cause your not eating anything.
    Number 4
    We should share so that everyone could have a safe life and stop the corona virus

  25. And yet, NONE of these people considered buying soap? When doctors and the CDC said washing your hands is one of the keys to lower the chance of getting it? Smh

  26. Luckily, here in the Philippines we don't really hoard on toilet paper. Rice,tins,alcohol and sanitizer are gone in shelves like a brink of an eye!

  27. was told at a dr office that like medical supplies and actual medicines, we in usa depend on china supply chain for TP –wow !

  28. No but seriously do you guys know the real reason why people are hoarding toilet paper? It's a psychological reason.

  29. The reason people are buying so much toilet paper is because the media is scaring the crap out of them. Seriously, the media 🤦‍♀️

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    “ Home Defense and Fortification with Bog Roll “
    Hit me up !

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