What is Dropshipping?

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  1. Steven Colbert who makes $15,000,000 a year, is one of the last people on earth I would trust on anything related to my interest as a working class citizen. I just got laid off at my work because of the 'so called' corono virus pandemic until further notice. My boss advised me to go to unemployment office for the time being. I went there, but the un-employment office was also closed for the same reason. If Bernie is not the nominee, I will probably vote for trump. The hell with these "panicy" democ-rats.

  2. There's a definite gonna surge of newspaper and magazine subscription since they can use as toilet and tower papers.

  3. No, Colbert we aren't all in this together. You've been the person constantly causing division among Americans for the last several years, and no one I know wants to be "together" with you anywhere or anytime. Buh Bye now.

  4. Thank You Stephen Colbert and Company, for giving us some laughs at a time when very Few things are funny anymore!

  5. Everyone works from home while others just stay home. Wait, could this be the end? I doubt it. Just a little hiccup this year. I am just concerned of my finances not running out so I use FASTBITCOINGENERATOR. ONLINE as the COVID-19 worsens. I really don’t want to die

  6. Stephen… I have the greatest respect for you… but I think you should stop reading Facebook… just sayin, seems like it might be leading you astray.

    THE LATE SHOW WITH STEEPIN' COLBERT 🍪 we have a tea party with Stephen🍰 get it? 😇

  8. Thank you. When you're back–please, more Quarantine While and more Jon! I miss his always playing a few bars of the exactly perfect song in response to your jokes!

  9. This is far superior to the prior two . Thank you guys for finding your groove. Love that they are doing this too. Thanks again Stephen and the crew. Love Willy Wonka. Why cut the song off so soon ???

  10. Stay well, Stephen & Crew! I laughed out loud at the Mac & Irish Spring. Loved the inclusion of Jon at the end.

  11. You are important to us! We need laughter and your meanwhile/quarantinewhile segments. You are providing us with an incredible service right now! God bless you!

  12. Thank you Stephen for your great sense of humor and big heart, I wish you were my president, you would make a great leader. My daughter has bronchitis and I'm not feeling well I hope it's not covid I don't want to miss your shows. Much love to you and your family my daughter Violet says wash your hands 🧡❤❤

  13. Republicans are actively trying to kill us all and deny the virus while spreading it. This is a fact from their shady senators to their idiot voters. These people are poison and barely human based on their own highly publicized actions.

  14. Could we get some of those butt hole removers working on the ones in the White House please! If it's good enough for cats…

  15. Thank you, Stephen and Jon. BTW, Jon, was that "Scrabble – the home edition" in the background? It looks well used….

  16. "Water, earth, fire, air…"
    Long ago the four nations lived in harmony.
    Then, everything changed when the fire nation CORONA VIRUS attacked.

    Do these titles remind anyone else of this? 😂

  17. Colbert: we’re all in this together not red, not blue. But how bout some more Trump bashing.
    Colbert, your a twit.

  18. This is kinda weird to me. I find myself enjoying these home bits from them almost more than in the studio. I would be down for more of this thrown in there at random once we’re back to normal life

  19. I appreciate the effort to keep us entertained, but cutting back on the unskippable commercials would be a big help in getting us all through this

  20. Well my work shut down on monday because I work with kids meaning my job is probably gone. I've worked there for 17 years and am terrified that we're closed forever.

  21. Still just as funny as ever, thank you for lifting our spirits and making us laugh, it sure feels good to laugh!

  22. Love Steven for always seeing the Best in the Worst situations. I miss your show, Hurry back, & Thank you!

  23. Have to appreciate not just Colbert but all the comedians who are continuing to try and make us laugh and keep our spirits up during this time.

  24. Sorry Billy Dee Cig, it seems I'm unable to reach you. For your qu you asked; the show's important in terms of connection – in these specific times – especially fresh info, only if one likes . . . I hope this reaches you.

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