What is Dropshipping?

The Game-Changer to Consider in Your Cash on Delivery Business

That is what has given us the actual profit
without call centers we were never ever profitable. This is another thing that brings the difference here.
So like I explained in the beginning, we didn’t have a call center. And ratio was terrible.
We started learning ourselves. There was a lot of learning in the last couple of years. There are different products. People call us, what is this product? We get our people to tell them how it works. It’s not just a fidget spinner that we sell all the time.
It could be a patch that people don’t know about. You won’t even believe customers actually tell us, can you just record it on Whatsapp and send it to me? I’m like, okay. We’ll do it for you sir.
Whatever. Customer is king. And also, during Facebook, there are a lot of comments.
So they will say, I like this product, how much? So you can call those leads and convert as well into customers. Returns can actually destroy everything here. If you don’t ship out all the products,
without a call center, remember guys, you will be incurring about $2 charges
for all the returned products. So let’s say I’m shipping out 100 without a call center.
So you blindly ship out 100. What is going to happen? You will 60 coming back
and 40 being delivered. And you have to pay for those 60 returns also, mind you.
It’s not just the 40 that get delivered. You have to pay for everything.
Not just India, it’s to everywhere. So with call center, we have observed that
delivery ratios have been anywhere from 48-64%. And it has actually helped us a lot and that is what has
given us the actual profit. Without call centers, we were never ever profitable.

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