What is Dropshipping?

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  1. finally back with a new internet analysis, woo woo! hope y'all enjoy this chat about shopping and debt.
    0:00 – intro
    0:38 – Afterpay, Klarna, & Quadpay allow you to split your purchases into 4 installments
    2:15 – why not just use credit cards?
    3:40 – the psychology of "buy now pay later" – why is it so appealing?
    4:21 – consumerism in fashion & beauty… instant gratification
    5:57 – you have to BUDGET! track your spending!
    7:20 – sponsor moment!
    8:56 – installment plan VS credit card.. which is better?
    12:14 – living above your means
    13:16 – 72 month (six year) car loans?? excuse me?
    14:56 – installment plans & frequent upgrades for iPhones & other smartphones
    15:47 – history of American consumerism (1930s vs 1950s spending habits)
    17:53 – how do other countries compare? do y'all spend or save? LMK!

  2. As someone who is very anxious abt money, i would rather wait til i get the money than use this system tbh… i would be too scared that maybe something will get fucked up and i wont be able to pay for the thing anymore

  3. "Germans are very careful when it comes to debt and spending"

    Me, a German, looking at the one and only pair of sneakers I've worn for the last seven years:


  4. Took me only a few purchases to realize I would rather put it on a credit card and at least build my credit if I wanted to buy something more expensive lol

  5. Did you know “debt is bad?”

    Anyone who willingly carries debt so they can live a lavish lifestyle is a selfish idiot.

  6. I paid my iPhone 7 off and then a month later it mysteriously stopped working and they were just like haha yep that happens with this model and it’s not fixable.

  7. In Brazil, almost everything you buy is splitted in multiple payments .. Almost everybody here uses credit cards.. Due to minimum salary being so low, it is almost impossible to people with low income to buy furniture or other things without paying in 6+ months.

  8. Its true, germans are very anti debt. Our Credit Cards are actually Debit Cards. The amount you spend on that card just gets booked off of your bank account once a month. And consumer debt is very fround upon here. If you have a mortgage or are paying off a car things are fine but if you have debt for buying the new iPhone moste people will consider you stupid. I am one of those people …

  9. I always felt as though the sudden appearance of "financing apps" was a little fishy. Even more so – EYE think (don't listen to me) – it reveals brands that use "financing apps" can genuinely afford to sell products for the "initial price" instead of the "final price" you actually pay. brands selling basic things / cheaply made items at a premium because…. they… can…?

  10. Yes thank you!!!! Normalizing debt is ruining things and is partially why no one can afford anything right now and I see it as a rip off cause you end up paying more in interest, same with mortgages, same with rent, student loans, car loans, and credit cards, real rich people or those who are financially secure dont take out any forms of credit or loans. It's better to pay it outright.

  11. I’m happy to see you’re back queen!! Hope everything is well in your personal life & at college. I know things can get so hard but I know you’ll get through it and I’ll get through it, we’ll all get through it. On another note haha I’m still curious about the time you met Bill Clinton lmao, I completely understand if you may not have the time to film a storytime, but like you could tweet about the experience too that would be interesting. 😂 Only if you feel like it though, no pressure. Take care!! 💕

  12. If I do not have pay 50% cash to pay for a luxury item when I decide to purchase it on my cc I know I cannot afford it even if I pay for it over 6 or more months. For e.g for me to buy something of $100 I have to have $50 to put down on the item to justify buying it on my cc. The reason why Im debt free.

  13. I have a master card. That is a card for people under 18. You can’t get minus on this kind of “credit” card. I have one, I’m 13. You need to be over 13 to get one. Everyone in my class have one (20 people). I don’t find it hard to manage. I never used all the money on the card.
    Just a note. This is in Denmark🥰

  14. I actually use afterpay on clothing stores (urban outfitters specifically) all the time for probably a different reason than most. I use it a way to prevent me from spending more money. i only buy an item i can afford (w/o afterpay) but I use afterpay to stretch out the payments so that next month, I won't buy another item. See if I can afford buying a $30 dress one month and next month, I want to buy $100 dollar jacket (that i can afford), with this, Ill still be paying for the dress so I won't buy the jacket, even if i can afford it. i dont even know if i explained it well but yeah. and also it forces me to budget my money and keep track of it, which is always a good thing.

  15. i'm from Germany and – i don't know if i was intentionally raised like this but – debts have always been something rather 'bad' to me, something you don't want to have, avoid and should pay off as quickly as possible…it's very weird to me to see how normalized and 'romanticized' it is in the USA

  16. me…. who has been on a little stress-induced online shopping binge …. sees this video …. shit :/ its like takin a log hard look in the mirror which ofc i dont wanna do! IM BACK UHHHH THE SHIT I BOUGHT WAS FROM GiRLFRIEND COLLECTiVE FUCK U GOT ME (i created an afterpay account but then didnt use it cuz nah take my money now so i can be done w it)

  17. I am almost done with my Invisalign treatment. It was pricey but it’s worth having a dentist overseeing your progress and making adjustments (included in your Invisalign cost) unlike SmileDirect.

  18. I’ve used Klarna twice and Afterpay 3 times and I don’t over use it AT ALL because I know how to limit myself and what is worth it and what it’s not… I guess it also depends on how you are as a person and I know I don’t fall into the “trend” category. I could care less if it’s on trend or not. If I like it, I like it for myself and how it makes me feel and not buy it because of what people would think of it or feel approved by them. So yeah, you can use it once in a while but DO NOT over use this services just because everyone has the new Kylie palette or whatever

  19. Klarna reached out for a sponsorship. It was incredibly misleading. they never answered my questions and just kept sending me the creative brief. I declined now I’m glad I did

  20. I find the idea that americans seem to not use credit cards funny and so bizarre
    It's really the most used and easy way to pay where I live

  21. There was a story when I was in 6th grade I forgot the author name
    It was about debt & financial responsibility
    This family bought everything house, cars electrical appliances through loans
    Even the baby was a debt they had paid the hospital bills through credit cards , It was crazy .i forgot the author name but yeah I learned in 6th grade that loans was bad idea

  22. My husband and I had stacks and stacks of credit card debt by 23-24, as well as a personal loan. Once we paid it off we decided we'd never have any type of debt except for a house mortgage. That includes afterpay.
    If you can't afford it now, don't buy it.

  23. Hi! So I’ve used affirm three times, each for big ticket items (a mattress, my iPhone to avoid apple’s plans which charge high interest, and an upcoming vacation). I adore it and think it’s perfect for those situations. And when it’s paid off, that DOES get reported and positively impacts your credit score, which I believe you said wouldn’t happen, so I wanted to clarify. Mine’s gone up by like 50 pts from the two paid-off small loans alone. I can’t speak to any platform but affirm, but they’ve been great. I was even late once and they just like…. emailed me, I paid it and there was no negative consequence or fee. The biggest reason they’ve been helpful is because (I’ll use my mattress as an example) spending $650 at once would make it very hard for me to afford food within the pay cycle that I spent it. But my other mattress broke, I couldn’t wait, and I needed one. But spending around $100 a month for six months doesn’t negatively impact my ability to buy food, pay rent, and live my life. I wouldn’t use it for anything but big ticket essentials or vacations, but it’s been huge for me. And helped my credit score. So! That’s that. I agree with you though, the idea of having multiple going at once for clothing/beauty purchases could totally keep you in a debt cycle. ANYWAY. ty to whoever reads this use affirm sparingly and it’ll be good 2 u

  24. I'll never understand why ppl feel the need to buy clothes every month. Growing up, the only time I got new clothes was during back to school shopping. Aside from that, I feel like debt for college is so normalized that ppl ignore that it's such a financial strain in the long run.

  25. I refuse to take loans or use any of those pay later options as I don’t ever want to be in debt (except a mortgage one day). I’m shocked by how often people use this. If I can’t afford something I’ll just wait until I can and by then I usually don’t even want it anymore.

  26. I always keep a "Just in case" jar, with a bit of cash and spare change that I keep just for emergencies.

  27. PLEASE PUT A FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING ON YOUR VIDEOS. I love you and your videos but it isn't worth a spontaneous episode. Thanks.

  28. It’s not something to use very often. I try not to go too crazy but it’s really tempting to know that u don’t have to make an all at once payment. I bought a bed with Klarna and it really helped me bc I didn’t have all of the money up front

  29. When I first saw an After Pay sign at the front of a shop I was in shock. It's so dangerous and this idea is targeted a young people who really don't need this unnecessary debt. Plus most of the items that people would buy using After Pay etc are unnecessary items – new clothes etc. By the time you pay for the item you're probably "over" the item. The novelty of it has warn off. As my grandfather always said "If you can't afford it, don't have it."

  30. Kids, don’t buy something you don’t have the money for now, unless you NEED something and you have a monthly salary.

  31. amazing content as alwaysss ❤️ one video that would be super interesting to hear you talk about would be the normalization of alcoholism, like there’s wine glasses for sale with quotes like “wine is cheaper than therapy” printed on them and countless things like this. this mentality has also led to ever increasing amounts of drinking amongst college students and I’d love to hear more about why this is. Anyways love the vid !!

  32. Sounds like having a mortgage for clothing 😂 I have never in my life kept up with fashion trends, I always just get clothing and shoes I like the look of. Having a chance of getting into debt over clothing seems utterly ridiculous to me 🙄

  33. Afterpay and such is definitely a problem in the Netherlands. Most people do not have credit cards, it's considered a luxury (Usually, you can get into debt on the debit cards we use, but this is very limited). So this concept of paying in installments isn't well known, partially because people haven't experienced the effects of credit card debts. Thus, people are more likely to be naive and actually make these Afterpay commitments

  34. i will say, affirm, (when i've used it) has boosted my credit score a couple points, and honestly was a reason I decided to go through it because i wanted to build my credit. could've done it with credit card too this is true! many ways to do this.
    but it is good to be cautious about this stuff as well. they can absolutely normalize debt.

  35. A lot of people wouldn’t be accepted for a credit card. I don’t know what it’s like in the US but in Australia for most cards you definitely have to have a minimum income to be able to get a credit card

  36. I will have both credit and debit debit for shopping for stuff I don’t need or something I do need and credit for rent school bills or anything super duper important

  37. What happens in other countries, like Brazil, where I am from, is that you can split pretty much any “big” purchases with any credit cards. If you buy 100 box in clothes you can slit that in 10, paying 10 box per month. It can be helpful but most people end up I debt.

  38. i just used afterpay this morning lol, i cant get approved for a credit card so i use it a few times a year. i will admit i do end buying more expensive items than i normally would. i’ve never gotten in over my head but this is something i really should think about more.

  39. Paying in stallments is VERY common here in Brazil. Basically, poorer people could not afford even basic house appliances, and so the culture of selling those to them became a thing, and it's now very common. You'll often find people paying for any and everything in many installments. Paying things upfront is actually very rare here. I literally cannot name a single person that isn't still paying for something they bought. It makes me very sad, but the reality is that more often than not, that's the only way people are able to afford things they need.

  40. I definitely understand people’s concerns with unnecessary spending and debt, however my experience with Klarna was actually pretty good. For context I’m 18 so I don’t earn much but ok for my age. I wanted to get new shoes because I actually needed a new pair, so I would have bought them anyway however nice shoes nowadays can be expensive (and I like me some cute sneakers) so I thought that paying for them in three monthly instalments would have made less of a dent each month, which would have allowed me to have more money for the rest of the week. I don’t really have a problem with overspending when it comes to clothes shopping so it was very convenient for me in the end. No regrets 🙂

  41. I use Klarna sometimes but not to pay in instalments. I pay the total amount one time but at a set date a certain amount of time after I bought the item. I also budget so I know that I can afford it, pay immediately when I have the opportunity and I don’t use Klarna unless it’s “necessary” (like running out of a skin care item that I need for my eczema etc.). I’m Norwegian btw if that’s interesting in any way

  42. I’m so glad you made this video bc when I saw the buy now pay later thing on urban I was like this is gonna be a problem….

  43. you'll get used to the attachments so quick. I had mine removed for a month bc there were some issues with a specific tooth n I had to do another set n having smooth teeth felt crazy lol

  44. I feel that when it comes to material things, in Jay Z’a words, if you can’t buy it twice you can’t really afford it.

  45. Talking to peers in college I've noticed that most people who aren't business majors don't realize that no credit is better than bad credit, living beyond your means is unsustainable, you don't need a credit score to purchase a house (just proof of income and a stable bank account), and saving for retirement whether that's a roth ira or 401k is better started in your 20's. BUY CONSUME BUY NOW PAY LATER has never made sense. In my opinion people consume the most useless stuff because we're instant gratification pleasure suckers cumming for big corporations.

  46. I also tried afterpay just to try it and ended up getting overcharged on an item because it bounced from my debit card. waste of money and time.

  47. I used afterpay to buy myself a nice quality strip/dance pole for the house.

    I’ve never used it for clothing – just larger purchases that I actually really need/want.
    I think these things can work, but really only for people that actually know how to use them and manage money really well already to start.

  48. my strategy for buying things is mulling over them, overanalyzing as much as possible to make sure I'm not getting ripped off. Usually by the time i finish 2-3 paychecks have come in so i don't have to worry about being able to afford it.

  49. Whenever I finish paying off Afterpay, I feel like I immediately have to start another one. It’s a toxic cycle I’m trapped in

  50. I would end up paying the instalments before they were due. It stressed me out owing money so I deleted my account. Best decision I’ve made

  51. I recently upgraded my phone in December after my last iPhone 6’s battery went to shit. I went for an 8 and you can bet as soon as I got my tax return back it all went toward paying off my phone.

  52. I actually tweeted about, and talked to my friends about this very thing a few months ago. I told them history was repeating itself right before our very eyes with everything that's going on right now including the US economy, US politics, and the hostility building around the world. Makes you wonder why we even have history classes if the people in power continue to repeat the lessons we're supposed to have learned from.

  53. I work at what I will describe as a "high-end toy store", and one playset (the most expensive in the store) is $650. Right at the display in the store is a sign saying "you could buy this online in installments" and it rubs me the wrong way.

  54. For me it is better than a credit card because a credit card has interest and it is easy to accumulate debt which is hard to pay down. At least after pay doesn’t have interest unless you pay late and doesn’t allow you to buy multiple items if you have already used their service before and are still paying that first or second item off. Debt is bad regardless but I’d rather do that with Afterpay.

  55. In Chile is SO COMMON all the banks give you 3-6 split month pay. Its so common, i get everything expensive that way even my car, but I have a fixed monthly income and I keep track of the debt

  56. Also those comments about Germany are spot on! I am just a student studying German language and culture in high school so please correct me if I misunderstood anything, BUT In Germany cash is still very much king and in fact it's not uncommon for places to just flat out not accept credit cards and only take cash. Also fun fact the word for debt in German is "Schuld" which is also the same word for guilt or fault. So yeah Germans REALLY don't like debt which is really a good mindset to have.

  57. Idk I've never been into "buy now pay later" if I can't afford it I won't pay for it until I can buy it. Always been that way idk if I'm like that because I've been poor my entire life. It's not worth going into debt for clothes or makeup for me personally. I love thrifting and elf and Maybelline got your girls back lol. But I've always found it interesting to see what it would be like which is why I clicked this video

  58. Tiffany you’re so awesome I just automatically like your video before I even view it. I’m starting my channel now

  59. My psychology’s the opposite. I don’t want to have money taken out of my account for something I’ve already purchased and enjoyed. I’ve never understood afterpay. You’re gonna get charged regardless no better time than now

  60. I truly don't get the credit card system.The only things I use is cash,debit cards, and savings accounts.
    Not for monthly interests or payments but you have to do it one day

  61. Yes, debt is normalized and that is our society and many overspend on frivolous things like clothes and makeup but it is so hard to remove yourself from that part of our culture… plus a lot of us are just poor. Of course people are “spending beyond their means” because most people aren’t being paid a living wage. We need food, housing, transportation, maybe even education. Not everyone is born into money. Debt can be a necessity to survive. I don’t really think it’s fair to compare debt in general to things like afterpay and consumer culture. I know that our constant need to instant gratification is an issue but I feel like you skimmed over that and kinda shamed people for having debt… Many times we don’t get the choice to not go into debt.

  62. Tip for teenagers to start building credit: have your parents (if they can afford it) set up a credit card attached to one of their accounts. Agree on something consistent to use it on and easy to pay off (my parents let me use mine to pay for gas and emergency stuff or if I had no cash for food for the day). You guys can decide if they’ll cover it or if you pay them back but if you both keep the card covered then you’ll have good credit by they time you actually need it.

  63. I was actually thinking about using afterpay to buy my first nice laptop for college (I'm starting next semester ) I have a job, but there's no way I can pay it all at once. I only have a debt card and was wary of afterpay any advice?

  64. The companies wouldn't exist if people didn't default. So glad this was not around as a young adult. Now I can use it with bigger home purchases to keep my money working for me longer, as in I have the money but will get interest on it until it goes out.
    It's evil!

  65. At one point I had 4 recurring afterpay payments and was paying at most $80 dollars a week . It's really disappointing because I definitely thought about it like "layaway" but the snowball effect is really hard. I'm stepping away from using it by default because it's still this debt and I would find myself so frustrated to see how much money I continued to owe after I had forgotten about the purchase. Thankfully the refund process for one of these transactions was quick, but it's a dangerous system. Great video as usual!!!

  66. LOL. I literally just did this a couple of days ago and was wondering if it was the right thing to do. Thanks for this!

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