What is Dropshipping?

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  1. I never imagined heโ€™d have an grandmotherโ€™s bathroom, unless his real name is Bates ๐Ÿคช

  2. You still, even in the bathtub, have yet to show up in less than your dark blue suit. There is so much I could say, but for now, I salute you, sir! Thank you so much for what you do, and please, donโ€™t you dare stop. ๐Ÿ’œ

  3. It's not that you didn't plan well, Stephen. How were you or any of us supposed to know that a bunch of troglodytes were to go apeshit (see what I did there) and buy toilet paper like it's some magical cure-all? Really, jerks, it's COVID-19, not diarrhea, and toilet paper isn't some kind of talisman against the virus. Leave some for us sane people who ACTUALLY need it.

  4. He basically just said this WILL happen again….can you say global bioweapon training exercise? Jeeeeesus…
    That fucker is definitely up to something.

  5. No one would be defending Obama if he called h1n1 a "hoax" by the Republicans. If Obama shut down pandemic response before a huge outbreak people would call for his head. If Obama cut funding to the cdc for a wall that's falling over because of wind. They wouldn't wait for an election. They'd open fire on the white house. Same people defending trump for these things would be trying to kill Obama. I wonder how many "good Christians" are in line for guns and ammo right now. Not only spreading hate and fear but a serious virus as well. Shame on every last one of them! Shame on all capitalizing on fear and hate for profit! You're already carrying a deadly disease. Hate and ignorance!

  6. To ruin one of Stephenโ€™s suits for a not so funny monologue just shows how how people with money donโ€™t dive a fuck about anything.

  7. Kinda sounds like an old man, ranting about his day this way. Different, don't hate it. But, I will miss the old way a little.

  8. On a more real note: Thank you, Stephen, your writers. studio crew, Jon and the band. Please keep up these goofy self-remote segments. We need them now more than ever. Take care!!! ๐ŸŽ

  9. Still being forced to go to work at portillos (a chicago based fast food chain). Feel unsafe everyday going there between all my coworkers, and interactions with customers. Yet if I stay home I get fired. Literally risking my life so people can get a hot dog.

  10. The Government is spreading the disease through the air but the worst part is that they actually have the cure but with all the bad cases on vaccines most people don't know if they can trust the Government to give them the right one, especially since they created the virus.

  11. Isaac Newton also returned home one night after being elsewhere for a while and found a mathematical problem about a famous curve had been mailed to him as a challenge by another famous mathematician who had taken a while to figure out the solution and Newton solved it by sunrise. Also pretty sure Stephen taking a bubble bath and trying to teach us something is a reference to Margot Robbie's sexy scene in the bug short where she's naked in the bubble bath and trying to teach us about subprime contracts but I was too distracted by her to listen to her

  12. I'm ahead of the curve – I cleaned my oven last week before all the closures. Now I have to find something else to attack. >.<

  13. Funny how sociopath capitalists will always socialize when they are interested in spread their shitty mistakes on everyone trying to minimize their own responsibility. Too bad that we can't seem to have the balls to make a French Revolution like 200 years ago and clean the House of Rats with the good old reliable guillotine.

  14. The guy who bought 17k bottles of hand sanitiser went to the media to complain he couldn't sell them, after getting absolutely demolish online by social media users he started donating them to hospitals and health centres to recover the little reputation he has lol.

  15. Rudy Giuliani says he may starve to death without restaurants because he doesn't know how to cook. He said he had a guy coming over to teach him how to boil pasta, but it hasn't happened yet. lol

  16. Thanks Stephen for brightening our day with your fantastic humour! Watching you from Vancouver Canada. God bless you and your family.

  17. Original talk shows had physical visual aids. Not computer generated. Way to bring it back Stephen! #TakeItBackTuesdays

  18. They're not buying guns to shoot the virus.

    They're arming up to take over defenseless people's homes and rape and pillage when chaos hits.

  19. Who would have thought a comedian would display more sense to Americans in one monologue, than a president ever could in 100 lifetimes? Thank you, Steven Colbert!

  20. Yeah… I'm not wealthy so I couldn't go out and buy a who bunch of items I need.
    I'm headed out now in fact…

  21. I'm bunkered down im my home in Austria right now – It's strange that people all over the world are now at home trying to slow down the spread of coronavirus. At the same time scary and strangely empowering to know we are all working together in this extraordinary time. Take care and stay healthy people!

  22. Just wanted to let you know that your jokes landed! I was cracking up so much. Thank you for calming me down during these crazy times

  23. How is this the best iteration of a late night show at the moment. Dudes delivery and presence is on point even without an audience and set – even John Oliver was a little awkward to watch this week. Colbert got that talent tho

  24. at first was lovely drunk Stephen rehearsal, now it's open toilet live to you from Stephens bathroom.

  25. Man… seeing the late night shows hunker down… that's actually the most terrifying aspect of this national emergency.

  26. Not a fan of this guy by a longshot — not since the early 2000s, but I am glad that's he's trying to spread a positive message. People still turn to him for comedy and news, although it's not really my cup of tea, I can understand why others do it….and I am glad he's using his platform to remind people to please, stay indoors. Wash your hands and practice social distancing.

    Right now, it doesn't matter if you are young and healthy. There's children, teens, and young adults in Italy in ICU rooms or in severe condition over this disease. Even if you believe yourself to be asymptomatic and not have any symptoms let alone know you have it, please act as if you know you do and it's a life or death situation for both you and your loved ones. Take it serious. STAY HOME. If you work in the public field, be mindful of social distancing, wash your hands, cover your face if you can. The only reason the CDC says for people to not wear masks is because of the shortage for our HCWs, but if you have them, WEAR THEM. There's a reason other countries encourage them.

    We don't need people to be spreading it to one another so carelessly. It's why so many schools have shut down, public events, and now restaurants, stores, and fast food joints are starting to get the picture. They're closing to curb this. Some cities even thinking of quarantines.

    I've heard enough bull about this being a conspiracy to enact martial law — never in my life have I heard such utter ignorance. It's not even a political thing, either. I've seen people on both sides o the aisle spout this nonsense and it's dangerous to get others to believe it. Take this serious for once in your life and stop being so selfish. The sooner we come together to do this, the sooner it can pass.

    No one is going to take your guns, no one is going to make you skip an election. No, Trump isn't trying to purposely do bad so he can stay in office another 4 years via martial law. No, Trump isn't handling things for the best and trying to serve the people. And no, Trump isn't going to help enact a NWO and bow to globalism or whatever nonsense. Stop.

    This is a temporary inconvenience that can help save many, but it can only be done if many of you take it serious. I've been in my home for a week now in a state with 0 confirmed cases, but even I am not stupid. I know it's from lack of tests and we no doubt have it in our communities somewhere, so we all need to take every precaution we can. If not for you, then do it for a loved one at least who is very prone to this disease.

  27. Stephen, watch Dr John Campbell from the UK…. smart, practical advice no political agenda. You seem very sad and on the brink of on an emotional breakdown. We love you!!!! America has done too little, too late…but something is better than nothing.

  28. I know Trump inside out – donห‹t need to see him anymore. I look at the nodding people around him and feel nauseated.

  29. Am I the only one who cannot focus on anything else except Stevens upper lip? Is that a foam or a white mustache?

  30. Hey, probably not the right forum for this, but if any of my fellow gamers happen to see this, what are some games you would recommend I play during this self quarantine clustertruck?

  31. All of these late night host doing shows without a studio audience gives me the same vibes as she. You remove the laugh track from Big Bang Theory or Friends

  32. I saw "Head and Shoulders" on a double bill with Hall and Oates in the 80's! The hits kept comin' that night I tell ya! – KEEP MAKING CONTENT STEVEN!!! WE NEED YOU!

  33. What rich people are trying to say is they'd rather shut down the economy and watch all vulnerable bottom 50$ who cant afford to hunker down or they'll be evicted and deal with all this homeless die on the streets to save the most vulnerable 2% of the RICH who have a better chance surviving this virus than the poor do surviving your death squad police on the streets that's why there's no plan to send Americans money but they already gave another trillion to the rich who didn't need it

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