What is Dropshipping?

The Art In Our New Home!

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  1. will the chelsmade pic get hung on the wall kept leaning up in the table? i know leaning pictures rn is the trend lol

  2. Hay my dad is going through surgery please comment in like a prayer 🙏🏿 thanks for making me feel better Dan and Lincoln

  3. Dan don’t do the 50000 people thing, you’re already famous and this would just be a terrible terrible idea

  4. We know jesus face because saint maria put in a towel on his face and the blood of his face was staining on the towel

  5. Never understood people that make money by randomly throwing paint on canvas. Now the lighthouse sketch takes some talent and I can certainly appreciate it.

  6. I love that Chelsmade named that painting "The Ellie" – Ellie and Jared have that piece in their home!

  7. "But we travelled on two airplanes and drove in a car for four hours to get one of the paintings"
    It turns out it's the mona lisa

  8. Hey, although you will probably never see this, there is an amazing artist in Tampa FL who you should check out. Although it may be far away, the art she does is really good. Her insta is @katiewhiteartist her work is truly magical.

  9. I love y’all painting I made one painting do you want me to show you one of my painting. i’d be honored if one of my paintings would be in your house.

  10. Leslie should talk more in these video's!
    Clearly you need about 5 really giant art pieces for some of the nice tall walls.

  11. What if you had the girl that made the ellie painting come do a mural on the wall somewhere in your house…

  12. I think it’s great you’re using local, small businesses and giving them some traffic. I also want to know where Leslie got her sandals! 😂

  13. Thank you for sharing your home and decor with us.
    However, please stop putting your hand in every shot because we can't capture the room because, your hand breaks up the view.
    I look forward to seeing your future postings. Congrats to your family 👍😀

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