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Tesla Model Y First Impressions!

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  1. Just a heads up about all the questions/comments on the right side having chrome. It's actually the protective film they put on before delivering, not chrome. And as for a tow hitch it's not installed on this one nor does it appear to be an option yet but hoping sometime soon. Thanks for watching and stay healthy out there folks!

  2. Lindo demais esse modelo y, como gostaria de conhecer a fábrica da Tesla e ter um dos modelos. A Tesla a anos luz da concorrência parabéns!!!!

  3. 5:56There's not much sidewall there to protect those nice rims.
    5:33 see how the red and green dots marks the tires and rims factory balance matching points. Take a picture of all four wheels when you get a new car.
    I really like how the back looke with the hatch open.

  4. Great bit of kit ,unfortunately the interior (the bit that you see all the time when you're driving) looks like it's been designed by a 2yr old and i will never buy one until they make it nice and fancy inside.

  5. The range was the reason I ordered performance without the free performance upgrade. THat and I want to keep higher ground clearance for occasional off roading.

  6. Range. I changed my 20” performance wheels for 18” T Sportline. I get about 10% more range. So going from 280 to 314 miles sounds right for the model Y.

  7. Model Y > Model X just for the optional Roof rack. Can't wait to drive test drive a friend's Model Y as he will take delivery in a few weeks based on Tesla's delivery date.

  8. Very nice! Love the range capacity awl and theres a ton of room! perfect family ride… would look perfect on the driveway next to my model 3 👍 great video

  9. There's something wrong with these wheels. I think the tires are 1) too narrow for the rims 2) too low on the profile (too small outside diameter) making gaps in wheel arches look huge!

  10. So how do very short people or old people (or anyone with limited arm raising ability) lower the hatchback…. ??same question for the model X , X/GullWing back doors????

  11. Do any of the Tesla’s come with a spare tire? Or even a place for a spare? Maybe I’m just missing where it goes but I’ve never noticed until today that they don’t seem to have one, or even a jack.

  12. When is Tesla going to address their service centers (lack there of), customer service and supercharger issues (kWh) when multiple models are in use? Cheers

  13. Stupid question: Does a hatch cargo cover come standard? I don’t recall seeing that. Please let me know. Thank you.

  14. Just did a search for the tires for the Uberturbine wheels. On Tire Rack, they all seem to be summer tires for the fronts (255/35/21's) and there are limited sets of winter tires for rears 275/35/21's, but it's all mostly summer tires. This was a tremendous oversight on Tesla's part and would almost guarantee that if I get this vehicle, it will be on the 19's (255/45/19) for OEM and then get aftermarket wheels afterwards, hopefully.

  15. $60k. Unless they start lowering the price on it, there is no way ROI this vs a Honda Civic that might cost $17k. Rich people toy that can feel good about environment

  16. It’s amazing how those rims changes the battery range. I would like to change them to something totally different but how would the new ones affect the range then?

  17. 3:48 The compartment closer to the 2nd row of seats looks rather small. I try to imagine the promised third row of seats to fit in there. That is definitely gonna by just for kids.

  18. First thing I'd do is pull the 21" wheels, install 18's and sell the 21's to people who've mangled them in potholes.

  19. Looks awesome, but I'm betting the ride would be absolutely miserable in Pot Hole City…ie…Chicago. That's why I'd never buy a vehicle with wheels like these. I want a cushy riding SUV.

  20. I like the look of the 3 better. This looks a little smushed from the rear. If it has less road noise might be able to overlook the fugly.

  21. I noticed the right side with Chrome and left side chrome delete. Is that true in this video? Or is it just me? Did Tesla screw it up with the wrong parts?

  22. I don't think that the 21" wheels are responsible for the range loss, I would tip on the sportstires, think it's the Micheline Cup Tire that eats the range (actually more and more cars work with bigger rims and smaller tires for efficience)

  23. Everyone who's complaining about the tire size and rims hasn't owned a late model Benz, BMW or Porsche. Have fun driving your Ford or GM Trucks, peasants!

  24. I don’t know about you but I’ve been seeing these things at our factory for about 7 months now 😂 they are at CMM getting all the dimensions dialed in because they used to be rough

  25. Does it sit any higher than the 3? My wife had a knee injury that makes it painful to get out of lower sitting cars.

  26. I almost ordered a Model Y yesterday but after watching the costs of repairs and replacements, I’ll stick to gas cars

  27. Those wheels and tyre combination look small in the arch, it needs a taller profile tyre.

    I always find it funny when people are surprised that as soon as you deviate from the stock standard wheel tyre to a ‘performance wheel/tyre’ that economy changes….. its the same on all cars, performance tyres have poorer rolling resistance (more grip, wider, lower profile) and therefore will have poorer economy whether it’s an EV or ICE vehicle.

    I’m amazed that your were excited by a rear seat release button, I guess you’ve never been in a hatchback or wagon/estate car before ? Likewise with the removable towing eye.

    Still unrealistically expensive, so not an affordable car for normal people.

  28. Can't help but notice the left side is chrome deleted, and the right side is 75% chrome. WTF? Production mistake or half done self delete or what?

  29. Why is everyone so confused about the seal over the frunk? It's there because the frunk can also be used as a cooler, and it will keep water from splashing around while you're driving. Fun fact there's also a drain plug at the bottom.

  30. They can keep the wheels it's getting 18s day one. Now to fix the huge truck size wheel wells with a fender flare and she'll look perfect.

  31. No parcel shelf? Weird. I still prefer the look of the 3. Would be interested how the driving dynamics compare between the two, given the extra height of the model y

  32. Apparently, no parcel shelf or cargo cover. And no towing. I hope both points get addressed someday. Especially the parcel shelf…looking better and reducing road noise.

  33. Thanks. We currently have a model 3 (which we love). This vid was very helpful-was considering X but I think you've sold us on the Y. 👍

  34. "It's a lot better than the one in the unveiling I'm sure someone will go pick apart that on Reddit" lol 😂😂

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