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TerraLeads: Internal Media Buying Versus Superaffiliates | AWasia 2017

Welcome, panellists.
Let’s start going around here, just with a quick intro tell me, whether you are a
super affiliate or an internal media buyer. And we’ll duke it out later.
Hello, my name is Alexander, I am here like a super
affiliate. So my experience in affiliate marketing is around five years so, I
started at first together with my wife now I have more than 22 people in my
team, so in the very beginning I promoted dating and the browser game offers, then
I switch to promote the mobile apps and around 1 year and a half I work mostly
with Nutra cash-on-delivery offers. Cool. My name is Alexey. I also have about 5 years of experience in affiliate marketing. I started with promotion of offers mostly
for Russian and CIS markets and about a year and a half ago I started to work
with international traffic on Facebook and this January even before Terraleads
was officially established, I was advised by a friend to test their offers and I
found that they work really well and since then I’m focused on
cash-on-delivery offers, and this spring I started to
build my own media buying team, which now consists of 10 people.
Nice. Hi, uh, actually my affiliate path
started a long time before I even knew about its existence and I was
a sole entrepreneur and while working in this industry, I discovered for myself
such thing as affiliate marketing and I was really surprised that it is not
necessary to think about resource of the customers needs about product
manufacturing, about its delivering to the customer homes etc. but only focused
on traffic and marketing. So I also tried a lot of verticals such as dating, it
actually was my first vertical. Pins, sweepstakes and finally Nutra.
More than one year ago, I turned to the Terraleads company as internal media
buyer, working with native advertising and in a couple of months I was offered
to build my own team, and now my team accounts for over 15 people and some of
them work remotely and of course, I have plan of expansion.
Cool. Hello everyone, my name is Olga.
I’m a Chief Marketing Officer in Terraleads, I have a broad experience in marketing,
over 5 years already and that experience such as theories and aspects of
marketing as search engine optimisation social media, SMM, content marketing.
I joined Terraleads as a Brand Manager and then after having done some successful
work with our team, I was promoted to the Chief Marketing Officer position and we
are still looking for some new people to join my team. So as you can see, Terraleads is expanding. Thank you. Nice, anyone else hiring, while we’re at it? No? Always
looking for good people right. Yeah, sure. Nice, okay. Olga, I understand that Terraleads brands itself as a CPA hub. Hod does this different how does this
differentiate from a traditional affiliate network? Well, a hub. I myself
equal this word to the word upgrade, just like every iPhone user is waiting for a
new version to come up to the market with its new upgrades, a CPA hub is an
upgrade of a usual CPA network and that’s what every affiliate was looking
for until now. An upgrade in terms of quality first of all, the quality of
products that are produced within its walls. The quality of support that our
internal media buyers provide to our partners, they run a-b split testing and
then they convert – they hand over to them the best converting lenders.
It is the quality of support provided by our affiliate managers, who provide there
24/7 multilingual support to our partners. It is the quality of local call
centres located in each geo we are represented in now, and with the native
speakers on-board. All of that and more, we see as the real future, the quality
future, of affiliate marketing and that’s what every CPA network should pay
attention to and follow. Very cool. So Alexey and Alexander, what are currently
sort of the top kinds of offers in your world and what are the factors that make
them so successful? For me, when I try to choose the offer, the main thing is the
season, you know, because for example in spring it is a good time for promoting
diet orders and also the second thing and I think is the main thing, is the
Facebook advertising policy you see, for example, one of my
offers get banned, I usually try to change the offer, and what would
make the offer special, you see, I like working with Terraleads because they
really have high approval rates and also they have a very good payouts,
that’s why when I speak about working with cash on delivery offers, I prefer
working with them, but choosing the offer is the question of time. Yeah, I tried
different verticals and finally found that our skin care adult and weight loss
offers are the most profitable for me, and I think that this kind of products
are successful because they solve some fundamental problems. For example,
everyone wants to look young, especially those who are in the older age and
almost every woman wants to weigh less, even if she actually doesn’t have any
extra weight problems. This makes the audience very broad and it makes much
easier to scale. Okay. Okay. So Oleg, my brother, as an internal
media buyer here, so but you’ve been – I was basically an internal media buyer
and I did a little media buying on the side myself, but you’ve seen both
sides of the coin. So what differentiates you from an affiliate
and how does your existence benefit the affiliates on the network?
Well I can name three reasons to be an internal media buyer. It is the
confidence, the altruism and of course the valuable experience. It is not a
secret for anyone that every affiliate do not sign any obligation contracts
with affiliate programs. Neither do the Terraleads partners. So they don’t owe us
anything and they are free to switch to another affiliate program every moment,
and it is really risk for the company because the volume should stay
sustainable and the internal media buying team, the one who provide the
sustainability of the volumes. So we can call ourselves the confidence in the
tomorrow’s day. And the second reason is the altruism. Everybody knows that every
affiliate, works from themselves and the internal media buying team work both for
the benefit of the company and for its partners. So that’s what we call call altruism,
we are the first one who test lenders and pro lenders that we get from our
creative department and the most convertible ones, we hand over to our
partners and the third reason is the valuable experience of working in a
super fast growing company that has managed to open geos all over in
Europe almost a year and now it’s successful expanding to the Asian market.
Yeah, I would say that was one of the big reasons. One of the – the third one that
you mentioned there was a big, big reason for me, was that ability to see a company
that is sort of established and how it grows and there’s so much you can learn
about how to hire and how to build your own company in the future.
Very cool. So basically for the three buyers, what do
you think are the biggest difficulties sort of facing your industry right now?
What are the big things, what are the big challenges that you face on
a day to day basis? I think there are two biggest challenges. The first one is the
price of the traffic, you know, it goes up every year and the CPM also goes up.
(Every quarter too.) Yeah, every quarter so it’s very, very hard to find profitable
funnel and each time it’s harder and harder and harder and also the second
thing I already told about it. It’s Facebook advertising policies because
it’s really very hard to understand why Facebook is banning your accounts,
is banning your ads and sometimes my team needs several weeks to understand the
reason what we are doing wrong. That’s why I think it’s – two main things that
now are the hardest. Okay, I agree with Alexandre and I also think that these
problems are really common for those who buy traffic from Facebook, because it’s
really off and on and Facebook changes something inside it, like algorithms or
advertising policies. And you sometimes you get banned and you do not really
understand what is the reason and it takes – you have to spend much time
and effort trying to understand what is the real reason, trying to investigate
it and I think for me this is the most important thing. The most important difficulties.
(Oleg?) Well, I agree with these guys and if we talk about the
start of work in Terraleads, I can name one challenge that I faced in in very
beginning. It is completely unknown languages and different mentalities in
different countries. The ads in English didn’t convert well
and the translation services didn’t work properly, so we decided to set up the
translation department, who are native speakers and know a lot of phrases and
slang words and it really helped us to get more closer to our prospects and to
make our lenders and pro lenders more highly convertible. With native speakers
who do know the lingo and the cadence and everything. Cool. Nice. So Olga, I know it’s tough
for networks to kind of stand out these days. So I’m wondering what
special conditions you’ve managed to create for your partners that keep them coming to you.
Well, first of all, as our super affiliates already said those are the
highest payouts we’ve managed to achieve in the vertical of nutra offers. Those
are the daily payments you get instantly upon your own request.
We understand that affiliates need budget to keep their ad campaigns
running, so we provide them this opportunity to withdraw their money
instantly upon request and on a daily basis. As taken into account, as in that
Terrealeads is a direct and only advertiser. We’ve managed to achieve a wide range of
offers available within the system and a wide geo, like we are keeping to expand
and now we are coming to the Asian market. We also provide free translation
services to our affiliates, so you don’t have to spend any extra expenses for
translation services that might not be really quality. We have our own
translators team, who are again the native speakers and they are going to
help you with translations of your landers, pre-landers, creos, anything you
send a request about the translation of and we also have a Creative Department,
who are also willing to help you with creating banners, ad text, videos.
Any creatives you might also request from Terraleads.
It’s cool, I could see how that could help differentiate you. So Alexey and
Alexander, did you guys always know that networks have internal media buyers?
Was that something that you know and has it ever affected
your decision to work with a network or a hub? I’ve always known about it because
I heard about internal media buying teams in CPA networks from the very
beginning of my affiliate career, so I think it’s not a problem, I think it’s
quite logical for them because they want to have a very sensible amount of
traffic and also, you know, in Russia we have a biggest traffic source
and even the biggest traffic sources have their own internal media buying
team. Even traffic sources have their own media buying team. So for me, I think the
main thing is that internal media buyers and the side affiliates like we are, we
must have equal conditions and when we have equal conditions, I think it’s good. For me the existence of internal media buying teams was quite a boost in the very
beginning, and as Alexander just pointed out, even many traffic sources have our
own internal media buying teams and these teams, actually like other
affiliates but of course, with a bit better conditions but I believe there is
no reason to worry about because there’s still quite a lot of opportunities to make money,
despite of presence of internal teams. And especially if the internal teams
are set up you know with the idea that they’re going to help grow
the business at hold, they’re not just trying to grow their own business, as
long as they’re incentivised to grow the whole business by providing the landing
pages that work and things like that it just makes perfect sense.
Nice, okay, so Olga, what is the life cycle of Terraleads offers? And how
does Terraleads keep them alive over time? Life cycle ann the duration depends on the offer. Sometimes they leave for
months, sometimes for years, if we refer to the general marketing concept of a
life cycle of any product, there are four clearly defined stages that every
product passes. Those are the introduction, when we do customers
research and we launch production and we launch marketing of this product, then
proceed to the stage – the growth stage of this product when the sales and profits
grow and this is the time when it is worth investing more money to achieve
more growth of these same sales and profits. Then comes maturity stage, which
is marked with the maturity of this same product on the market. It is
established and it’s worth considering some improvements and some modifications
to the product, so to keep the customer interested in the same product, but in
the end comes the decline stage and that’s where the market weather becomes to
saturated, the target audience has already bought this product or there is
an analog on the market and that’s where it’s worth considering re-branding of
this same product, and that’s what Terraleads does. We monitor every one of these
stages of the life cycle of the product and when we see that there is this
decline stage, we quickly do a re-branding of this offer and we launch a new one
and we publish it to our affiliates. Well, I would like to name some offers that
lived for two years and that’s on under the re-branding
stage, there were also Mocksleav and Veriforta that lived for one year and
there is our top offer that we have now is a Chocolite, it is still alive and it
doesn’t require any re-branding yet. What was the last one? Chocolite?
Chocolite. what is it? A charcoal like it’s like –
Choco, like chocolate. Chocolite. Oh, sounds good. Very cool.
So another question for Olga here, so pretty much it’s accepted.
It was pretty obviously, like yeah I know Oleg exists he’s right here I
can’t just pretend he’s not here so everyone knows that teams have internal
media buyers, but is it something that ever comes up from the network
perspective. Are affiliates ever suspicious and then you know, what do you or how do you deal with those kinds of concerns? Do they come up?
Tricky question, well, no. We didn’t – never have such complaints from our affiliates, from our
partners, that someone tried to maybe – you, you might think to use their landers or they
are creos, no. We, Terraleads, takes care of providing exactly the same dashboard and
the same system, both to its internal media buyers and to its affiliates. So
they work on equally, the same conditions. Secondly, we provide this
opportunity for our affiliates to download the landers and pro-landers
that we prepare with our creative departments onto their servers.
So then they send the leads to Terraleads via API. That’s how they
can play with their landers, curve them, they can look for new approaches, find
their angles and be not worried that someone is gonna use their own landers.
So how long have cash on delivery offers sort of been popular? Has it just been the
past like three or four years? Well, it is becoming popular now in the upcoming
year especially. We see a special interest from affiliates to the COD
offers and is provides more trust to the customer, to the –
as they don’t need to fill in any extra information, to leave any bank card
information, they just have to insert their name, their contact number and call
center specialist reaches them over the phone. Well there is a disadvantage, a
small disadvantage, which is such feature as approval rate.
It is never 100% but Terraleads, again took care of it and provided local call
centers with native speakers, who are real professionals and who provide
really high approval rates. So Terraleads partners sleep well at night, they do not
worry about their approval rate being too low. So just walk me through the
logistics a little bit. When you do a cash-on-delivery offer, someone fills out
the form and then they get called? (Yes, exactly.) And then the delivery comes.
And then comes the approval of the order and the recordings are made, so if you
see that you are – your order, your lead was disapproved, you may reach our
account manager and ask for a recording of the conversation and you can hear
that the customer just changed his mind, he doesn’t want to buy this product
anymore, but in case if the order is approved, you instantly get your payout
onto your balance and the risks regarding the deliver of this product we
take on ourselves. The risks regarding the buyout. And then what are the –
like how often are people, after they’ve gone through this whole process, is it rare for people to then
– when the product shows up to be like, I don’t want this at all, get out.
From our own experience like 1-2%. Yeah, that’s it.
Yeah that’s it they buy because we have local warehouses in each geo working, so
it takes up to three days maximum to deliver this product home to our
customers. So they just decided to buy, they got these call within hours and then
within days they get these products, so the buyout is like really hot. So no one
loses, no, not our affiliates and neither Terraleads Have you seen cash-on-delivery been used for like e-commerce type products as well? Or is it mainly in like Nutra, sort of skin model as well.
Could you do it with like drones? Could you do it with like you know, like physical
products? Have you guys have any experience with that? Yes, we have
experience and it’s new type offer, such offers but we have such offers, something
like a special bra for the breast or something like this but, where we also –
it’s not only the Nutra products, it’s only the physical products. Okay, so what are
the plans for Terraleads in the next couple years? What are the next steps
for Terraleads in terms of coming up with new ideas, new exclusive offers, opening
of geos? Any special partnerships coming Well, as you may already know and
heard of Terrastore, which is a special motivational system we have created to
reward our partners for their work with the Terracoins they earn for every
approved lead. We have achieved a wide range of presence available there now
and we are keeping improving them in terms of when there is a new iPhone in
the market. So it upgrades, so there was iPhone 7 now there 8th and 10th
version available in a Terrastore. Another amazing opportunity for our
affiliates is to create product line on a Turnkey basis. What does it mean? It
means if you come up with your own idea of an exclusive offer and you want to
run traffic to this offer, you send a request to Terraleads. We take over all the
work with design, with production, with delivery to your customers home, just
like we do with our own offers but the only thing is that you are the only one running traffic to this one offer. So
there is no competition from our the affiliates for these offer and this
means that you are a product owner. Well, plans? More such exclusive offers
to be launched with interest system more goes to open, particularly in Asian market
and more contests to be launched. Contest like the one we just organised for our
affiliates for Terraleads partners called Leads Wars. Every registered Terraleads
partner, participates in this contest by default. In the end we will give away
100,000 Terracoins to 10 top leaders. And you can track your progress on the
Leads Wars leader-board. If you haven’t registered with Terraleads, let’s do it ASAP and in 2018, more interesting contests are to come so keep an eye on our page, on
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Nice, so Oleg, one of the questions we
have on here is something that I get all the time from people that are trying to
build companies. When it comes to building a team, what are some of the
ways that it’s very good to incentivise an internal team, when you’re –
it’s always a challenge when you have these people, who are acting like
affiliates but they’re on a salary and they’re their internal. What are some
good ways to sort of incentivise internal teammates on the media buying team.
Well actually, I think you should make a win – win situation to
your team members and provide a cosy and friendly atmosphere. So they can get your
experience and maybe money is on the second or third place but of course,
money exists and first of all, I think you should provide
the wind to win situation for your guys. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense but also
emphasising the culture of the company and the stability and all the things
that you get as an internal buyer. Yeah, sure. Very cool. So let’s go around the table here.
What are some of your recommendations for affiliates in 2018?
As I told previously, as all we noticed, I think that the traffic has become more and more expensive
and we cannot do anything with this because we are not the owners of the
traffic sources, but I think we can do is to try to earn more money from the
traffic that we already bought. So my main recommendation for all guys will be
try to collect the data. Try to collect the emails, Facebook IDs, mobile
phones, etc and try to build the long-term relationships with your final
customer. Try to sell something to him without buying him.
Yeah, so like funnels build it like essentially building funnels comprehensive across multiple sources.
Building the funnel but the funnel that must be built on the base of
the traffic that you already bought. Yeah, I get it.
And I feel that in business everything changes really fast, so it’s really not
easy to predict what happens next year but some trends are obvious, like
Facebook audience is growing and it’s good because it means more traffic,
but on the other hand Facebook becomes more and more successful in detecting
cracking techniques. So focusing on white hat may seem less profitable at the
moment but it may be a really good long-term advice. And another
recommendation for those who have not tried cash-on-delivery offers yet, would
be to give them a try because they perform from really well.
Well, I can add that the Facebook traffic is increasing with every day and the
number or affiliates that switch into this sources of traffic is growing too – so
the stricter of the rules become for the publishers and the most valuable pieces
of advice that I can give you. It’s don’t be a shitty affiliate.
(You heard it here first.) Yeah, don’t try to find any loopholes in
traffic sources and make a quick buck. (Think long term.)
Yes, choose a long-run strategies and continue to test your approaches and fund your angles. Nice. We all see that internet marketing goes a more data-driven way and it is
important that you choose the affiliate programs that provide real-time
analytics. Also, as my colleagues said that COD model becomes more and more
interesting, so it’s worth considering this model to work. And consider Nutra
vertical, it remains on – the payouts remain on a highly competitive levels, so
if you haven’t tried Nutra before try it and as once I read in Charles and
Joe’s accelerator, there were such words as you work for the benefit of your
customer and that’s what Terraleads does. We work to create the win-win situation
both for our partners and for our internal media buyers and by providing a
high-quality product and higher payouts. We provide easier conditions to sell
these high-quality product and make more cash with Terraleads.
Very cool. So this wasn’t nearly as controversial as I’d hope so.
Maybe we could have an arm wrestle. Affiliates versus internal team! No? Okay.
Maybe not, anyway, thanks everyone for coming up to the Terraleads panel.
Let’s give it give our panel round of applause!

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