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Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 244

In today’s episode we’ll be rounding
up the Masters of Parkour finals. We’ll also be talking some more
about the new Gauss Alteration, and answering a few of your
most frequently asked questions. In a dark city, in a dark house, in a dark dark apartment, one boy played Tanki Online with a Wasp and Smoky without
upgrades, supplies or overdrives… and all this because he
didn’t watch our V-LOG. In the last V-LOG, we asked you to guess what
the new alteration for Gauss will do. Many of you pitched
in your suggestions. Some were interesting, some funny,
and some were surprisingly practical. We’ve looked through all of them,
and our favorite is this one. Congratulations mate, you’ll be the first one to own this new
alteration as soon as it comes out! And now, let’s uncover the secret. Here’s what the new
Gauss Alteration will do. When the alteration is equipped, hitting an enemy with the special Gauss
shot will remove all of the target’s buffs. So if your enemy had
an active double damage, it will be removed on impact. Additionally, if the buff
was from a garage supply, and not collected from the map, the player will need to wait for the supply’s
cooldown to end before using it again. Ares in April. The Russian edition of this year’s
Masters of Parkour tournament has ended. The championship title goes to NFT, followed by ATT and Noobs
in second and third place. We don’t need to tell you that the level
of crazy was literally through the roof. Now, it’s time to wrap
up the International Edition. Join the livestream tonight and watch as our finalists pull out every
trick in their arsenal to impress you. You do NOT want to miss this show. Check the V-LOG’s description
for a link to the official announcement, as well as a recording to the Russian version. See you tonight tankers. As you can imagine, we get tons of questions every
day on all of our platforms. So every once in a while, we like to collect the most
frequently asked questions and give an official reply in the v-log. Here’s the latest collection. I gathered 15 000 experience points, then I entered the missions section but
couldn’t collect the reward for that mission. What am I doing wrong? That’s because you
need to get the mission first by visiting the Special Missions section in
the HTML5 or mobile version of the game. If you don’t do that, your
progress won’t be tracked. I was the first one to submit the correct
answer to the question of the week in the comments, but I’m not in the list of winners. Why? That’s because we only
accept answers in the special form. The link is always in
the V-LOG’s description. If your answer isn’t in there,
it won’t be considered. I entered the HTML5
version of the game, but it looks very different. Why? We’ve noticed that when entering
the HTML5 version of the game, out of habit, players set all
the settings to a minimum. But since the HTML5 version
is different from the Flash version, the lowest settings on each
platform look very different. So we intend to fix that. We’ll try to make it so
that both versions look as similar as possible
on the same settings. We’ll also make the camera feel the
same as in the Flash version of the game. And this is only possible
because of the detailed feedback that you shared with us in the
special topic on the forum. With your help, we were
able to find a solution. And that’s not all. We’ve learned a lot
from your suggestions, so stay tuned because there will be
a lot of important changes in the future. eSports News. Only 8 clans are left in the Masters
of the Sword Clans tournament. The struggle to claim
the championship title and the coveted Impulse
paint is fiercer than ever, and there’s no clear winner in sight. The reigning champions, Penguins,
are besieged from all sides. Eternity are out for revenge, while the other contenders are just
waiting for a chance to strike the killing blow. Anything can happen. Follow the link in the description
and vote for your favorites. If you guess correctly, you’ll be
in the chance to win a prize. And let’s not forget the Solo
version of Masters of the Sword. If you love the Railgun, you’re in for a real treat as our fighters
face off in frantic one-to-one battles. Watch the live broadcasts, as always on the official
Tanki Online esports channel. Today is Friday the 13th, but it hasn’t
stopped our fearless Youtubers from going out there and producing
cool videos for you to watch. Let’s start with an epic conclusion
to the march challenge, where Ghost Animator hits the final
stage without buying a single thing. Next, watch a compilation of Jordan
Tanki’s spectacular Gold catches from the Women’s day festivities! That’s all for today. Thank you for remembering to subscribe to
the channel and clicking on the bell icon. You did… right? Yeah, I thought so. See you in a week, tankers! Last time, you had to guess how many
shots it would take to destroy Titan. And the correct answer is… D. Here are our winners. And here’s the new question. How many Vikings are
needed to fill the railway?

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/redirect?v=jNuKwCWc-hk&event=video_description&redir_token=iX-tAAs9Bqz9QRXynsaPw4-7NoB8MTU4NDI4NTU5MUAxNTg0MTk5MTkx&q=https%3A%2F%2Fdocs.google.com%2Fa%2Falternativaplatform.com%2Fforms%2Fd%2Fe%2F1FAIpQLScdfh34YJ72pCo6SHrr5iNkH1w3Ww-VLpBMF2Ddbonqc0rHvA%2Fviewform here you can submit your answer on Quetion of the week

  2. A youtuber called ViperMonster he stopped playing tanki online with 30k subs and start uploading fortnite videos and suddenly gained 1m+ subs xDD

  3. Whatt?
    I was think it better if
    The aiming is multiple
    And aiming zone is bigger
    Longer time
    Low damage
    High splash damage
    I hope Admin will create some like this

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