What is Dropshipping?

Support Local Businesses

As you’re all aware, the COVID-19 virus situation
seems to change daily. Please know that in these difficult times,
your local businesses need you now more than ever. So if you’re working from home or have kids
home from school, instead of shopping online please consider calling one of our local businesses
for your products. Remember: Amazon, Wayfair, and Rakuten don’t
purchase your kids’ Girl Scout cookies. They don’t support Bras for the Cause, Women
in Need, or Fish Ministries, or any of our local organizations. Your local businesses do. If you don’t want to get out or are not able
to get out, your local businesses can snap a photo of the item and send it to you for
approval. Hey, some even deliver. You can purchase a gift card, infusing some
badly needed cash into local businesses and then use it again in the future. And now, per governor Abbott’s executive order,
our local restaurants are all adapting to make your order to go, so you can pick it
up curbside. And, you know what? Many even deliver. Remember: we’re all in this together. Local businesses are your neighbors and friends,
so as we all continue to make adjustments to our new normal, please consider supporting
your local businesses whenever you can. They’ve been there for us, now we need to
be there for them.

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