What is Dropshipping?

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  1. Considering that the Prime Minister is in isolation, and at risk of catching the Covid-19 virus, it does not seem wise for him to be standing outside in the cold without a hat and with his scarf casually tucked into his coat.

  2. Was 1929 depression a picnic?
    💯 billions deficit for 4 years for nothing
    💯 billions for the coronavirus
    💯 billions to save the banks is coming
    Hundreds deaths are coming in 2020
    25% of small business will close in 2020
    15 to 20 % unemployment as in. 1929 ….

  3. Why do they ask him all the time to repeat the same thing in French? Such a waste of time for everyone(!) Can't they use translation functions for that? Just let another journalist ask another question instead. Also, what a pain for the PM to have to repeat himself in that way.

  4. This just the flu nothing more it is the china flu that is where it came from . it is a man made flu depopulate the earth to 5.000. 000 million.

  5. It’s nice to increasingly see calls to action and messages of love in the comment section instead of people pushing their political agenda during these difficult times. Let’s all stay positive and continue to do our part by self-isolating/social-distancing!

  6. How many people you and your wife infect traveling around , how people came across the flights and your walk across borders , not stepping up way sooner on this , thanks alot ur CANADAS BIGGEST PC OF 💩

  7. You can tell every embassy in the world to find me.
    Because I can help people all over the world for Coronavirus or COVID-19. 80% to 100%.
    I can spend 5 to 15 days without worrying about coronavirus or COVID-19.
    # 111E2 , Street 19 , Cheychumnas , Daunpenh , Phnom Penh City , Cambodia.
    Tell 855972653122.

  8. Just think if you had shut the border to infected countries sooner you could have really helped all Canadians Trudeau. He's so woke he couldn't though and now Canada will pay.

  9. Little to many people’s knowledge Saudi Arabia has already taken the drastic measures of stopping any international flights (allowing a 72 hour period for any citizen abroad to come back home, free testing, and a free stay in a 5 star hotel while waiting), closing all schools, colleges, malls, parks, beaches, events such as weddings etc.. From tommorrow onward local flights and any sort of tranportation between cities is offlimits. The country has even paid 50 million for local businesses that may be affected by these decisions. Our country already has free healthcare and with the circumstances allowed free internet for all educational platforms. I don’t know why noone is mentioning this. I’m proud to be Saudi.

  10. Where are 10s of thousands tests taking place? Are they in line ups? I have not heard where this is happening at all. Just wondering

  11. Put a hold on rent and bills and car payments please! I’m laid off because of this virus and not sure how I will continue to pay my bills!

  12. These people in PERU were there for months prior to the outbreak…..this guy from Mississauga in Peru 🇵🇪 is lying. Bro Stop whining !!!!

  13. Canadian Embassies are always late on everything- they are the last ones you should be reaching out for help. Help yourself.

  14. Do they not remember there are other cities in Bc other than Vancouver area 🙄. Would be nice to get some news updates on other areas other than Vancouver. Because we know there are cases in other cities here that are not being covered or talked about.

  15. Thankyou Prime Minister..your professionalism and calmness and your handling of this situation sure is appreciated. Keep up great work sir💕

  16. Blessings to you and your family PM Mr.Trudeau and healing for your wife Sophie who is in quarantine. Wishing you strength and wisdom over the coming weeks. 🌈

  17. Agreed we must put politics aside for now and work together but let us not loose sight, when this is all over, with the slow reaction to this crisis that is solely on our governments shoulders nor as a country what we went through prior to this crisis i.e. Blockades crippling our country for which there was no end in sight until our present day crisis. I for one will not forget the suffering of many Canadians that happened at the hands of our present gov't.

  18. Trudeau "We need to do everything possible to support Canadians".
    "That's why my Liberal Government will donate unprecedented amounts of
    taxpayers dollars to foreign countries that have nothing to do with
    Canadians. But! Don't worry taxpayer, when you lose everything take
    comfort in knowing summer is coming so living on the street won't be so
    bad! And know that the Trudeau Foundation and its friends will love
    getting the kickbacks that will result in my squandering of your the
    taxpayers money!" "We pride ourselves on the fact that we can steal
    from the taxpayer with immunity"! As he smiles for the camera's…

  19. Trudeau "We need to do everything possible to support Canadians".
    "That's why my Liberal Government will donate unprecedented amounts of
    taxpayers dollars to foreign countries that have nothing to do with
    Canadians. But! Don't worry taxpayer, when you lose everything take
    comfort in knowing summer is coming so living on the street won't be so
    bad! And know that the Trudeau Foundation and its friends will love
    getting the kickbacks that will result in my squandering of your the
    taxpayers money!" "We pride ourselves on the fact that we can steal
    from the taxpayer with immunity"! As he smiles for the camera's…

  20. I agree with the guy to have an international control against all wet market all wet market should be closed worldwide

  21. Hearing the stories about embassies laughing at Canadians seeking help while they’re abroad is infuriating. If you’re going to lock the country down you better be prepared to bring EVERYONE home.

  22. I feel Canada needs to wake up, declare a state of emergency shut the country down for 20+ days besides the obvious businesses. Then have a fresh start, but keep the borders closed after the 20 days until the rest of the world catches up… treat this epidemic like a band-aid rip it off quick, don't pull it off slow so we all feel the pain, those who have stopped working weeks ago are still waiting on the rest of us to play the epidemic numbers game.

  23. @CBC NEWS please don't translate from French to English bc he already is saying the same thing. It is also disrespectful towards French speakers when you do that.

  24. Why bring up racism and discrimination- it’s not what Canadians want to hear – it’s solutions- playing politics

  25. Canadians is not taking the virus serious enough it's taken too lightly that's why it's spreading like this too bad

  26. That's me and my family. The airport here is closed and we can't even get out of the house as the government is not allowing any travels.

  27. People can travel anytime , maybe not at your own ideal time but non the less free to leave at convenience, but these morons who rather go away because they felt entitled to and now can't get back let them stay trapped, its not that there was no warnings. They get no sympathy from me.

  28. thank you to all the people out ther eworking still to make sure we are okay and get our goods we need,thank you!take care

  29. He's all words and he does noting to help this great country. Sad he was elected and put in charge of this. He is so out of focus, he thinks his great words are going to save Canada. Sorry man we need a leader who will take action, not talk.

  30. Good.. The fact they want to come back now when they've had months to do so , and didn't and could bring more of the virus to us here .. Those selfish people should have their citizenship revoked and a permanent ban be placed upon them… F'ing kunts

  31. No Canadians should be left behind. Simple as that.
    We need to do whatever it takes to bring them home no matter what the cost.
    And our government should help everyone with out restrictions no matter what there cases are. That means everyone. Not just who qualifies.
    All these qualifications are gonna do one thing. LEAVE MORE PEOPLE HOMELESS.
    Jobs are disappearing, nobody hiring at all. PEOPLE still advertising for employment but nobody hiring anyone.
    Every single person in this country aswell as stuck around the world should not be left behind.

    Our government should cut all red tape and do what right for humanity. Take care of everyone not only who qualifies.
    There are gonna be alot of people left out.
    That's the real truth

  32. We shouldn't be responsible to bring people home just because they went on a holiday…Their choice their responsibility..

  33. People Trudeau is doing his best! His reaction to this pandemic situation has been very speedy which is a heck of a lot more than many other places in the world can say at this moment. These are the times we need to rejoice in the simple fact our country actually puts money into invisible healthcare so that we can be one of the few countries with Public health advisors giving actually medical advice to follow in the first place. Trudeau has done a wonderful job taking their advice 🙂 Just buck up Canada and buckle down

  34. We have been in puerta plata Dominican Republic since Jan8th when there were no virus concerns. We decided to leave earlier and booked with air canada to leave on 23rd March. They cancelled our flight and we were unable to find any other flight out. Why did they cancel. The flight was full. We are stuck here now. Will the government step up?

  35. Banning all travel between internal regions is counter productive. It is even worse if you are banning travel out of a more affected region. People tend to try to "flee" from one region to the other before the border closes and spread things in the process. With a deadline they will ignore their symptoms trying to beat the clock. So people who normally live in NWT who may currently be in another region will try to rush home before things close down and spread the disease with them home either because they are infected now or in the process of travel they encounter an infected individual and catch it and spread things.

    Just ask Italy. It's one of their biggest early mistakes was starting a travel ban in north.

    I would not agree with any internal travel restrictions based on this evidence.

  36. to the people who didn't take all the warnings of international travel seriously or to stay off cruise boats….TOO BAD!! your whining and crying for help now is embarrassing, you made your bed, prepare to sleep in it

  37. I saw on the news last week a family leaving foe Cuba, said on tv that they were safe to travel, although where told not to travel. No I bet that family is stuck in Cuba, well I say that they should stay there until the outbreak is over. They took it upon themselves to take risks, now they should honour their decision. They should not be allowed to return.

  38. The virus and humans both have a strong will to survive.
    The virus has an ability to travel and cause harm to the weak.
    Humans travel to take care of the weak.
    The virus does not have reasoning.
    We will use reasoning to plan our defensive action.
    The virus does not have emotion.
    Humans take action based on our emotional perception.
    The virus does not have love, faith or knowledge.
    Collectively, we will use these gifts to battle the virus.
    Humans will win.
    We will learn and become stronger.

  39. Canadians in Peru should not blame, or try to put responsibility on to the Canadian government now, on March 21, 2020, that they cannot get back to Canada when they could and should have left last month. How does one blame Canadian government officials if one does not listen to radio news about COVID-19, or television news, or read in newspapers about COVID-19: that is all the entire globe has been talking about for the last three months. It has infected the entire globe and has done so months ago already. If you chose to stay in Peru, or to take non-essential travel there in the first place for whatever reason, and in addition to that, then choose not listen to news or read newspapers, not to read or listen to any and all other media, please accept your responsibility in any situation you find yourself in on Saturday, March 21, 2020. Please, do not hold Canadian government officials responsible for your choices, for decisions you made. I'm just saying. Thank you. The Canadian government is overloaded right now working desperately to keep Canada working because people have lost their jobs because employers have closed their businesses, schools are closed, people are taking responsibility by working from home. The government has been encouraging us to stay inside our homes, take only essential travel, self-isolate, everything they can to keep us protected.

  40. the honey badger virus ( aka covid 19) is going to pick up in may. I pray everyone takes this seriously. be safe ,wear a mask, stay home when you can, help those in your community. Jesus is THE LIFE.

  41. How about letting people know what flights they have been assigned. Make a booking flight cancelled, make another reservation, cancelled, have a third one who knows if it will depart.

  42. You don’t need the government to give you travel advisories for the outbreak, all you need to do is to watch the international news, use your judgement and understand by March 12th it was going to be an international crisis. For anyone who travels for leisure after what happened to the Diamond Princess, should be responsible for your own risky decision.

  43. The government has to be supported by the people. The government cannot support the people. Too bad people dont understand basic math.

  44. A quick poll : how many people would chip in $20 to build a fund to pay Trudeau to resign? How much do you think he could be bought for? First rid Canada of the corona virus and then we will begin sterilizing Canada's political infection.

  45. I think, a monthly basic income to all of us Canadians, for every house hole, will be better to pay bills rent buying food, paying mortgage. Time are getting harder especially with this virus.

  46. I think some Canadian old workers/ sewing machine operators can make their own mask at home easily. which can help the Canadian peoples from Corona Viruses in this moment and they need raw materiel's from fabric-land soon Thanks from Toronto.

  47. Yes social distance, is good, we all have to do our part to curb this virus to keep us safe God bless our doctor's and nurse our PM our government their are all doing a great job, God bless Canada 🙏 and all the other countries.

  48. We must March n revolt become secound amendment n bare arms against antichrists traitorous churchville government holding us and humanity and nature hostage Revelations 18. So come out of Babylon and save your souls from antichristsviile destination in black hole with their DNAs name in it tailored to their servitude to money AMEN! Pray for real gods to show up n put these WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING where they belong in a black hole singularity and real eternal JUDGEMENT!

  49. World needs a reset. Stop our destructive behaviour, respect Mother Earth. We need leadership to move in this direction.

  50. Spoke to Public Health this morning, they are currently able to test 5000 Canadians per day..please look at Canada website for clear information. this is the first thing he should have directed us to look at..the truth is we don’t have the testing capability so the only option is to self isolate..

  51. After griping about how every country is getting repatriated except Canada, he suddenly becomes so vague about the dates around why he's there when the reporter asked what he's doing there. Planned the trip since October? So? Left on the 12th. 12th of what? March? January? Really sounds like he's trying to cover up that he went against warning. Yes, try to get him home but his answers are so ambiguous.

  52. Please make freezing of mortage, rent or other similar to make safe in this difficult Emergency period. Italy and France are doing why not Canada? Support people like your children.

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