What is Dropshipping?

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  1. People should of thought of others and stopped being so darn greedy. There's more people in this world with families to feed and now alot have to go without because we cant find food. Smh

  2. You shoulda been like me, I buy a large bag of rice and beans every shopping trip, I vacuum seal them in mylar,I've got 120 pounds of rice, 60 pounds of a eabs n peas. Wood stove in case gas goes out, solar panels ect

  3. The whole country of Italy is on lock down and they are not doing this panic stockpiling, they're singing songs from the balconies. Americans need to grow up stop being idiots

  4. People stand in lines BEFORE the stores open. Whatever supplies that get stocked are sold out within a few hours. Stores should have been limiting supplies a month ago. Now is too late to put limits on merchandise because supplies will be in short supply for a long time now.

  5. Watch "Wuhan-400: The Biggest Conspiracy Theory Around Coronavirus Outbreak" on YouTube

  6. Crowds of people gathering to buy toilet paper: No way could that cause a mass of people to spread a virus between each other….. idiots 🤣

  7. PEOPLE!!!!! Hand sanitizer will not help!!for the fist five seconds of application your hand is completely bare at all bacteria good and bad! So when you touch something there are more bad bacteria!!Wich might make you sick!!!!!!

  8. Greedy idiots stocking their big freezers. Hoarding food. The people whos kids eat at school, and cant afford extra food, did not buy all of that food. The well off who do just regular weekly grocery shopping, its not hurting them, to have their kids at home, to warrant all of this. And the people left over that can afford it, cant get it. How selfish are we going to get?

  9. I was planning for a strict diet long long ago, because I was lazy it never happened. Now it looks like without any planning, I will automatically get forced into a strict diet plan if Michigan shoppers are emptying all the groceries in the neighborhood.

  10. There's been a major run on toilet paper
    Why toilet paper
    I'm surprised more people haven't been buying bottled water.

  11. Im 54, I've seen bread , to and milk isle bare (snow predictions) but never empty and definatly never like this nation wide, not even st 911

  12. yes but re stocking them now is not so easy ,its called not caring about fellow man ,those folks will let others starve ,terrible

  13. This was a joke a few weeks ago..it's not anymore. Things are deteriorating faster then anyone realizes. If this is now…then in 1 or 2 months…it's all over.

  14. The sheeple fall for the propaganda every time, just like the bird flu, SARS and other viruses in the past that I can't think of off hand.
    "Meek and obedient they follow the leader down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel" – Pink Floyd 🐑🐑🐑🤯😂

  15. I got a bunch of toilet paper on the shelves my mom takes it seriously she wasted 200 pounds yesterday our kitchen is full 😲
    Are we're going to school🏫🚸 tomorrow because the Corona virus is spreading quite quickly.

  16. Shame that most Americans will lose their jobs over these stores not making any profit due to nobody coming back to them as they had no supplies.

  17. Just stop eating so you don’t have to go to the toilet so you don’t run out of toilet roll and food

  18. I have to work at a casino or else I will get fired. 😤😔 I am so scared for myself and my family that I have to come home too. I find it very inhumane that the governor will not close the casinos. I have a weak immune system already due to illness. I just know I'm going to catch it if I don't already have it. The anxiety I feel when I go to work is no joke. I feel a need for therapy because I am so scared. The fact that I have to make a choice to either die or feed your family… truly puts me between a rock and a hard place. SMH

  19. I was literally gonna go buy some food… cuz I just wanted to eat junk food while playing video games. All the chips were gone. I luckily got the last one. Literally all my favourite food was gone!!!

  20. This is why “preppers” don’t care about being shamed. It’s not even panic buying it’s prudent buying, it’s just happening all at once and stores can’t handle the flow. This is why you stock up early, to avoid this very problem.

  21. It amazes me how dumb and selfish people can be. You don’t need to be stocking up for months worth of supplies! You now screwed over people who can only afford to buy weekly, people who just want to make a regular shopping to trip to feed themselves and their family, all because they’re panic buying. They don’t realize that now the stores are also screwed, the employees are screwed, the warehouses are screwed because they need to try to meet the demand. Buy less so more people can get their supplies and the businesses can have time to reorder enough supplies in a timely manner and not have to overwork our hourly employees who are being exposed to all these people, lowering their immune system thanks to overworking and don’t have the luxury of staying home.

  22. When you’re in bed with the high fever and the runs, you’re going to think thank goodness I have 27 cases of paper towels and toilet paper. LOL!

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