What is Dropshipping?

Ship Repair Facility Attack

As part of exercise Gaurd and Protect there
was a simulated shooting at the Ship Repair Facility. Obliviously it’s very important you look at
our geographical location right, Japanese forces have a lot of assets in the area and
it’s predetermined, it’s designed to work this way, if we come under attack or any major
incident and our forces become overwhelmed it’s understood that we’re going work with
them, and between that bilateral cooperation, we’re going to get the job done. The exercise gives U.S. and Japanese forces
the chance to learn different techniques and procedures from each other improving our overall
security forces. As we streamline that relationship between
the two forces, we’ll be able to come together and we’ll be in a better position to take
care of it. So we’re looking forward to working towards
more drills in the futureand stregthening that relationship and improving our responces
to events like this. Petty Officer Zachary Hale, Fleet Activities
Sasebo Japan.

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