What is Dropshipping?

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  1. Everyone is taking all the drastic measures pretty well, I am impressed that most people understand and are just dealing with it to protect those of us that are at huge risk.

  2. They are somebobodys loved have a heart with them getting it could spread alot faster and if we help lives we will help ourselves

  3. Its very sad that it takes a pandemic like this for the people that have the money and power to help the ones that need it the most. Make no mistake though if this virus affected homeless people only. Nothing would be being done about it. We r now seeing things could of been done long before the homeless population reached to the degree that it has. No one should be without a place to live. It was such an issue to find ways to shelter the homeless before the virus hit. Only when it effects us all do they start pulling solution out left and right.

  4. At least their doing something they have been ignoring for decades. I read the comments, I expect the usually hate and cruelty from amazingly ignorant.

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