What is Dropshipping?

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  2. They're not Royals anymore are they? We already saw the proof where Meghan only got that Disney deal beacause of Harry.

  3. Do not mind. Let's them go two narc's who adore them themselves. But leave titles behind and live a respectful PRIVATE life. Let the public have our peace.

  4. I think Harry and Meghan are great humans. want to see them doing like a princess Diana in Canada. basically, make the world a better place from Canada!!! 

    Don't worry about the money guys… They will make a lot of money for them and for humanity. CZ they are an exceptional human.

  5. Must be that Megan will be working, Harry will be the stay at home parent. Either way, taxpayers better not have to foot the bill.

  6. No our problem to pay the way. Must be hard to be spoiled and rich… We have people in the streets and out of work.
    Give it five years they will be irrelevant or divorced.we already pay 50 million in upkeep for the crown houses and property. We give money to the Jubilee ect. We have done enough. We are not serfs anymore.

  7. Both don't have citizenship.? No doubt they will quickly start some foundation. It will be used as a slush fund. Tell markle to take the entire scamming for decades mulroney clan to get lost while your at it. Canada has had enough of that lying clan

  8. I am surprised that this is as big news as it is. I also think that the racism that exists in this world is being brought into stark reality. I don’t blame them for making this decision and I think it is so progressive of them to want to be independent and no longer be a drain on the public purse. Stop blaming Meghan. Harry is a grown man and they have made a joint decision that they feel is right for their family.

  9. God bless the Royals! Come to the West Coast and show the world our beautiful British Columbia! 🇨🇦🗽
    Eastern Canada so cold, brrr, -70 with the wind chill, with too many Napoleonic weirdos like Legault, brandishing snow shovels!

  10. Canada has a long association with royalty. Longest in the world. Except Europe. Monarchy been here since 16 century. Whether its British or French.

  11. CBC excited…not us the tax payers. The success of the queen has been that she shut her trap about politics. Meghan is openly political and pushing her woke agenda. No thanks. When the queen dies…Cdn should become a Republic. Enough of these leeches.

  12. Harry is more than capable of making his own decisions, he hates the press, with good reason and wants to protect his family..Meghan is distressed, again understandably, but she is not the driving force in this..
    The press need to leave them alone, the constant attacks would make anyone want to run away..
    The Queen is not being bullied, she is the most powerful woman in the world, if she felt that their request was unjust she would most definitely put her foot down.
    This is not a first for the Royal family, both Edward VIII and Princess Margaret lived independently.. Harry is not bound by the throne, unless something terrible happened to the Cambridges, he will never be king.

  13. Its a conspiracy done by that royal family. The prince was telling a movie creator to give his wife a job doing voice work..and he said ok. No training..no effort..just in to hollywood work right away. I hope canada makes these tax vampires pay big time

  14. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. If they hung around until everyone was happy, they could never get out. As for choosing Canada, I don’t know if the fact that we managed to elect a progressive government just as other countries are electing regressive right wing ones figured into it.

  15. I want to know how much Canada is going to be paying for this BS. Can't imagine what their security costs, let alone their lavish lifestyles.

  16. Ur just supposed to report news not gossip! So unprofessional. I'm unsubscribing & won't b liking or sharing ur crap ever.

  17. A wonderful move, I wish them a bright future. Oh come on Katie! The British press is CANNIBALISTIC and casual racism has consequences. The British should pay for the security. It’s a tremendous endorsement of Canada that Megan and Harry should move there. How about some respect for Megan, Harry and their toddler. Megan took on the royal role with finesse. Come on Canada show us your best, the world is watching and we want you to shine. Canada is THE choice destination.

  18. they best apply for their citizenship because no support from my tax dollars, no welfare for them but really she should stay inside she may get shot not welcome

  19. Harry and Meghan are saying they want to be financially independent. What's the big deal. Damed if they do and damned if they don't

  20. Its true,Kate too, had to go through her initiation.The prblem wih meghan is no one is gonna tell her what to do.She has been a spoiled snotnosed actress.Yes, and her talking bout color????Funny her changing her face so she dont look so much black.SHAME ON HER SHAMING HER HERITAGE.SHE HAS THE PROBLEM.

  21. I as a Canadian taxpayer will be furious if we are on the hook for these two entitled whiners!! Nothing is good enough for them. Their behaviour is appalling. I think Meghan wasn't happy until his family is in shambles like hers is.

  22. Wow , such a huge issue for a few and honestly it's just a few , they will do well and anyone who questions that needs a reality check …………glad they choose Vancouver instead of the east , come live , i wouldn't give them anymore attention then my neighbor , tittles mean nothing to me and many

  23. If Harry serves at the UK embassy, the UK should pay for their security. If Harry serves as Governor General, we would pay. I think it is hard to justify other scenerios where Canadians would foot %100 of the cost for their safety. The should pay for their private lives.

  24. I'm a big supporter of the Royal Family but paying the bill for their residence here be damned. The Royal Family needs to foot the bill. It's arrogant presumption.

  25. I don't mind H&M residing in Canada. Land of immigrants. Everybody is welcome to Canada.

    Above all, some people believe that it will boost tourism. People have to bear in mind that they want privacy when they are in Canada. So, no photos or whatsoever. Unless, they are coming to Canada to promote themselves because in England, they are 6th in line in waiting.

    Secondly, it would be unfair on Canadians to have to pay even a penny for their security. Like someone rightfully put it, "we didn't ask them to come over."

    Thirdly, if they want to live in Canada, they should go through immigration process just like any immigrant who comes and lives in Canada. Not because Harry is the grandson of the Queen that he should have Royal privilege.

    Last but not least, it is not unCanadian as some people have put it. There are many poor people in Canada especially children.

  26. As Canada has been out of the British rule for awhile… this is cool sure but this is Europe’s royal. Not canadian royalty. We don’t have any.

  27. Not a penny of taxpayer money .Meghan wants to be back in the entertainment industry so maybe she can live in the Hollywood.

  28. I have no problem that they choose Canada to have a bit of privacy and live a different life.. But, please , don’t tell me they cannot afford to pay for their own security ( bodyguards, etc….)

  29. Welcome to Canada and the beautiful west coast, Vancouver Island! His Navy skills and helicopter training would provide him to work for the Search and Rescue wing on the west coast. A wonderful addition

  30. Prince Andrew is a pedophile; there is only 1 reason anyone was associated with Epstein.. Their son isn't at risk but once Ghislaine Maxwell admits is publically, who would want to raise their child in that media circus and new reality going forward? She's already take the first step by not denying publically for him. A parents number 1 priority and instinct it to protect their child. For this 1 reason only it makes perfect sense to get as far away as possible from that.

  31. This can be a distraction from Prince Andrew's scandal. They are welcome to live in Canada but the Queen should pay for their security.

  32. Sorry Canada you are being forced to pay for this train wreck side show. Side Show Harry and his clown Meghan. Greedy.

  33. Harry has mental health problem. I'm wondering what job our PM is going to give him to solve their security bills crisis.

  34. If they want to be independent, let them pay for their own security. Why should I have to? What happened about taking care of our own? Health care. The homeless, shelters etc. Etc. What is Trudeau thinking? He’s British and she’s American. Let them take care of security costs for these INDEPENDENT PEOPLE

  35. Best case scenario: The Crown, or Prince Harry covers the cost of security. All that money will go directly to middle class jobs.

  36. Harry is emotionally fragile. Megan is emotionally fragile. So much so they want to get away from England & live in Canada. At least for a while. When Trump is no longer President they will move to America. They want to be financially independent but did not work out how this would be achieved. Canada is being used as it’s a Commonwealth Country & has links with the Queen. There will be problems wherever they go.

  37. I'm just glad that Dianna doesn't have to see her boys being torn apart by the same culprits that destroyed her life. Disrespectful is an understatement.

  38. Harry and Meghan have spread the message throughout the world that people, little people as well as big people matter. I've been watching to see who can see that they too really matter. Also, Canada is known throughout history for welcome hardworking, second sons from Britain. Many of us are their descendants. We were given a chance to grow and develop here, maybe we could give the same grace to Meghan and Harry.

  39. What do they represent for Monarchy? Nothing. So, live their lifes how they want,without the services, big houses, safety, travels, charity etc. GO work as we do.

  40. The uk people and especially the press have hounded them out of the country. A strong statement to make, but had she been the quintessential English Rose they were expecting, and not Black, American and a divorcee, lm sure things would have turned out differently. Harry saw what the press did to his mother, do you blame him for wanting to protect his wife.

  41. Who cares if they are moving to Canada? I don't blame them for wanting a more private lifestyle. But this is definitely being used to distract from the Prince Andrew story. (The more concerning matter) The Queen probably thanked them for the distraction in their latest meeting. The media needs to get a reality check… because this isn't news.

  42. The media totally turned on them after the birth of Archie (the media couldn’t get pictures/coverage of the birth and christening…)

  43. Why is a young couple wanting to HELP support THEMSELVES news? People instead of playing these games let them be and WE including you need to get out own life.

  44. More than welcome o come and live in Canada….they pay their taxes and expenses like everyone else. No tax money at all should go to their protection.

  45. Probably because she came out of nowhere, then bam! Already married with kid? Something doesn't seem right about that.

  46. After the divorce will Harry run back to the palace and put the bloody crown on his head so he can get laid again.

  47. They won’t need the financial support- the 5%. Stop getting ahead of the story, the details will enfold in their own time. The Queen won’t allow anyone to have control of their security.

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