What is Dropshipping?


All right, I got this when I was in preschool. I actually got expelled for kissing every single girl in the class When you send it it gets delivered right well logang I sent it, and it is currently getting delivered a yoga morning Logang Whats poping you guys know we’re having a furniture problem right that retro furniture was taking the houses to empty right now So today’s the furnace today inside of that van that is obviously having a hard time parking is a portable. Oh boxes nice So here’s the deal guys left updates number one if you have not subscribed yet make sure to join the logang the strongest family on YouTube that’s a fact hit the subscribe button for me number two you guys know the number song was released yesterday I hope you’re enjoying that singing about numbers Listen to me being a good roommate. Spencer you got a little sticker on you that means Im healthy and fresh This is definitely one of the tickers you would find on bananas Well, I am a banana. You are haha a banana Lastly all know guys maverick merch.The hottest softest merch in the game We have free shipping on domestic orders over $50 And we just drops a bunch of new stuff as seen here Logan Paul back on slash shop or link in description now why are we in here because the pool tables gotta go right here turning this room into a game room right so you got the Ping-pong table here, and then you’re gonna be able to play pool right there And then I think once put a TV on that wall board exactly One of my future ex-boyfriends yes How many followers do you have on Instagram now we made Suzy and Instagram it’s at neighbors Suzy how To the Maverick Enterprise take 50% of everything you make I don’t know where’s my you drive a hard bargain Yeah, oh snap Suzy brought me some furniture Suzy brought me a lot of stuff including that guy yeah Wow truly remarkable the things they have like this this is great Suzy, okay? Let’s get out run. Just as you’re doing this be careful There is a killer dog that we have running around so just take it easy in which is watch out Yesterday Eagles I like that and I can learn these lyrics everyone knows Suzie’s no more games. Okay? I’m Kind of a big deal yeah, of course Oh you mean these ones Hoodies available now and looking for /i Suzie I’ma be honest I you can have whatever you want Wow I’m you tryna too small for you all those muscles. He’s gonna stretch out my hoodie Yeah, I’m gonna leave this to users yeah, you know how I can tell watch the pecs, bro You shouldn’t this shouldn’t be thing you should be able to see this stretched it out. Yeah, that’s because I’m your Eye Suzy go ahead and do your shopping spree imma go this way Single day Vikas just gets more Oh Wait a second no bro, I bet this blue can be used as a green screen, bro All right Ivan you’re sleeping, but you’re on the move Anyways guys so since today is about populating house cool stuff. You know the other day We got something that I haven’t shown you guys yet. I’ve been waiting for forever. Let’s do a little flashback to the other day Inside the wooden box there’s more boxes You guys, this is material for the law this could be the log of log yo y’all don’t even know It’s clear to me you guys have absolutely no idea what’s going on, okay, so just go live your merry little lives. All right I want to start. I’m a surprise job with the log. Okay, I Respect your I have not been this excited since I hit puberty you have you ready Yeah, are ya did I got muscles now. We’re actually behind the gym right now I don’t know if you guys know this place sometimes see it. We have this space here I want to put a mini horse over there before that it’s also a great spot for a log, right I’m thinking right here next to the rain barrel. Good little patch of dirt I’m gonna let the boys work, and then when it’s done. Yeah, I guess we’re gonna check it out Okay, yeah, she’ll be done by now. It’s dark. It’s nighttime. Let’s go check it out boy is the log done So nice I actually don’t I don’t even want to show that much of it looking at me showing this right now Hey extra light Wow me showing this at night is not gonna Do it justice so let’s cut back to present day future Logan take it away. Yeah, hey, thanks Pass Logan, okay? Yo, this is a big deal. The log is complete ready to be used now I’m sure some of you may have figured it out by now the log. Okay, check it out Baby yo, you want to tell me what it is We do Without your boy come on go this looks steamy, bro Come on in boys just a couple boys in the sauna no big deal wait What did you just say is my first time in a sauna? No it’s at your house Yeah, absolutely spacious in here like the log change the room. I hope you don’t mind I grabbed a couple of pair of the boards. Yeah the crew woman Those are the women’s performance shorts available now in local bold icon slash outputs. Yeah, I’m not the only one who does Come out the number song Yeah, it’s already on actually so I also actually came up with an idea for a new segment to do it here solo gang I give you a song on a secret Okay these are actual secrets that happen in our lives. That’s the rule they have to be true All right, I got this when I was in preschool. I actually got expelled for kissing every single girl in the class But you can’t expel me now mrs. Buns yeah, that’s right, I can kiss any girl who wants to kiss me back I use my door face up to park in handicapped parking spots Technically a handicap right you have a handicap think about it if I park far away from the parking lot And I’m walking and some cars backing up and doesn’t see me Oh Live in a world with no cell phones and no internet. I would choose that over this world Mad commendable Wow you’re a Human I are you’re up But actually I watched Logan’s vlogs and the sauna when I’m at the gym oh No no lay it down, that’s kind of dough All right guys that is the blog thank you guys for watching as usual no gang you guys know I love you if you’re not a part of us make sure to subscribe smash the button for me Also cop your maverick merch the hottest off this mercs in the game Whether you’re a male or a female or a male who wants to wear female things or whoa man whoa man? This week only free shipping on domestic orders over $50 Logan Paul back on slash up Fucking bought that spice slow gang. I love you, and I will see you tomorrow

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  1. Sitting in a sauna with the door open is equivilent to chillen in a dog kennel with a foot heater on in the corner..

  2. 2017- highest point of Logan Paul 2018- The downfall of Logan Paul 2019- the fight of Logan Paul 2020- the rise of Logan paul

  3. Just realized that he got ginger before kong died but then gingers purpose was to scare coyotes but then ate mav

  4. yall dont know how to use a sauna A.ur not supposed to have clothes B.its supposed to have a door so tye steam doesnt go
    C.its supposed to be hot
    D.dont argue im from the country where sauna was invented

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