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Retailer Taylor Stitch recommends Xero accounting software

The reason that we started Taylor Stitch was
because Barrett and I could not find shirts that fit us. We’re pretty normal sized guys. So from
there, it became this hunt to figure out how can we make better shirts? And the cool think
about having online ecommerce, that like allure of custom shirting drives ecommerce sales and
it’s awesome to see that we really have gained a following from all over the country and it’s
starting to kind of progress internationally. So when we opened this retail store about
eight months ago, we had to implement a POS system. We wanted it to be able to help manage
our customer relationships because the business that we run is very high touch. I
couldn’t find anything that was reasonably priced, very good looking, easy to use, and the biggest
thing was there was just nothing that would tie in­store inventory to ecommerce inventory
and do it functionally and quickly. Vend, Shopify and Xero all speak to well to
one another, you know, from an accounting perspective, a POS perspective, and an ecommerce
perspective. You can essentially build everything in one and fire all the information
right to the other with the click of a button and that was huge for us. And it’s just made our
lives so much easier. So to have Vend, Shopify, and Xero all speak to one another and work succinctly
together is kind of like the dream team of, you know, business software. It’s all done in the cloud, it’s all done
through the internet as a whole, and they just work so quickly and so simply and it makes our business
that much easier to run and allows us to focus on things that we really need to focus on.
It’s, “Okay, we got the money, we figured out what we sold, we can analyze that, not we need to
make more.” You know, or it’s, “What do we need to make? What are we going to focus on for next
season? What do we need to order more of?” All those sort of things are integral parts
of our business and that solution set with those programs helps us do all those really, really

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