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Product List Genie Review 2019

hey what’s going on everybody it’s ya
girl Bianca Moore with B. Moore Successful Marketing in this video I’m going to
give you my product list Genie review 2019
alright so I’ve been using product list genie since 2018 I believe it was around
August that I saw an ad about it and decided to go with it because it had so
many features that could actually help me out in my business and to this day it
actually has so I’m gonna go over some of the features that product list Genie
has and you’re really gonna be mind blown because I haven’t seen anything in
the e-commerce space like this okay so let me just show you it has a whole
library of winning products and they’re at it daily so like as you can see there
are some hot products here and let me just click on some of these like this
clean step Matt it’s pretty cool it uh it’s definitely
something that is innovative something that is going to fix a problem and
that’s another thing that I like about product list genie because what they did
was they went out and found not just winning products but they actually went
out and found products that are actually going to solve a problem okay
and everybody knows that if a product solves a problem then it’s a surefire
winner because you know people are actually looking for solutions to their
problems so let me just show you what this app has done okay now it
automatically puts the ad copy for you so there’s no guesswork you don’t have
to worry about thinking about what’s going to convert and what’s not they
have some people who actually went out and scoped all of these winning products
and they took the best ad copy that was actually converting and they put it all
into product list genie alright so no guesswork guys this is
what’s working right now this type of ad copy and all you have to do is just
where it says order here is place your URL for your store okay now not only did
they go and do that for us with product list genie but they also gave us
interest to start with so that we know you know who to target who would be
interested in the products that we’re selling so as you can see this is a
carpet and it’s for people who are dog owners and people who work around you
know like muddy places or dirty places so they have mud here they have carpet
flooring cleaner cleanser cleaning step in door and once we put all of this into
the facebook interest what is going to do is populate more highly targeted
interest for us to put in so that we can find you know the exact target market
for this product so that’s definitely something that I
really applaud product list genie for doing because like really nobody’s doing
this kind of stuff on the market right now now they took it a step further and
they actually went out and made videos okay so as you can see here everybody
knows that right now videos are converting okay it’s just
what’s converting right now I’m so like we couldn’t actually sell this product
or it would be kind of hard to sell the product if we just did an ad where it
looked like this you know just a rug and a white
background so what they did was they had some people go out and actually find
videos to put together for us showing how the product is actually used and how
it can you know be a problem-solver for this particular
market so let me just go ahead and play this and as you can see they have some little
captions here that will also assist with you getting
cells here because it’s explaining what this carpet does okay so that’s also
super helpful so you don’t have to actually pay for somebody to create
videos for you and you also don’t have to create videos for yourself you can
just worry about the things that really matter okay in your business which is
actually going out and doing your Facebook ads you know or whatever
platform you’re working on working on those kind of things instead of the
tedious things that you usually pay people for okay so they also
put a link here where you can find similar ads to see what other people on
Facebook are doing okay so as you can see there’s other
videos here so like not only can you check and see you know how this product
is doing with other stores this one has 23 thousand views 555 views but what you
can do is you can actually check out these people’s stores okay and that’s
going to help also with your product research
okay so what I would do now from here is just click on their store and see if
their store and still in business alright so it’s going to take me to
their store and I can get other ideas for products so we see this one here all right now I would not recommend you
putting this picture up unless you have an actual license to sell this product
like the name-brand product the product that we’re selling is fine because
there’s no trademark on it but this is unacceptable right here this can
actually get this store shut down so if this is your store and you’re watching
this video you might want to take this down because this could get you in a lot
of trouble all right let me see what they have in here they have reviews
which is great all right so you also can get ideas like let’s say your store
didn’t have reviews well you can see that there’s people that obviously liked
this product and so they’re commenting and saying what they liked about it what
they didn’t like about it and that’s something that’s going to help you sell
this product even more okay so like I was saying you can come in
here and you can check out other things that they’re selling and you can just drop this down like in
a notebook or like a little notepad here on the computer so that if you see
something that you like you can add them to your store all right so they have
some pretty cool products let me close out of that and go back to product list
Jeannie okay now if you’re going to use Aliexpress they even put a vendor link
here so you can click vendor link and it’s going to take you to Aliexpress to
show you where you can get it from like in how
much is going to cost and Aliexpress has a video here too as
you can see so if you don’t like the video that product list Genie has done
for you you know you can just download the video that Aliexpress has for you
now as you can see here there is a 25 day shipping time okay now with product
list genie you don’t have to worry about that because if you’re shipping to
anybody in the United States there’s a 7 to 10 day shipping time and
internationally it may take 10 to 15 days which isn’t bad at all ok it’s a
lot faster than this 25 days from Aliexpress so that’s another reason why
I love product list genie it definitely cut back on all those emails you know
from customers wondering where the hell their products at and you know just a
whole bunch of disgruntled like people getting mad that it’s taking 25 business
days by the way guys this is 25 business days so this is a month that this person
will be waiting on a rug but with product list genie they have us shipping
so that’s something that we don’t have to worry about because all the products
are shipped from the US which is great ok no product list genie also has made
it very simple for us to actually price this item as you can see it says
recommended selling price 4495 they give the Aliexpress price here twenty four
ninety and then they also give you your profit margin which is twenty dollars
and five cent now you can push this to your store with one click
and before you push it to your store if you want to make this a bundle you can
so if you push this to a store with a bundle what’s going to happen is it’s
going to put some tier pricing there you know so like if a person buys – it’ll be
like ten to fifteen percent off and if a person buys three then it’ll be like
twenty percent off or something like that so on and so forth
so I thought that that was pretty nifty – with product list genie because nobody
is doing that and that’s going to increase your average order value
because you know people have more than one door in their house okay they have a
back door they have a front door they also have you know side doors and stuff
like that where they may need a rug and they also have garages where let’s say
they’re coming from outside and they step in mud or grass or whatever they’re
going to need a rug like this for their house
okay so that’s where bundle come in and product list genie has done that work
for us and they’ve all they’ve all they’ve done for us is you know included
this with the one-click push through so that’s one of the great things that they
have here back to the targeting they give you a list of the e packet
countries if you decide to use all the Express okay so um if you want to target
these countries so you know you don’t have to worry about a country that is
going to charge you an extra 45 dollars to ship it to them if you decide to use
Aliexpress you can eliminate that problem by using the e packet country’s
only by clicking right here with the targeted they also gave you the
demographics like I said before with the interests and behaviors so you also have
the demographics which is 25 to 65 gender all alright and when you push this to your store
what is going to do is import all of this okay all of this right here the
whole product description with pictures and also little gifts more of the
descriptions and features the benefits and this is also going to help you with
conversions okay you can’t get this anywhere else
nobody else is doing this I’ve seen some pretty messed up pages where it’s just a
picture and like the little Aliexpress what do they call it description which
is just very bland and it doesn’t really help the customer know what they’re
getting or what they’re buying so this is another feature that I really like
about product list genie okay now you can also check out some of the different
niches that they have here okay so they have beauties and cosmetics as you can see they have some like
moisturizers and like organic hair solutions or whatever this is I’m not
really sure let me see whether that was organic permanent hair growth inhibitor
which is only a dollar on Aliexpress and that’s pretty dope because you’re making
a $23 profit and again here we are they have the ad copy that you’re going to
use they have the video with the captions on here
you let me just pause this
oh and with the videos I forgot to mention but you can actually download
these videos by clicking the download button so it’s going to drop down and
download to your computer and then all you have to do is open it
up and just upload it to Facebook whenever you get to will get ready to
promote it now let me cancel this because I actually don’t need this video
let me exit out you and let’s go back to the different
niches that they have here now if you don’t see an itch on here
what you can do because let’s say that we’re looking for the fishing niche okay
and I don’t see that anywhere on here if I was looking for a fishing product I
would just go over here to search and then type in fishing
okay hit the search button and it’s going to pull up products that
are related to the fishing niche the same thing for our motorcycle all right and let’s see about camping
we have camping here alright and they have a lot of great
products these aren’t just you know products that will break easily or
anything like that these are all products that are proven to sell their
great quality and you know there’s actually a market for it so they
actually have videos for all of these as well
none of these go without videos so you don’t have to worry about having to find
the video one Facebook or Instagram or wherever you go to find your videos or
paying somebody to do it because every single product has a video here guys
alright so enough about the products because I can go on and on about this
this library is just endless with lots and lots of products great products for
us to promote with one click import with one click importing or importation
however you say that is that a word I don’t know anyways the next thing that
is on the list they do have a theme it’s like $97 but it’s one of those
highly converting themes okay so I’m actually using their theme in one of
my other stores I’m not using it in my current store right now I just opened up
a new store and I’m going to connect it very very soon so if that’s something
that you want you know they have a video on what the theme does what it looks
like and you can check that out it really helps with conversions and I
thought that was cool as well all right now they have this thing
called audience genie and if you come here what it does is it
has all these different niches and it will help you with targeting okay so if
you find a cleaning product and you need help with targeting it it’s going to
give you all these different interests that you can type into the Facebook
interest drop-down and you can put this in to get more similar interests to help
target the perfect audience of people who would be interested in buying the
cleaning product alright so let me just go back to audience genie and they have
it for a lot of niches okay and if there’s a niche that you don’t see here
you can ask coach Gianni to go ahead and put it in so that you can start making
some cells okay so I’m just showing you some of the interest that they have here fishing
they show magazines retail that’ll give you like retail stores and stuff where
you can buy it and TV shows that are related to the fishing niche all right
now we’re going to go on to the different stores that can connect with
product list genie in its several they have everything from 3d car down to WIC
stores okay so this isn’t just for Shopify it’s for
all of these different stores all right now let’s go to store ranking
this gives you all of the stores that are top sellers okay in the Shopify
space alright so you can come here and check for if you’re looking for a
certain store you can check up here by searching the name of the store then if
it pops up what you can do is then click on their best sellers okay it’s going to
take you to the store where their best sellers are alright so you don’t have to
put in the code that people usually have to put in because it does that for you
by just clicking on best products so let me just show you
clicking on morph this is the code I was referring to up
at the top all right my Internet’s a little slow
guys I’m actually in my car right now recording this because my house is super
loud right now all right so these are all the best sellers
for this particular store where is the X on this pass on 10% off
okay all right so these are the best sellers
for this particular stores you can see assessed collections sort by and
best-selling we’ll scroll down here just to see what
else they have here and this is another way to do product research by the way
you come here you find a story that you’re interested in and you just click
on their best products and then you can pretty much take their best products add
them to your store and run ads to them so that you can see the same success all
right right here is the ad spy so like if that
particular store is running an ad on Facebook all you have to do is click on
add spy and it will take you to their current
running ads instead of you going over to Facebook
all right so this page is no longer available right now so they actually
need to remove that one let me see what else is available just click on a random
one you all right and these are the current
running ads for Thursday boot company so this is going to help you out too when
it comes to running ads okay you may not want to use the ads that product is
genie has already given you or the ad copy and you see that this door is
successful and you may want to put your own spin to what it is they’re doing so
that you can see you know similar success or the same success all right in
their ad copy let me click off of this the next thing is the bundle genie which
is what I was talking about where it has tears selling where if you buy one you
get 50% off or whatever you decide to select here okay it could be 23% or it
goes down to 0% but you can play with this and decide where you want you know
it to be I usually start mine off at like 5 or 10% so 10% 15% 20 what this is
20 pieces I thought these were percentages alright so this one actually
is the percentage this one says pieces I’m not really sure
why but yeah so that’s pretty much what you would do here is you would go ahead
and put these to your liking and if this is a glitch where it says percentages
instead of pieces or whatnot you can actually change this in your stores
variance once it’s imported to your store so it’s nothing to worry about
alright so I thought this was super helpful it definitely increases your
average order value because instead of getting one the person will actually buy
two or three or four and some people like if they have their own business for
whatever it is they’re selling you know they may buy it in bulk because they see
that you’re given a discount you
all right so what copy push is is it will allow you to copy down somebody’s
products that they have in their store and all you have to do is put down their
URL and then copy push which is very helpful if you find a store that has
winning products that’s all you have to do all right the ad Spy you can come here
and you can put in the URL of a store or a Facebook group I mean not Facebook
group but or a Facebook page and click show me their ads and it will show the
ads so let’s say this store for instance this page let me find this is the name
of their page let me just copy this down go back to
product list genie paste this in and get rid of this extra stuff here you all right and it will show the ads that
this store is currently running now if you actually landed on their
store first if you were looking on Google then you could take down their
stores URL and put it in there and it will still show you the ads that that
store is running okay because if you’re already on the Facebook page then you
don’t really need to come to product list you need to do this part because
you can just go down to where it says info and ads and just click on it that
way they have the Aliexpress plugin if you
decide to use oli Express which I really don’t know why you would use Aliexpress
because like I said you can get the seven to ten days shipping from product
list genie so if you don’t want your customers to
wait then go ahead and use product list genie all right now you can get your
ideas from Aliexpress but when it comes to actually shipping that product all
you would have to do is come to where it says fulfillment genie
okay this might be because of my internet
here is going kind of slow but you would come here to fulfilment Jeanne and all
you would do is click on get estimated quote and once you click on get
estimated quote you would go to you would go to Aliexpress for the
product that you’re looking for you would copy down the name
and URL all right so you can search for the
products name by putting it here you would put I don’t
know what was a something Matt the microfiber doormat all right and then you would go ahead
and put the vendors link okay which would be the website the URL that we
just put here and then you would just click on request a quote request a quote
look at me all tongue-tied and stuff request a quote and then product list
genie we’ll get back to you and give you a quote for that product that you are
looking for and they usually get back to you within 24 to 48 hours which is great
okay so you can instantly start selling that
product and start making some sales I skipped over two reviews Jeannie let me
go to it now reviews Jeannie is where you would actually import reviews for
the different products that you import into your store okay so you would come
here put the products name the products name is not Bianca more all right but
let’s say it was a watch who is it intended for this is just some
code here I don’t even know what that is all right who is it intended for could
it be like a wife a husband a mother a father you put that in there and you’ll
put your stores name here okay so let’s just put writers universe that s 4.com
yes okay so for writers universe dot-com look at them popping up all my emails
and stuff like that all right and then you go ahead and put the demographic of
the product here okay so is it for mommies is it for children
well it’s for fathers okay all right and what it’s going to do here
is once you click generate it’s going to make a review for it okay so once you click generate it’s going to
make a custom review for you and then if you’re satisfied with it all you have to
do is push reviews to your store and it will go under that product so when it
says search product from your store to push reviews you’ll actually have to put
your store in here and like I said before my store is actually not
connected to this product list genie account so I won’t be able to do that
but it will go ahead and create the reviews for you that’s going to help
with your average order value all right no product list genie also offers
training all right they have weekly trainings where coach gianni will get on
facebook live and he will go over like different strategies to help you out
with your e-commerce business he will help you with like product research
Facebook Ads how to scale and Partagas genie actually comes with training as
well okay so not only do you get the live training weekly but you also get
step-by-step video training so it’s like you’re in business for yourself but
you’re not in business by yourself okay and I really love that about product
list genie because they even give you your old coach that will help you if you
have any questions or anything like that if you need any help with your business
you have your own coach okay that’s there to guide you with anything that
you’re having problems with in your store so I thought that was very very
cool all right let me just go to go back to product list genie to the
homepage you okay so
all you would have to do is click on I need help coach and once you hit
I need help coach somebody’s going to help you okay
all right product list Jeannie also has like a point system where like you get
rewarded for importing your products for making sales and stuff like that and
when they do that you win prizes okay you win
weekly prizes for earning the points that you do and right here is where you
can contact your coach that I was talking about like if I had a question
about my business I would just have to come here to contact my coach and I also
can contact them on Facebook because like we’re actually friends on Facebook
now they have this thing where you can spin
a wheel on here and product list genie will actually
reward your points and they will allow you to get certain products that aren’t
in their library so that’s another reason to stay plugged into the system
and make sure that you are importing daily or testing out products daily and
trying to make sales and stuff like that because they’re really going to help you
out in the long run right now they’re actually doing a seven day free trial to
try out product list genie so if this was a review that you actually liked and
you think that it would be helpful for your business go ahead and click the
link that I leave in the description and also in the comment section so that you
can go ahead and get your seven day test trial to check it out for yourself and
see how beneficial it is for your business I know it was super helpful for
my business like I said before it helped out with the problem that I was having
with long shipping times I don’t have to deal with you know the customers
complaining about it taking forever to get to them and also it helped me with
finding winning products and you know because it’s kind of hard to look for
winning products with videos you know the videos that product lists genie has
put together for us is very helpful for my business and I think it’ll be helpful
for your business as well well I know it will be helpful for your business as
well because it’s going to give you more time to really focus on the things that
really matter in your business and product list genie has done a great job
of doing that for us doing all the heavy lifting so go ahead and get your free
trial of it and that’s it for my video guys um go ahead and like subscribe hit
that notification bill so the to notified anytime I drop another
dope-ass video I’ll see you guys in the next video

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