What is Dropshipping?

Pompeo defends limiting access to intelligence on Iran airstrike

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  1. I highly dislike Pompeo, he's constantly pushing for more secrecy in a time when we need transparency on a HUGE number of things. He still wants Snowden shot for treason when he should be given a medal for exposing Obama's spying on the American people.

  2. Since when does a criminal explain himself?
    Those passengers would still be alive if it wasn’t for this Israeli shill…..
    Pompeo should be a man an apologise…….

  3. What happend to that so called imminent danger? Only Trump cult members are dumb enough to believe any of the White House lies.

  4. Load all the democrats in congress on a plane ✈️ send the communist to Iran with no entry back into the United States 🇺🇸 !!!

  5. Considering how obviously the Democrats are sympathetic towards mass murderers I wouldn't want to risk letting them leak the information to the Iranians of who it was that followed Iranian Himmler.

  6. If POTUS was Democrat n the Senate was Democrat majority…the USA will be wiped off the world map as you will be facing incoming nuclear missiles from terrorists n Iran…THANK GOD FOR TRUMP!!!

  7. World is a better place without Soleimani. Thank you Sec Pompeo and President Trump. If people of Iran are given freedom they will show to the world that they do NOT want the Iranian regime. They want referendum to choose their system of government without the mullahs.

  8. No attempt made to recover intell at the site to understand and prevent any 'attacks'. Have to call BS on this. Public airport…. why not apprehend him and get his evidence/plans?

  9. So Foxnews, Fox Business and One America News Network are all down this morning on ATT Dish service in N Michigan: what's going on guys? Are they spilling some beans you want to sweep under the rug??? 1/13/2020 at about 5am.

  10. The eradication of the treasonous Democrat Party Of Losers, is now warranted, and inevitable.
    Their behaviour and track record is very insulting, unpatriotic, and downright treasonous..!
    We do not need them, Demonic Rats Party operatives. They are criminal, not only very unsightly, but nasty and lethal!
    We do not want them, Demonix Rats Party operatives, anywhere in our pathetic lives..!
    Like very noisy and unruly kindergarten toddlers, in romper room, they are now ready to be thoroughly disciplined… or to be pushed right off the edge of their flat world…! It would have been glorious if they had never been engendered..!
    Their repulsive existence will be assessed, and the matter corrected, by any means necessary.
    We trust that they are readily compelled to perform self euthanasia, in short order, to spare all those invisible and imaginary gods, the chore..!
    Just Brain Droppings… We can still dream and wish upon a star. Can't we..?

  11. So thats how BharatMALA brought concubine Kavitha Paride into Wise Royal India Families.

    Now, the concubines goes into their own home tribes.

    IAM🤴🏻said. IAM WORD never failed and amazingly the history of the Wise-Righteous is Crowned adorned the Crown of the Prince🤴🏻👸🏻Princess.

    And also Judgment is coming upon Concubines dynasties who put false/lies naming-shaming accusation/witnesses against HOLY🤴🏻👸🏻VIRGINS. Great condemnation is coming upon the whole Earth who applauded Concubines dynasties in Government's and Families.

  12. So this person was director of the biggest terriost org. In the world?, and claims to be on the presidents side, SMH👹

  13. it is shocking that when it was a case of russia hoax against Trump then the DEMS and media always talked of sanctity of the US Intel agencies , now when this incident / action against Iran killing the general ordered by Trump based on US intel then why there is not the same respect for the sanctity of the US Intel agencies ??

  14. I say we institute a minimum wage for all of these people. Lets see just how fast our “problems” get solved or they leave

  15. “The commander in chief” It’s kind of in the name isn’t it?
    He doesn’t make a decision like this on a whim, he had advisors and risk assessments galore before any decision that will impact on the safety of the American people. So, what possible sense does it make to delay an action while you inform the whole world of your intentions and risk a leak that would ruin the whole operation?
    The Democrats have proven, undeniably, that they would oppose Donald Trump for brushing his teeth so why on earth would he even bother?

  16. You would have to be a complete idiot to tell congress anything about the strike, have these three yrs not shown you what they are? Those dems would go above and beyond out of this world just to weaken the president and this country

  17. So…. Trump decided he needed a conflict with Iran to win an election and change the focus off impeachment. Just as he wrongly predicted in 2012 that Obama would do but did not. Talk about future projection. Trump’s puppets are trying unsuccessfully to cover for Trump’s folly. Trump made the world less safe and indirectly killed nearly 200 people.

  18. It's fair to limit access on intelligence?

    But what about analyzing the consequences like with the Iraq war?

  19. Who really cares anymore about what the socialists say?Just ignore them, like you ignore nagging spoiled children, who want everything done their way😏

  20. Democrats can’t be trusted with top secret information! Nancy, Chuck and Adam should be tried and Shot for treason!!

  21. They wanted to know? I’m quite sure Trump knows that liberals are liars and leakers, he watches judge Jeanine every week after all!

  22. If the Iran government can be compared to a naughty child, it doesn't work when one parent want to spank and another wants to appease the brat's crying with a lolly pop.

  23. It looks like Brett is trying to let Pompeo say a wrong thing. Sadly enough Pompeo is a lot smarter than Brett. That’s exactly the reason why Brett is a reporter and Pompeo a high ranked person in the Administration😏

  24. This childish lie they concocted post hoc could bring down the presidency. Unfortunately, the Democrats want war with Iran more than they want power themselves.

  25. Why are the Republicans afraid of the truth. Would not need leaks if the White House spoke the truth. Their stories change daily.

  26. To be frank, the reason they are getting limited information is because the enemies of this country will be at the briefing.

  27. The tensions may increase and make everything more complicated than before. Besides, it's ridiculous how everyone tells a different version. Unprofessional and ridiculous!

  28. Democrats are not American's and its time for all Americans to rebuke these anti-American people in our government..they have did tremendous damage to our bill of rights and put our country in exstream danger…civil war may be our only hope to regain our liberty and justice for all !Opinion

  29. Pompeo is the very absolute example of why…"It is time for every GOOD MAN too come too the Aid of our Country". We as a Nation, remain at the edge of a cliff. This is far from being over.

  30. pompeo and esper surprise …surprise..West Point class of 1986 buddies..what a coincidence where they ended up…? its all a staged game.

  31. Pompeo is a terrible lair, he stutters, side steps and always has a worried look on his face. Btw, where’s Jared Kusher, I though he was handling this.


  33. Democrats are leaking everything they can, to bring down America, R Paul we never know where he stands, looks bipolar…

  34. If senate allows to President usurp war powers which the will, they are undermining the Constitution. Moving along with joy towards military dictatorship.

  35. The “acquisition of unwarranted influence” that Eisenhower
    warned us that the military industrial complex was seeking has now occurred and
    has morphed itself into what we refer to today as the Deep
    State or the Secret government.
    These are terms that have been used by numerous presidents and politicians who
    have tried to clue the public in on what has been going on behind the scenes.
    Today, our opportunity to see this is clearer than ever, because its domination
    has become evident.


  37. Trump has done nothing about the most recent attack on US bases. This most recent attack was because Trump did not follow through on threats he had made after the previous attack. This is being ignored for some reason.

  38. Need to know basis, Donnie Dumbfucks guests at Mar-a-Lago then, who knew about the hit two days prior to it. Limit access to intelligence because there isn't any. The hit was about stopping an Iran Saudi deal, you'll be hearing more about that.

  39. SAD that Patriot Sec of State Pompeo has to "Answer" to False / Dangerous / Intentionally UnderMining "Claims" made my Trump Haters.

    These False Claims were made to Attack Trump with No Regards for "Real Information" or Safety of our Country Personnel.

    Solemani Execution was Intel Culmination .. not any Single Incident.

  40. That Texas  A&M speech tells all there is to know about this man. We are not getting the truth about eny thing ,its ALL one big lie.

  41. Brett playing "got ya" politics and carrying water for Pelosi and the Dems. Sad when Fox news is populated by so called "reporters" who are more interested in keeping the progressives happy, than reporting with an even hand.

  42. Let's talk about how many people Hillary Clinton had murdered.She's responsible for allowing what happened to the Marines of black hawk down.

  43. Only WORKS if you have a President WILLING to have the BALLS to continue these actions!! VOTE TRUMP 2020!! DO NOT think it is a sure and easy win!

  44. I appreciate Mike Pompeo….and I wish Bret Baier would not even ask any question that caters to the Dems false narrative. CNN is anti-American…and they need to back off their constant harrassment of our great President….President Trump, himself, is as American as apple pie.

  45. Any honest and intelligent person would know that Amerikkkan regime knows that Soleimani put himself in danger to fight their terrorists ISIS, Soleimoni had saved lots of Christian Iraqi and Christian Syrian and Yezedi from those thugs the head choppers ISIS, Also Soleimani was in Saudi Arabia to negotiate peace talk between Iran and Saudi Arabia and that made Amerikkkan regime various, Amerikkkan regime itching for war in M.E., to destabilize the M.E.and to change the Iranian government, Amerikkkan regime it's a typical of bully behavior they never fight with strong one. Amerikkkan regime lies, cheat and steal. If Amerikkkan regime really believed in Democracy and valued American Constitution, they would have freed Assange, Freed Manning and Snowden.

  46. mast goo after Biden; chek the relation Frank Templeton+Gilenstein (ex ambasador in RomaniaFond Propiety) + Maior (romanian ambasador in USA) This is the piggy bank for Biden in Romania and Ucraina. They send the money Off-Shore

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