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Pearson VUE’s Test Delivery Information Pertaining to COVID-19 | A Critical Update from ITProTV

Are you planning to take an upcoming
Pearson VUE exam and you’re not quite sure how the Cova 19 pandemic has
affected your local test centers and ability to take these exams? Hi, I’m Cherokee Bruce and this is a critical update from IT Pro TV and I’m
here to show you some tips to help alleviate some of these questions or
concerns you may have during this time so the first question you might be
asking would be well how will I know if my exam has been cancelled so Pearson
VUE will actually send you an email explaining some of those details for
example you may receive a refund especially if you paid directly to
Pearson VUE and then it’s up to the individual certification vendors or
bodies to it grant extensions on particular exams and you will need to
get with those individual vendors to check those out now what if your exam is
still displayed on your Pearson VUE account calendar all right now according
to Pearson VUE they said expect that that particular exam is still scheduled
and ready to go but those centers would have additional health precautions
implemented now I am one of those people who always like to double-check things
so I would recommend double-checking calling that sender to make sure there’s
actually someone there to let you in so you don’t waste your time now one
question that people are asking during this particular time should I actually
reschedule and Pearson views response to that is definitely yes so they recognize
and want to respect these particular health issues that we are facing and
just make you have a better experience all around and lastly our certification
vendors helping during this time now this is still early in the game so I
can’t say that all certification vendors have issued some type of announcement
during this day and age a lot of vendors will be issuing updates via Twitter
that’s the fastest way to get information sometimes so check and see
if your certification vendor has a Twitter account and also I know CompTIA
has made an announcement recent I’ll put the details in the chat below
that they’re going to be offering a new way of taking these exams remotely so
check that out and also I’ve heard from Cisco that they’re going to be extending
the duration of recertification exams by six months so for instance if you’re
looking to get some additional CEUs so you don’t have to recertify than they
are going to extend that capability for you so those are some of the most common
questions that people have but if you have specific or more detailed scenarios
that you want to ask about check with Pearson VUE I’ve put that particular
link in the details below and then you’ll also need to just verify with
your certification vendor as well so good luck and stay safe check out the
playlist for more critical updates and be sure to subscribe to the IT Pro TV
channel I’m Cherokee Booth’s and thanks for watching this critical update

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