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Partners Banned From Some Delivery Rooms During Coronavirus Outbreak | TODAY

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  1. This is crazy! It has nothing to do with the health of baby or mom?! They go home with their spouses and keeping them away from their partners during labor is going too far.

  2. Your baby's health should be the most important thing. I think the real question is if the virus does spread and these procautions are made in All hospitals with restrictions are you willing to make those Sacrifices

  3. Millions of Democrat created Cradel to Grave Welfare "fathers" are usually not there for the birth or after it either.

  4. I dont get it, if the husband and wife share a living space, if the mother has corona the husband most likely will have it as well. So why ban the spouse?

  5. When I gave birth fathers were not allowed in the delivery room. It is NOT imperative to have the father present. Grow up women and warrior on! I suffered no emotional scars from being alone in the delivery room. Yes it’s nice that now fathers are allowed but absolutely not imperative.

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