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[Part-time Job in Japan] How Much Money Can You Make as a UberEats Driver in Osaka? #229

hey guys welcome to Rion’s TV I’m
Rion “Seeeno, Gaooo” my name is Rion Ishida I’m a full-time
youtuber making video about food and travel in Japan as you all know small
youtuber can’t make money so sometimes I work as a Uber driver
it’s a popular part-time job in Japan now so in this video I will show you how
much money you can earn as a Uber driver in Japan and how it
looks like to be honest I’m shooting this intro
after finishing my uber driver work it was kind of shocking result however
that’s how it is anyway please check that firstly let me explain about uber eat
Uber driver eats is the food delivery service that you can work like an uber
driver in Japan since Japanese government want to protect the taxi drivers they
don’t let us work as an uber taxi drivers without special driver’s license
so uber eats food delivery driver work is a really popular part time job in
Japan now there is no interview you can just be a driver in the day as long as
you can speak conversational Japanese today I will start Uber driver from Shin-imamiya
area from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and I will calculate how much money I can make
in 3 hours by the way minimum wage in Osaka is 964 Japanese yen and one 1,013 Japanese yen in Tokyo so if I
can make more money than that that’s great but if less than that probably I
should work in some other place so let’s see how much money I can make
now I arrived to Shin-imamiya area as you can see that’s Tsutenkaku over
there Osaka’s symbol Tower it’s 6:08 p.m. so I’m
gonna turn on the uber app from here and let’s see how much I can make in three
hours so let me turn on it is really simple I
just need to wait until I get the order so let’s wait all right sweet seems like I had the
first order so I just need to press this and they are gonna show me the way to
get to the restaurant so let’s go all right so it’s in Tennoji let’s go there so seems like first place it’s a burger
restaurant Lottelia yeah so let’s pick up all right so I got the two pickups right
now so I need to bring the burgers to the two places seems like it’s not that
far so let’s go I arrived to the first place so let me bring the food to the
customer all right so it’s done they already have paid by the credit card so
I don’t receive any cash I just need to leave the staff in front of the
door and that’s it it’s simple right it seems like next place it’s a bit far
from here it’s gonna take like a 20 minutes from here I guess anyway it’s
6:40 right now so let’s go to the next place let’s go I’m on the way to go to
next place I’m around Shitennoji area yeah look at that restaurant over there
it’s cute it’s like a Spirited Away huh maybe I should be that here next time
anyway still my destination is a bit far from here so let’s keep driving okay
finally I arrived it’s 7:10 right now seems like this is the place so let’s
bring the food to the customer all right so I just gave the food to the customers
seems like I have a next delivery it’s about ten minutes from here right now
it’s 7:20 so let’s go to the next place let’s go all right here we go yes I
arrived to the next restaurant seems like it’s a Korean food restaurant
it’s 7:30 right now so let’s go the pick up I picked up the Korean food and…
wow.. the next place seems like it’s pretty far anyway let’s start
driving let’s go huh finally I arrived it’s 7:55 right now
okay so let’s bring the food to the customer look at that it’s fancy anyway
so let’s bring the food, yep I brought the food to the customer that was really
nice apartment since 7-eleven is here so let me use the
restroom speaking of the restroom in Japan you
know whenever if you want to use the restroom just find a convenience store
this is the easiest place to use the restroom oh by the way I have made a
video top five places that you can find a restroom in Japan
yeah please check that video anyway so let me go to use the restroom you know
since I’m hungry so let’s take a rest actually I washed my hands at the
restroom but I’m gonna use this again and look what I got it’s “Kree Pan” so this
is the bread the curry inside well “Karee Pan” is really popular bread in Japan
if you haven’t tried it yet you gotta try this
the price was 120 Japanese yen, it’s a good for snack mm-hmm Oishi!
as you see there is a curry if you buy this curry bread, make sure to ask
them warm it up I brought my coffee from my house too
so coffee is free the bread is 120 Japanese yen, loving it
that looks pretty good alright so let’s get back to the work well right now
it’s 8:15 p.m. so I believe I can make one more delivery, anyway so let’s get
back to the work alright so let’s wait for the next order
okay seems like I got the next order it’s a
Thai restaurant five minutes from here So, let’s go to the next place, so
seems like that Thai restaurant is the next place that’s cute restaurant so let’s
pick up the food sweet I picked up the food you know I love the Thai food smell
it smells so good okay so let’s see where I need to bring it too, hopefully
it’s not north hopefully in the south part hopefully so let’s see what oh my
goodness, you know I have to deliver it to the Kyobashi area which is north part of osaka
getting far and far from my house anyway so let’s go to deliver the food
let’s go, finally I arrived it’s 8:50 now so, let’s deliver the food all
right so I delivered the food right now it’s 8:56 so let’s go back to the place
that where I started the delivery, well it’s gonna take a while from here but let’s
see okay so let’s go back so finally I came back to the Tennoji area and the
Tsutenkaku is just over there let’s see what time it is now
it’s nine-thirty I stirred the UberEats at 6:10 and I finished over it at 9:30
well so altogether I worked three hours and 20 minutes so anyway let’s go back
to the home and the let me tell you how much I earn today so let’s go back alright so I make it to full so right
now this gas station it’s 136 Japanese yen per liter
and I pump the gas 1.91 liter so the price was 259 Japanese here all right so
that’s the money for gas so let’s go back to home alright that’s how it is so
let’s check the result so here is the result altogether I made four deliveries
and I earned two 2,013 Japanese yen total the expense for
gas was 259 Japanese yen and the bread was 120 Japanese yen subtracting my expense
from the revenue eventually I earned 1,634 Japanese yen I worked about three
hours so my hourly salary is about 545 Japanese
yen as I told you in the beginning Osaka’s minimum wage it’s 964 Japanese
yen so in my conclusion being the uber Eats driver in Japan although you can
work freely you cannot make much money now yeah very interesting so if you are
thinking of being a Uber driver in Japan probably you have better option
anyway hope this video was interesting for you there are many videos about
Japan so please check my other videos too thanks for watching my videos
arigato so see you in the next video bye bye when I say

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