What is Dropshipping?

Operation Bushfire Assist – No. 36 Squadron delivers water bladders for ACT Emergency Services

So today we’re taking possession of two
tanks water tanks 80,000 litres and a 40,000 litres that have been delivered
by the Royal Australian Air Force 36 Squadron and they’re in relation to a
request put through from the ACT Emergency Services due to the fires that are to
our east and west and they’re here to enhance our capability for our large
aircraft filling station. With the federal announcement just recently this
week ACT will be receiving two DC-10 very large aircraft tankers. DC-10s take 36,000 litres per fill and two of those in Canberra as you can
see we did not have the capacity. Due to the climate at the moment around
Australia we could not get this commercially done in the timeframes that
we needed therefore we reached out to our ADF
friends particularly the 36 Squadron to deliver these tanks in a timely manner.

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  1. go 36 Sqn great stuff gee you can stick a whole lot in them. Thanks or all your efforts working tegether so well stay safe al

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