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Online Shopping in China

Hello everyone, I’m Alicia. Today I’m gonna talk about online shopping in China. Many of you may have heard Chinese people are obsessed with online shopping, which is so true, especially for younger generations. For me, I basically purchased everything online. So this is really crazy. And I just want to talk more about that in detail. Also if you want to know more about Chinese culture and life, please consider subscribing. To start with, there is one website, I have to mention in here, which is Taobao. Taobao is an online marketplace where you can purchase basically everything. It provides not only physical products but also services. For example, like a travel agency. They may have set up their online shops there. So you can reach out to them and ask questions and book the air-ticket. I think you can even apply for your visa. So it’s really amazing and really convenient. I love it. Also there is a lot of like other online shopping website in China as well like JD wechat shops and also VIPshops. But they have their own niche markets but for taobao is more general. I prefer taobao and because they got more choices more products there. So I will go for taobao. But sometimes when I want to get things really fast, I will go for JD. Cause JD has this kind of one day to regain team, which means if you place the order in the morning, they will deliver to you in the afternoon. Also if you placed all day in the afternoon there, do it to you in the next day. So it’s really convenient. And because we basically make every transaction through our phones. So we rely so heavily on our phones because of that I think we don’t like to look at website as well because you can image how difficult it can be. When you look at the website from your small screens. Sometimes the layout isn’t right and it’s a mess. So we don’t like to look at different websites. That is a very big difference between Chinese people and people in other countries. I know for Europeans or Americans they like to shop in the specific website for different brands. They know exactly which brand they want to go for. So they will go to that specific website and to buy their but for Chinese people we really like go to the website to buy. I remembered several years before like Zara and Sephora tried to push their online shops try to push their official website and let people buy there but it’s not successful. So if you want to enter Chinese market, here’s a small tip I would suggest you to consider go for t-mall or Taobao don’t choose to push your official website because we don’t really like to buy from there. So it’s really hard to change the habit. So I would suggest you to focus on T-mall or some other sites. You can still have your website that’s for brand building but try to push it and let people buy there. That is another thing. So let’s go back to taobao When we’re talking about how about Taobao, we are referring to two things T-mall and taoba. T-mall is more like business to customer side. There is like a bunch of different brands there and it’s always the brand goes for T-mall. But for Taobao, is more for customer to customer side, so is a lot of like personal shops will go for Taobao. And the price is relatively cheaper than T-mall. So that’s a very big difference. But sometimes when you search for products on taobao, the result is not only from T-mall but also, it’s not only from taobao but also T-mall. So we always mix them up. And I think a lot of people always criticize like the product you buy online is so cheap and the quality so bad. But that may be the case before, but not now. Before the return policy is not that flexible. Before I really struggled Like, should I return it or not? I don’t want to negotiate with the shops, but now we have this kind of like seven days return policy, which make things so easy. You can return anything you don’t want without any reasons. And sometimes like the delivery fee is covered, so you don’t need to pay anything for the return Because of that. The cost really goes to the shops which really like pushed them to make things with high quality. Otherwise we will just return. So now like you can really buy some good quality things from taobao from other sites and also because they don’t have this kind of renting fee which makes their price is really competitive. I really love that. It’s really a positive thing. I still remember 10 years ago or five years ago. Things are so different from what it is today. The paying method is so complicated. So we don’t like to go online shopping. I remembered in the very first beginning, we have this kind of like prepaid card and this kind of like top-up card. So you can buy this kind of card at a convenience store or a street shop. Every time you want to buy something you need to buy that card. I remember sometimes I want to purchase something with higher price, so I need to go back to that store to purchase the card again. It’s just so troublesome. Next we have the online banking, which is still complicated because I’m not good at computer at that time I¡¯m really young at that time. And I remember we need to go to the bank to open that service. And then they would give us the USB. And every time we plug in, they will ask you to insert and some password and do some verification. And the whole process is just so troublesome. I don’t really like to use that. And as a result, I don’t want to go online shopping as well. But things had totally changed. Like when we had this kind of quick pass. Unipay has created this kind of quick pass, which means you can connect your bank account with your Alipay or some other software you’re using. And you just need to do the verification once and afterwards. You can do all your transaction through your phone. So it’s really easy. And I love that. I think it was at that point. Things has really changed. And the online shopping has just gone viral immediately. So that’s pretty much how I feel about all my shopping habit develops from what it was to where it is now today. And here is another thing very different. Like in China, we don¡¯t like to use credit card. for me. Ok, I’m still using credit card, but for my parents, they don’t use credit card. I know a lot of like Europeans people in other countries, they’re compulsorily need to have a credit card, but for us is not the case. So we tend to use the debit card. So that is something very different. And that’s pretty much it for today. If you enjoyed today’s video, don’t forget to give it the thumbs up. If you haven’t subscribed yet, don’t forget to hit described button down below. Also you can find me on Instagram by searching for imaliciayang. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye.

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