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Offline Payment Methods – Payment on Delivery

In this Guide, I’m going to show you how to
configure the Payment on Delivery Payment Gateway on your EKM online shop. From your
Dashboard page, you need to click the Settings tab up towards the right-hand side of the
page and although this isn’t a commonly used Payment Gateway, it’s still relevant to some
shops. For example, if you run a takeaway or like a flower delivery service or similar,
sometimes Payment on Delivery is necessary, okay? Once you get onto the Settings page,
beneath Shop Settings on the left-hand side, you need to click Payments. It’s about the
eighth one down, and this’ll take you onto the Payments page where you can add all your
different Payment Gateways, okay? Click Add Payment Method – the green button on the right-hand
side – and then here, you need to click Offline Payments. So Payment on Delivery is an Offline
Payment because it doesn’t rely on a third-party such as Worldpay, PayPal, Stripe or whatever
– it relies on someone giving a member of your staff or yourself the money for that
order in person, okay? So what you need to do is next to Payment on Delivery, you need
to click Add Method on the far right-hand side and then on this page, you’d call the
Payment Method ‘Payment on Delivery’ which is y’know – it does what it says on the tin
– okay? And then you’ve got Payment Instructions, so if you imagine for a moment that say you
are a takeaway, Payment Instructions could be something like ‘Please provide exact amount
of change because our drivers don’t carry a float’, for example, okay? You can add an
Additional Charge for Payment on Delivery, so if it’s a couple of extra pounds, then
add that charge here, and then click Update Settings, okay? And then what the customer
will see is when they hit the Order Summary page of your Checkout Flow, they’ll see all
of your different Payment Gateways, they will click on Payment on Delivery, okay – and then
you can dispatch your driver to deliver whatever item it is. And then it’s up to your driver
to collect the money from that person and then when they get back, you can mark that
Order as Dispatched and Completed, okay? For more of our Support Guides, check out our
Support Centre, which is support.ekm.com or alternatively if videos are more your thing,
come and find us on YouTube. Just bob over to YouTube.com, type in EKM and we’ve got
a whole host of videos to help you out there as well.

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