What is Dropshipping?

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  1. For Heaven's sake, is a full length starched white LAB COAT with stethoscope bulging out of the pocket really necessary at an office building across town, do you always dress that way in public? .. do they bring them along or are they asked to wear them? .. just saying …………. why didn't they also bring a gurney and push in port-a-lung for added effect?

  2. We are in Honduras and here they are sending the grocery stores firms going around the neighborhood and selling food to the people, so that they will not go to the stores and be around large crowds and the pharmacist has a number that can be called and they will bring the medicine to their homes they are not allowing anyone to be out in the streets. Everyone needs to stay indoors except for the people that are distributing food and medicine. The people are allow are police the emergency, fireman and the military and doctors and nurses are able to work. I think that this is a good method to keep people at home and stop spreading this virus around keeping people safe is their main concern.

  3. News reporter is an idiot! He should shut up and not forward fear but all the Spanish interpretation to be heard.

  4. Reporters should NOT have done voiceovers while the Spanish translation was going. Our city needs that translation. Where are the brains of these reporters? The channel didn't used to do things like this. All the reporters were doing was repeating what the speakers just said. Shut up and let the officials update the public.

  5. Why is Harris County doing this and Montgomery County is not? We’re right next to each other and it makes no sense.

  6. Texas the rest of the world is watching you, resist. You are armed to the teeth stand up, you are our hope of nipping this right in the globalist butt

  7. cant even speak proper english. sounds like a mental patient. Click bait here. this channel deletes comments violation of 1st amendment.

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