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New X-Power Propeller by Master Airscrew Testing – X Class Drone Racing (It will never be the same)

♪ Carsky – Dreams (feat Loleatta Holloway) ♪ What’s up guys WhoopTang here on my way to Baylands Park up in San Francisco All the way over from the Monterey Bay, I’m currently over by San Juan Bautista and Hollister This is what it kind of looks like around here. Hill country… we are in hill country… That’s right hill country. Now you’re probably wondering why I’m on my way to Baylands? Well I’m gonna go meet up with the rest of Team Dysonian. We’re going to be flying our X Class rigs and seeing how it goes from there. Something I guess like a fun fly… Maybe shakedown our rigs, hang out, chill that sort of thing. And yeah, should be a blast I’ve also brought my
mini quads so maybe I’ll go chase a couple X Class rigs and you’ll see
that here soon… but yeah it’s going to be hopefully a very eventful Sunday the
weather looks to be nice. Should be barely any wind is going to be in the mid to high 50’s (*F) Which is nice considering it’s spring-time here. Passing through Gilroy… This is where Garlic comes from? Yes. Can you smell it? Do you smell Garlic? Is there Garlic? There we go. Garlic World. Free Garlic Samples? Pickled Garlic? Oh my god Garlic ice cream? How can you resist that? Garlic ice cream. Garlic ice cream. I may have to one day stop and find out what garlic ice cream tastes like. Uh, I don’t actually seeing that being very enjoyable, but you never know. Always interested to try something. I guess try it before I ask what it is. That at least gets rid of what *predisposition I may have about said food. Oh my god I’m so glad that I came out
here! You’ll never believe what I’ve gotten my hands on. I’ve gotten my hands on… The new Master Airscrew 13… by 12… by 3… Version 2 props. Yes, that’s right, the new Master Airscrew V2 13×12 props. You ready? The suspense has been killing me for a while. (Gasps) What’s this? That is the new Master Airscrew prop. And let me tell you….. It flies awesome! Once again awesome! Much better than the old prop I’m very happy with it. Even on such a low kv build such as my own. And I’m only running 6s… you’ll see some
footage here in a second. ♪ Johnny Stimson – Gimme Gimme ♪ ♪ Johnny Stimson – Gimme Gimme ♪ Dysonian: (Mad Scientist Cackle) Dysonian: (In Amazement) Jeez… ♪ Johnny Stimson – Gimme Gimme ♪ WhoopTang: Woo!
Krittur: Dang!
Dysonian: Definately. Krittur: Woah!
Dysonian: Take it easy… Krittur: (Laughing)
Dysonian: Don’t crash your bird. ♪ Johnny Stimson – Gimme Gimme ♪ What’s up guys! Just heading away from Baylands, and I thought I’d give you a brief update. And fill you in on my thoughts of the new Master Airscrew Props. really like them they have a lot more… thrust at lower rpms when you’re
spinning them up than say the old ones. While top-end doesn’t seem to be really
much faster from what I could tell there is maybe a slight increase in top speed,
but nothing really major. I mean, it’s all about the pitch if you really want to go faster, you need to give it more volts or you need to have a motor with more kv… is what I’m sort of learning comparing these. Version 1 vs the Version 2. So yeah just on my way home I’m going to edit up this thing. Here let me
go show you what Kelsey ended up doing.. You know about the last pack jinx? He might have crashed on his last pack unfortunately… So get ready for one
spectacular pile-driving explosion by Kelsey “Krittur” Allen… ♪ Neffex – Best of Me Now ♪ ♪ Neffex – Best of Me Now ♪ WhoopTang: OOOOoooo… Seagull: Hah hah ha ha ha ha haaah

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  1. nice flying love the x class at mo i am just on a 10 inc hildagard will be x class this year i run the airscrews love them too

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