What is Dropshipping?

New Camera Drone Flies Itself

Next year, you’ll be seeing a new drone hitting the market but this time you don’t need expert videography skills or pilot skills to be able to capture amazing video. This is the first promotional video about
Lily, the self-flying drone and camera. As you can see, you “throw & go” and then the drone will follow you. The controller will wear a GPS tracking watch that lets Lily know who
to follow. You can use the controls to enable slow motion or simple camera movements. According
to the video the camera will fly and record for over 20 minutes with a number of preprogrammed
camera movements and angles. The market is already popular with products like the DJI
Phantom and GoPro but the Lily creators hope to appeal to sports enthusiasts looking for grander
shots that they can do themselves. Their website says that right now it’s pre-selling for about $500 which is half the cost of the regular price that you’ll see next year.

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