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NDIS Covid-19 Update (Auslan)

Here is some Important information about
coronavirus for NDIS participants. We are providing some important
information about how the NDIA is responding to the spread
of coronavirus. Face-to-face meetings with
NDIS participants are being reduced in line with the
Australian Government’s advice. Both scheduled plan reviews and
first plan meetings can take place in other ways like
email or video. However, face-to-face services
are still available if you prefer. If the Department of Health’s advice is
to stop face-to-face meetings we will let you know. Your NDIS plan can be extended
for up to 24 months if it is currently meeting your needs. We are encouraging you to identify the
critical supports you need to stay safe and healthy over the coming months. You can use your NDIS funding flexibly to
meet your critical needs during this time. You should talk to your service providers
and health professionals to develop a plan to protect your
personal health and safety. This means your provider may need
to do some different tasks for you, like visiting the pharmacy to ensure you
have an adequate supply of medication, or doing some grocery
shopping for you. They may be able to deliver some services
in your home, or through video. At this time, you cannot use your
NDIS funds to pay a family member to provide you with support. If you are concerned about
exposure to coronavirus, please contact the Department of Health
Coronavirus hotline on 1800 020 080 or the National Relay Service on
1300 555 727. Please check the NDIS website
frequently for updates on how the government is supporting
NDIS participants.

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