What is Dropshipping?

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 19th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. this is the beginning of Martial Law – it's here to stay. this is all planned out before hand. things are going to get worse and worse. keep the faith!!

  2. yall are dickheads why ban travel now when it should have been done months ago the virus is already here

  3. So at this point I believe there will never be medicines for Coronavirus ur body just have to fight it itself

  4. PRESIDENT TRUMP thank you so much for doing your best to kip us safe and secure GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PRECIDET TRUMP 2O2O

  5. Good to hear numbers in China are going down. Whatever happens there will happen here a bit later on…just like when it all started.

  6. Is there anyone who understand why WHO raise the alarm in such an inefficient way? It should have defined it as a pandemic two month earlier.

  7. Why are all these people traveling !!! That’s why the US is getting sick. All these people spreading the disease.

  8. You can make a pretty good homemade mask using string (or elastics) and a 2200 or greater eating furnace filter by 3M. Don’t sew or use staples; glue is ideal. You’re welcome.

  9. People who are preparing/making food and delivering the food should wear masks otherwise they will be the source of spreading COVID-19.


  11. The broken link of sanitation are funeral homes who pick-up bodies with little personal protection. They move on to the next home or hospital and infect it. Make a call to your states mortuary licensing bureau and make sure they are investigating mortuaries and pulling licenses of the businesses who use no personal protection equipment.
    No gown and no gloves. Use a pump up weed sprayer filled with chlorinated water before touching the body for a Corona virus death. The bed and room should also be sanitized the same way. Changing the sheets is not enough. Spray everything. https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-03-02/coronavirus-death-seattle

  12. The broken link of sanitation are funeral homes who pick-up bodies with little personal protection. They move on to the next home or hospital and infect it. Make a call to your states mortuary licensing bureau and make sure they are investigating mortuaries and pulling licenses of the businesses who use no personal protection equipment.
    No gown and no gloves. Use a pump up weed sprayer filled with clorinated water before touching the body for a Corona virus death. The bed and room should also be sanitized the same way. Changing the sheets is not enough. Spray everything.

  13. Thank you Trump, for closing the office that deals with pandemics a couple years ago. Thank you Trump for calling me this pandemic a hoax until a few days ago. Thank you Trump for only thinking of yourself and how things look for you. Your Administration is responsible for this delayed response and the tens of thousands of people that will die because of this delay. There is no room in American politics for a moronic, xenophobe, lying, self-centered loser. Please remove yourself from office and give the country a break, we need real leaders, not fakes that have to spray their face Orange and where a clown wig everyday. You are a loser.

  14. I also think that China having no more cases is a little suspicious, but I also think that all the cases of young 20 year olds with severe symptoms are also suspicious, or you have a whole new strain as no where else has it hit young people like this.

  15. people of california will only stop working if they have the virus of they r dead. people cant afford to stop working

  16. This is exactly what I’ve been telling people to 😩 Do things that bring you happiness. I placed my lights out a few days ago and instantly I got that good Christmas spirit feeling. Fellow Americans WE WILL PREVAIL. Be steadfast in our cleanliness and practice social distancing for we are an example for many nations. Love you all. ❤️🙏🏼we got this 💪🏼

  17. Do not believe China, they re not being honest when they say there no new cases. Not possible in such a short time. Hopefully, America will not fall for this. Also remember China first attempted to hide the fact that the virus when they discovered the Chinese government was embarrassed. The Chinese doctor that was killed by Chinese Government because he told others about the virus. We cannot trust China

  18. I hope the corona virus brings to light the corruption of US hospitals. Always running short staffed, not letting nurses drink water while being on the computers, cutting corners, nickel and dining, working nurses to the bone. Hospitals should not have a goal of making money especially when they are “non profit”.

  19. Too late. Trump should have ordered !mandatory closing of places like Disney since JANUARY when the experts warned hi m about this pandemic coming

  20. More and more whites are dying from CIAvirus, makes me wonder, what do these white elites REALLY have in mind?

  21. The global elite are playing on humanity and the fear of dying to control, manipulate, program and brainwash through a fake virus, misleading people into panic mode, buying toilet paper, sanitizer and soap which all contain more chemicals than the fake virus. No proof anyone is dying, and using fake doctors, specialists to tell the dumb masses, adults like children to wash their hands, not to touch their faces and using fake CGI photos of a manufactured virus. Celebrities lie to the masses that they are sick too, finally locking up people against their will, shutting down entire nations and destroying business yet the dumb masses the sheep are not questioning anything! happily and willingly marching to their slaughter.

  22. Why should we believe China’s lies when they censor doctors who tried to warn the world about the disease?

  23. No China is lying. Don't do what they did, like beating their people. This is how the economy will be broken down to control people. Cut population down, less people, fear & panic to bring in control for their laws.

  24. Is it remotely possible that Donald trump's initial response to downplay the threat of the coronavirus in the US gave his wealthy supporters (e.g., Senators) the time they needed to rearrange their finances (e.g., sell their stocks) and reinvest in companies that stand to make huge profits during a pandemic (e.g., big pharma)? Don't forget our government also issue permits to test and release new medications and change off-label prescribing and indications.
    If these people aren't loyal to Donald Trump (or his minions), they probably don't work in these regulatory departments anymore. Does anyone doubt Donald trump would do this for his personal gain? Also, the counties in the throes of treating critically ill patients are trying various drugs and drug combinations, and publishing results, most without double-blind placebo-controlled cohorts. Donald Trump makes it sound like HIS country is leading the way, so he's misleading as usual.

  25. Share this video with rural hospitals that only have one ventilator. They have options but get your respiratory therapists involved. They can help you save more patients. Use Bipap machines or old Mark 7 IPPB machines. They are probably in your hospital basement forgotten equipment from the 70's. Don't let people die needlessly. Here's a video on how to ventilate 2-4 patients at one time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uClq978oohY

  26. I would hope hotels would allow people stuck to stay – free of charge. Understanding they may, at that point in their trip, be short on cash and needing it for other things like food and safety things (masks and gloves). I hope for any foreigner stuck here we treat them well also, and show understanding and compassion. Right now we need to help everyone including, and perhaps especially, those stuck in countries not there own (as they are likely scared and alone).

  27. Lol 20-49 is not an age group.. they just combined 3 different groups to make it look worse for younger people.. boomers so jealous. My aunt is the only good Boomer

  28. I am a nurse and I work in a locked geri psyche nursing home and our supplies are being diverted to the hospitals. We have very little supplies and can't get any we have no thermometer covers and had to go to a drug store and buy them and they keep breaking few masks and gowns. We are on lock down but we feel very disposable and frightened but we have all been coming to work and doing our best to take care of your loved ones but we can't protect ourselves 💕💔

  29. If you think magically the cases in china stopped at 80K, you are high. China just stopped reporting and they grossly under reported their pandemic statistics. More like 500K dead and millions infected. You can count on the chinese government to like, just look at their track record. China needs to be shut down permanently and the world needs to refuse their shoddy goods in the future.

  30. Hey randis kisko darati hai?Cut off?Bqandors kan khulkey sun randki oulads. I am a comopoltitan.Motherchod bhag bandors.No compromises at all.

  31. The sun is finally starting to warm.. who wants to think about chrismas now, when daylight is finally back??!!?! No we want spring! Daylight & warmer weather


  33. Of course Rhode Islanders are happy by lights. Ever been to Rhode Island? It’s a dump…literally! Their chief export is trash!

  34. A tip I can give you, do not underestimate this virus, it is very dangerous in Italy we already have 4,000 dead and it spreads easily … from today we have also forbidden the walks in the green parks … God send us good !!!

  35. China showing no new signs because they had 100% infection.
    The younger crowd should be fined and jailed for being irresponsible

  36. Risk for everyone ,no just for the old. Please American please wake up to understand virus. It expend to anywhere it can do. Who tell u it don’t like the young.so please stay at home be safety.dont ignore this enemy plz.

  37. I always want to hear the news but can never ignore lester holts creepy pervert vibe. Its blatantly gross to me. Am i alone?

  38. I think Cuomo is making up numbers to make him self look good and get more money he is a liar and a crook

  39. There's a virus that the CDC estimates has killed 22,000-55000 people in the U.S.. That virus has hospitalized more people in the U.S. than COVID-19 has infected on the entire planet, and yet we're all freaking out over a virus that ( in the U.S. ) has only resulted in 200 deaths so far?

    "The flu season is peaking in California, a troubling development as the coronavirus spreads in the Golden State at the same time.

    In the week ending March 7, the most recent reporting period, the state confirmed 82 flu-related deaths, the highest death toll of any week this flu season. The two strands of the influenza virus have dominated this flu season, including influenza B, which is known to last well into April. Health officials are monitoring the situation very closely because the coronavirus outbreak is likely to test the state's healthcare resources. Younger children and adults are being hospitalized at record rates this flu season, even surpassing the previous record set during 2009's H1N1 pandemic, according to this week's flu report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." https://patch.com/california/venice/flu-deaths-peak-california-coronavirus-takes-root

    So, in California, where the Governor/Dictator has ordered 40 million people to stay in their homes to curb the spread of a COVID-19, which has yet to result in 20 deaths, the Flu ( meanwhile ) has killed 82 people in one week. The number of flu related deaths for the week ending on March 7, 2020 broke the previous record set during 2009 Swine Flu pandemic in California, and we didn't hear a peep!

    In the first two weeks of 2020 the number of flu related deaths in California went from 70 on Jan. 4 to 149 on Jan. 18; it doubled in ten days! But all on the media cared about cared about was impeachment. https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/health-and-medicine/article239614573.html

  40. The Coronavirus causing COVID-19 gains entry into cells (mostly
    Type II Pneumocytes) by binding to a specific receptor. That receptor is the
    membrane bound angiotensin converting enzyme receptor. This membrane bound
    enzyme converts angiotensin I to angiotensin II. The receptor is known as ACE
    for Angiotensin Converting Enzyme. ACE inhibitors are drugs used to treat
    hypertension by blocking this receptor. Drugs like Linosopril are called ACE
    inhibitors. They are widely prescribed and have been around for decades. Their
    safety profile is well known. They will block the same receptor that the virus
    uses to enter the cell. But no one is looking at this. Just the epidemiological
    data may help. Of all those exposed how many were on ACE inhibitors for
    hypertension? What was the course of the disease in those individuals vs.
    The ACE inhibitors are cheap and the supply is good. They most
    likely will not stop infection completely but they may lessen the severity and
    shorten the course, particularly in the most seriously ill with pulmonary

  41. “To fight the coronavirus, China placed nearly 60 million people under lockdown and instituted strict quarantine and travel restrictions for hundreds of millions of others. Its campaign has come at great cost to people’s livelihoods and personal liberties.” New York Times Published March 7, 2020, facebook
    -USA want to follow steps of Communism against personal liberties and human right of freedom! USA require a referendum to decide it.

  42. When are the US media going to demand the true figures on cases, there are definitely tens of thousands infected and thousands of deaths after unchecked spread during the past 2 months since the first case was reported on January 17th.. 3 months since China and WHO notified that a world Pandemic was expected.

  43. What's the line? " If ya scared, say you scared" I don't know about you folks….but I'M SCARED!!! Going in to work today….they are checking ALL Team Members temps!

  44. DEFENSE CONSTRUCTION ACT OF 1950! Aren't you POTUS!?!?! If you enforce it, maybe the " Shipping Clerks" of each state will get on the private sector to make the supplies that are so desperately needed. And before the trolls start remember this… if you don't have customers, you don't get paid.

  45. Is it just me or does it feel like we are living inside a South Park episode??? I'm 33 years old and so I dont think I fall in to the category of young idiots who say "Pandemic? What's that like Panda Express??"

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