What is Dropshipping?

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 17th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. China would not have had a virus spill if it were not for trumps harassment the entire world is suffering because of his lack of decency the Republicans supported him they were silent election time we must vote all Republicans out Mitch and Jordan in particular. Thank God for sen Mitt romney

  2. This is a national, indeed an international, emergency. But 70,000 Americans die every year because they don't have insurance, that's also a national emergence.

  3. The virus isn’t real but the Financial/Societal/ mental War is very Real.
    Folks need to research what kind of world we actually live in. I see the world differently, families together shopping now and kids in the streets, that’s amazing. My daughters are going to be able to help plant the raised garden beds now since school is out the rest of the year. For some reason this has been an amazing week.
    Cheers from a Leftist Sewer
    Olympia WA

  4. Regular influenza is killing a lot more people than Corona, so why not the truth? It's been around forever, and "they" haven't quarantined us overr it! "They" create a crisis, and give us the solution. Wake up people!

  5. I always watch President Trump’s when he speaks. As soon as he is finished and the media kicks in…. I get the remote and move on.

  6. My take on all this is, it is a rewind back to taking care of one another. Let’s quit squabbling and name calling and do what we have to do to get through this. Yes, make dinner, and help the kids with their schooling. A little kindness and grace is in order. Shape up, People!

  7. 😷.😅In these tense times,people can use a LAUGH.Im a new COMIC.Watch my 2nd OPEN MIC for FREE GIGGLES.Please COMMENT if u LIKE(or dislike)Thanks!!

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  9. Pause? Do you have any idea how many people are trying and risking their lives so you can sit and dream in safety! Hope power stays on.

  10. So NBC why not cover event 201? I just decided your entire collective here. People stop watching this. It is going to get way worse. Just get ready for the government to use the constitution as toilet paper

  11. The United States is not a socialist country. It's not the government's responsibility to put people in your restaurants. People should have planned for this or at the least put aside some emergency money. Diversify or close the doors.

  12. Let's say the government issues $500 to $1000 dollars for each person in the country, for the stimulus. What makes you think people are going to go out and spend that money? I personally am going to save it or use it for bills.

  13. Ask yourself this question, "If you were to lose your job right now, how long could you sustain your lifestyle? People need to start saving money again and stop living on credit cards. I personally can sustain my lifestyle for two months and that is not good enough. It really puts things in perspective.

  14. At 11:30 you can tell they are not good businessmen. Playing on the heartstrings of people around the world, poor me. Ha Ha diversify or close the doors.

  15. Did I hear Trump say +Wartime President?
    If so, did we fire first?
    I mean Hubei Province, where Wuhan is located, is dead center China.
    290.000 to 600,000 deaths every single year worldwide to Influenza and related symptoms so I ask all of you.
    Why now?
    Would a president take it this far to be re-elected? I hope not.
    Did something backfire?
    I hope not but why now?

  16. When trump said this is a pendemic, and that hes been calling it a pendemic before anybody else.i think he meant he has been calling it a hoax.what a hypocrite.how can people still be loyal to this fool?it is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled.

  17. Repent and go to Jesus. God's Word is final authority. See Revelation 12:11
    "They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death."

  18. The Chinese in Wuhan province in the main land China ate bat and developed the coronavirus which is able to infected person to person . The. Chinese doctor who discovered warned the Chinese government about the strength of the coronavirus. Then the communist Chinese military came and silent him and other doctors and covered up and lied to the world and not allowed the disease expertises to get data and prevent the spread of the coronavirus around the globe. The Chinese communist government must be accountable to the pandemic which could be prevented.

  19. Turn off the news and shut the f up. In the U.S. alone, 34,200 people died from the flu in the 2018-2019 season but where was the news then?!? Where was all the hysteria then?? Where were all the school cancellations then?? There's more at play than what meets the eye people. JFC! #stayinformed #corona #covid19 #reality

  20. World leaders and politicians should have the balls to hold China responsible for this Pandemic. If not don't ever vote for them again.

  21. Dear friends, I have good news for you, through faith in Jesus Christ, a person can gain salvation, as well as eternal life in Heaven. For this, you need to accept Jesus into your life as the Messiah and Savior, obey him and fulfill the 10 commandments given humanity by God.

  22. C = 3, v = 22 , 322 = Skull & Bones

    Coronavirus is totally fake and here's the proof:












  23. Governor. Mister Cuomo, how many death do you need to order lock down? My elderly parents are already sick and I still have to go work:;((( please lock us down!!! Hospitals can't handle us anymore

  24. 500 million for taxpayers……. that should mean every citizen in the United States should receive a check for 1 million dollars! Do the math!!

  25. Wow such a big difference with Americans and Canadians news.
    American leaders and health officials speaking with ppl so close together which they’ve said you’re not supposed to do whereas our Canadian ones are keeping a safe distance apart. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  26. Dont fear people, if anything just dont fear it's what they want, stay calm no matter what happens and help out your fellow man however you can

  27. I just want my hazard pay for being made to work in this hazardous condition just so that way my employer can make another $850,000 for this month tell me how that's fair oh I know how it's fair big business still runs the country no matter what's running through the country

  28. No panic in Florida. Hot weather is the best. The flu does not do well with heat. Call your own doctor or hospital today, tell them you have all the CV symptoms and what to come in for a test and then listen to what they tell you. It's pretty interesting. They did not close anything for all the past deadly world viruses that were much more dangerous. China is fine and back to work now. I order from five different Chinese glass factories and they are all shipping now and back to work. Only two closed during the peak.

  29. What ever happened to the, to big to fail, rule? It’s time to bring it back. If a company abuses aid,it should be shutdown.

  30. Wartime production act now in effect, but we don’t need things like tanks and planes. Every daily consumable product we’ve taken for granite needs to be produced here. only now do we actually feel the effects of our complacency and expectations twords cheaper products.What do we really have if we rely on everyone else for almost everything we consume and use? This could be the ideal time to revolutionize and re-develop our entire lifestyle of consumption and sustainability. Put a few billion in sustainable energy and clean consumable products. Literally everything we make from plastic or wood can come from sustainable means like hemp. Our governments already going to have to implement huge works programs to boost the economy. And last time the economy truly tanked it took WWII to bring us out.. let’s build a future not a war. this could be our chance to restructure capitalism in a green, sustainable way!

  31. March 2020 coronavirus crisis

    Forex is recession proof
    They trade and we get paid 15% per week.

  32. SSA isn't enough to live off now ! And trump wants cut our benefits ? But printing more money , no problem ? It's not his.

  33. It might be a good idea to start spraying your towns with mosquito spray to keep them from spreading the viruses

  34. Trump "Save the stock market," "The market will get rid of this virus and protect you!" This is what happens when you make money and guns your god! Dumbasses!!

  35. This is a perfect storm for trump and his zombies to steal money by using all of us. In the end, less than a quarter of the stimulus will get the people who needs them.

  36. please wake up everyone first and foremost the numbers are not correct statistically speaking concerning this virus 90% of the people infected with his virus have recovered while the majority 5 to 10% are still infected or if there has been a fatality. The people that are being affected by this virus are people with immune- deficiencies.so do we blame the coronavirus or do we blame those pre-existing conditions that already existed because either way speaking those people would accept come to those pre-existing conditions with or without the virus.China hasn't seen any more cases of the coronavirus and they are going back to normal Italy has the largest population of older people which is why they're Death toll is quite higher. The US we don't even know the accurate numbers because not everyone has been tested so those numbers that they have are not actual real data because in order to be able to measure out all the variables you need to collect all data. We need to look at the average annual fatalities for diabetes heart disease cancer and obesity compare the numbers for the annual flu.once we do that then we'll be able to rule out any sort of differances and then collect reasonable data

  37. @ 14:46… what a garbage report… EVERY year we (USA) spread the flu across the ENTIRE country to the tune of 35.5 million flu illnesses, more than 16.5 million medical visits, 490,600 hospitalizations… and that adds up to just OVER 34,000 deaths… (previous numbers from the CDC 2018 2019 flu season)… where the heck is great britain getting their ridiculous info from (2.2MILLION U.S. deaths… REALLY?!?!??!?!??)

  38. Other world government see corona virus 🦠 deaths as 😢😭🥺😔

    American government see Corona virus 🦠 Deaths as 🏦🏥🏦🏥🏦🏥💰💰💰💰🤑🤑🤑🤒🤑🤒🤑🤕🤑🤕🤑🤕😷🤑😁😃😀

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